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Alfonso Salgueiro | Photography PRO 8:10am, 8 September 2011
Hi everyone,

Could anyone recommend an AF confirm chip for this lens? I have a Canon 7D and although so far I've been using the lens without it I think it'll make life easier if I install one.

material fork [deleted] 7 years ago
The AF-Sensor is in Your Camera, not in the Lens. ;-)
I don't know if I understand what you're saying or maybe you're being a bit sarcastic (which is fine)

I'm talking about AF confirm chip attached to the lens to provide focus confirmation to the AF-sensor of the camera.

this is an example

Just wanted to know if somebody has any experience with them and the Samyang 35 1.4, espacially for Canon cameras since the Nikon verion of the lens comes with an AF confirm from factory.
JF Theriault 7 years ago
I've read that other user of the Samyang 85mm found the chip to be semi helpfull.

I dont know for the 35mm
Yeap, I've read similar comments about the 85mm, but even being semi helpful would be an improvement and would speed things up a little I imagine.

In some situations the use of liveview and magnification is not ideal and if the chip can give you some assistance in focusing through the viewfinder I guess it could be worth it.
material fork [deleted] 7 years ago
What You mean is the AE-Chip Version not AF.
Alfonso Salgueiro | Photography PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Alfonso Salgueiro | Photography (member) 7 years ago
Not, I don't mean the AE-Chip (Nikon) Version of the lens, I mean the AF confirmation chip for the Canon version (which is the lens already have).

The chip looks something like this

But anyway, any experiece with these from Canon camera users?
Death777 PRO 7 years ago
I have bought a 35 1.4 as well as chip days ago.
The chip I get is not well designed for samyang so i have to added a spacer on it, also takes about 20 mins to find the right position to stick it on.

My version use the combination of aperture and shutter in M mode to setup the parametric. ( for example, set A to 64 and T to 1/60, and shot for 3 times, then set A to 2.2 to enable the setup. Like to use cheats in a video game, no UI at all, but you can find the result in Exif)

The Chip do enable the focus confirm function for MF, you will hear a "beep" and see the red square like AF lens if your turn the ring to right angle. But you have to half-press the shutter all the time during your focus.
And if you're unlucky like me, it possibly takes another 1 hour to correct the focus precision. ( also setup in M mode).

This "upgraded" lens works good on both 450D and 5D. But it brings a samll problem: you have to reduce the Exposure Compensation if you are at F2 or below.
I guess in AF lens, before you finally press the shutter, the aperture will not actually change, so the measurement is different with MF ones.

Hope I didn't messed you up even with my bad English.
Death777, thanks for your input. What make is the chip you have? I've read somewhere about the Dandelion chip, but wanted to know if somebody has already mounted any of these chips on the Samyang 35 (Canon version, not the Nikon AE-Chip version)
Death777 PRO 7 years ago
It's very difficult to tell the brand of the Chip I've bought. (Canon version indeed)
there's even no package when i receive it, and it's very cheap. (12$, i'm in China)

I'll upload some pictures to show you the details. That's all I can tell about mine. :)
Alfonso Salgueiro | Photography PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Alfonso Salgueiro | Photography (member) 7 years ago
I finally ordered an AF confirm chip, the Dandelion to be exact. I just update my original post in case anybody who owns this lens and a Canon EOS camera is considering one of these AF confirm chips.

I've found little information on how to fix the chip onto the lens directly and how to program the chip afterwards. So these are two images I took that show the chip in its final position.

Now I get AF confirmation and its quite accurate. I get a confirmation beep and also lights inside the viewfinder tell you when you achieve focus.

I still have to program the chip so I get full EXIF info, but that isn't as important as getting AF confirmation, since the most important thing in my opinion is to speed up the process of taking pictures and helping you in situations where manual focus is not ideal.

If anybody is interested just drop me a mail and I will try to explain more in detail.
rsh78ph 7 years ago
Great work! What I did was get a nikon mount and got me a canon to nikon adapter with the AF confirm chip. Now, I have a lens for my Nikon body and my Canon.
rsh78ph, that's a clever solution. I've heard contradictory sotories regarding the Nikon version of the lens with a Nikon to Canon adapter, that's why I went for the Canon version.

But anyway for you it makes perfect sense to have done that. Sometimes I'm tempted to do what you did, have a Canon a a Nikon body.
mcd0nald 7 years ago
hi all,

just knew about Samyang lens.....and this is very interesting brand but delivers very good result....

i found ebay seller based on hongkong who sells AF confirmation chip installed.

My question, how accurate that AF confirmation as my camera body is Canon 5d Classic as this does not have micro adjustment

beside, i am going to order ee-s focusing screen for this one too.....

I just want to hear what you guys think

thank you
CameronH82 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by CameronH82 (member) 7 years ago
within a millimeter I'd say. I use a Tagotech programmable AF chip
AJSchot PRO 6 years ago
is it difficult to place a chip? Itried with my 14mm samyang didnot succeed because it did not fit easily, i have to get some metal off of the mount of the lens and for a 2 left handed person that's maybe to much... I scared to damage the lens.
Someone know a good chip that is easily fit? I have an Canon 7D
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