Alfonso Salgueiro | Photography PRO 1:12pm, 10 May 2011
I only got the lens yesterday and haven't had the chance to try it out properly, but out of the few shots I took and handling it for a while I like the built quality, as it feels like a good solid lens.

It's bigger than I thought it'd be, the focusing ring works quite well and it's easy to operate, the same for the apperture ring. I've been only focusing through live view and it's rather slow compared to a fast AF lens but I think in many situations this is not so important.

The sharpness, and especially colour rendition and contrast are very pleasing. And all for 1/4 of the price of the Canon 35 1.4 L.

So far no regrets at all.
chrishirst PRO 7 years ago
Got mine now, and I'm as pleased as punch with it. Focussed throufh the eyepiece.

Rhona alert
That's a very nice shot. Do you use a focusing screen? I have the impression this lens works better on FF cameras. I'm planning to upgrade to a FF camera in the near future.
because of the pixel size and density every lens works better on FF camera.
chrishirst PRO 7 years ago
This is shot without a focussing screen, I used the green dot focus confirmation in my D700. Within the area of focus where focus is confirmed there is still a little latitude to alter the focus a touch, and I do that just through the viewfinder. It is certainly a challenge, but it is not too long before you get the knack.
I also use the lens on a D7000 and it does focus quite easily if you have a stationary subject. I actually bought the lens primarily for the D7000 as it gives a similar field of view as my Nikon 50mm 1.4 does on full frame. Just happened to have the ff body with me when I visited the dogs owner. As soon as we get a bit of decent sun I'll take a shot and post it.
Thanks chrishirst for the input. It's an advantage to have the focus confirmation chip on the Nikon mount, and OverdeaR, I totally agree and that's excatly why I'm planning to upgrade to a FF camera.
Igor Susi 7 years ago
It´s very interesting on possile to see pictures from this lens!
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