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Merging the two Flickr groups for this lens? ericarthur 4 ZZXXLL 3 years ago
Bower version has 8 aperture blades? MrDAT 0 MrDAT 4 years ago
Samyang 35mm create noise when moving lens up and down talented butter (deleted) 16 Danielskimm 5 years ago
Focusing Tobias Hrabec 2 Tapio.L. 5 years ago
Error 1 when using Samyang 35mm on 5D2 Zzachlim 0 Zzachlim 5 years ago
nikon D7000 user? chadguest 2 chadguest 5 years ago
Samyang overexposes on 7D - video mode Mathias Laustrup 2 ericarthur 6 years ago
Focusing (on Nikon D3, D3S, D3X, D700) atamola 1 WarzauWynn 6 years ago
Samyang manual lens and flashlight gospodinDark 1 AJSchotPRO 6 years ago
AF confirm chip Alfonso Salgueiro | PhotographyPRO 15 AJSchotPRO 6 years ago
fitting chip ? (UK, Canon) caddPRO 0 cadd 6 years ago
Advice on upgrading my camera / Shooting with 35mm f1.4 Benoit LeveauPRO 0 Benoit Leveau 6 years ago
SAMYANG 24mm F/1.4 Price and Sample Photos. material fork (deleted) 2 material fork (deleted) 7 years ago
Adobe profile? few crowd (deleted) 1 dswcamera 7 years ago
Samyang 24/1.4 announced OverdeaR [donkey's talking monkey's nodding] 2 a.rodriguezpixPRO 7 years ago
Links to Samyang 35/1.4 tests OverdeaR [donkey's talking monkey's nodding] 1 Death777PRO 7 years ago
Focus stutter/jump? O.Connell. 3 O.Connell. 7 years ago
Anybody else got this lens already? Alfonso Salgueiro | PhotographyPRO 7 OverdeaR [donkey's talking monkey's nodding] 7 years ago
This lens is already available Alfonso Salgueiro | PhotographyPRO 0 Alfonso Salgueiro | Photography 7 years ago
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