O.Connell. 1:42pm, 10 August 2011
Hello all!

I just received this lens yesterday and have taken around 200 photos with it so far. I took it out this morning and was taking some more with it and then I ran into some focus stutter (or jump?) that I'm not sure is worth the worry, but I paid decent money for it, so I want some other opinions.

With my camera leveled out horizontally, the focus is smooth in both directions. Upon turning my camera vertically, focusing from infinity to close is fine, but focusing from close to infinity produces a small amount of drag and starting at about 1.5 feet all the way to infinity, it will stutter if I'm focusing slowly.

In the lenstip review, the reviewer states "The ring moves evenly and is well-damped. The only thing you can carp about is some slight slack." I don't know if what I'm talking about is "some slight slack." Can anyone else reproduce this effect or should I return it and get another copy?
Julian Gutfreund 7 years ago
My copy of this lens does focus smoothly in every siuation and i can't repoduce the problem!
Alfonso Salgueiro | Photography PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Alfonso Salgueiro | Photography (member) 7 years ago
My coypy does focus smoothly as well. Definately no "stutter" although the focusing is not totally silent but I think that is what they mean by slight slack.
O.Connell. 7 years ago
I took almost 700 photos with the lens this weekend and am still having the problem. Other than that, I love it, so I'll just return and get another copy. Thanks for the responses!
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