Hey Paul PRO 5:12am, 12 March 2006
What are your favorite places in Sacramento to take pictures?
Carrie Taylor Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Carrie Taylor (admin) 12 years ago
Downtown Sacramento has many cool quirky things goin' on. That's definitely one of my favorite places. What about you?
Hey Paul PRO 12 years ago
The riverfront is nice. The train museum is pretty cool--though dark. My favorite so far (I just moved here in August) is the Sacramento Locomotive Works--that mostly abandoned crop of buildings and and old train parts behind the Amtrak station. I've been around downtown plenty, just not with my camera.
cwith 12 years ago
I like midtown, kind of J-street through H
nudiehead 12 years ago
Downtown definately... I don't ever leave here unless I have too. The world is a scary place outside of downtown... ;)
mrwsierra PRO 12 years ago
American River Parkway.
MousseFromSacto PRO 12 years ago
I hear Effie Yeaw is interesting for the nature shots.
espressoDOM 12 years ago
Very cool ideas... We are in El Dorado Hills so finding more places to go in the Sac Area is always nice.... Love old town Folsom near Sutter Street. Folsom Lake.
the Dragonweaver PRO 12 years ago
Anywhere there's a trail is a good bet. I've gotten many lovely pictures from the bike trail that runs behind my apartment complex. You'd think I was in the middle of nowhere, when in fact I'm in the middle of Elk Grove.

Oh, come on. That's still Sacramento.
Tom Spaulding PRO 12 years ago
Well, my photographic interests are a bit peculiar. The route of old Highway 40 is my favorite photographic subject: any old sign, restaurant, gas station (usually former gas station), motel, or really just any vintage building along the route interests me.
Sbocaj [deleted] 11 years ago
It depends. Sometimes I'm enamored with the banality of the suburbs....Citrus Frights, and Orangehell for instance .... ;)

There are plenty of hidden spots of beauty all over. The American River (natch), Folsom Lake, the Hwy 160 river roads. I'd really like to get downtown and photograph from some rooftops and such - it seems like it would be a very interesting perspective.
black dog_brown dog 11 years ago
American River Parkway if, for no other reason than my dog and I are there all the time and its been so hot that being near water is the only thing that makes being outside semi-bearable.
JaysterDotCom Posted 10 years ago. Edited by JaysterDotCom (member) 10 years ago
I like to park at the Westfield Downtown Plaza Mall and get my parking validated at River City Brewing Company (you get 4 hours for free once that it is validated) and then go from there. You have access to Old Town and the rest of downtown from there. Cesar Chavez Park can be kinda interresting. If you like Squirrels CC Park and the Capital Park have tons. For some reason, the Railroad Museum in Old Town will not let you carry a tripod in? The guy said for safety?

Interesting thing happened at Westfield Mall......I had my camera bag with me, was sitting down and changing lenses and a Mall rent a cop came over and asked me what I was taking pictures of. My answer was anything and everything which was the truth....always looking for that good photo op. He said that pictures were not allowed. I recognized this as pure BS and asked him to call over his Supe with written documentation of this rule. The Supe came over with no documentation and talked about Homeland Security and businesses spying on each other etc.... I was in stiches! Pure entertainment but he was serious. Looking around I saw 2 other Mall Security off in the distance watching. Felt like it was some Twilight Zone movie that I was in and they were going to yell "CUT!" at any moment. I got up....told them that I was taking pictures and there was nothing that they could do about it. They left me alone. Very weird! BTW....I have sandy blonde hair and blue eyes and was wearing a suit....not that this matters, but I did not look like a terrorist. What is this country coming to? Can't take pictures out in public at a Mall? What about all of the little point and shoot cameras or cameras in cell phones?
anywhere with a white wall...downtown railroad station....in the boardwalk bathrooms...etc
chicadecasa PRO 9 years ago
I love the natures paths on Natoma Lake..there are so many beautiful spots there. I also love to shoot the prison. The fields surrounding it are ever-changing and I always find something new to capture there.
wakingphotolife: 9 years ago
It's not for everyone but I like the small delta towns like Locke, Isleton, Courtland, etc.
Chris Delle PRO 9 years ago
I'll add to this thread since it's been resurrected... I'm really enjoying shooting in the foothills, specifically off Scott Rd/Ione Rd. Such amazing vistas, tons of lone trees etc.

Downtown is always good assuming you're not shy about using your camera in public.

I really want to shoot the old train station downtown but I'm nervous about sneaking in, though I did find a decent spot where I think I can get in there (off the bike path actually).
Kev n Chris 9 years ago
Jayster - re. not being able to take pictures in public places - I guess the mall is private property, so the property owner can set whatever rules they like, and if they don't want you on their property because they don't like what you're doing then they can ask you to leave.
Lots of discussion about model and property releases elsewhere in Flickr forums, but this reminded me the other day of a company I worked for that would not allow cameras in the office (this was about 10 years back). I thought about this recently because most people carry a cell phone, and most cell phones have a camera nowdays... hence most people always have a camera with them. Not sure if rules like this are worth enforcing nowdays, unless its some kind of high security establishment?
Kev n Chris 9 years ago
PS Jayster - I just read some of your past posts, so I just found out where you stand on this issue - apologies for stating what you already know
G.Avalos 9 years ago
Is there a bad place? I love to shoot in Sacramento. Sometimes locations are real hard. I pulled this with a 20d for a preshoot. Left the 5dmk2 at home for this one.

AEA sacramento preshoot.
How could you dare leave the 5D Mark II at home? That is like photographer heresy.
choirbell PRO 9 years ago
I was just over at the WPA Rock Garden just outside of the Fairytale Land across from the Sacramento Zoo... There were still some lovely flowers in the garden and then a short walk to the large pond where there's a lot of water fowl, kids, and people in general. I've enjoyed the Zoo, but couldn't go in today as there were LOTS of kids, parents and people in general for me. I prefer those times when it's quieter and not so many people around.
jnoriko 9 years ago
choirbell, I agree, I love that garden and it'll keep blooming into summer. If you go across the street to the side of the zoo you'll also find a pretty garden with out coves. The Wisteria should be be in bloom right now.
Phi Tran Photography 9 years ago
hi guys,

Regarding "American River Parkway", is there particular area/section which are good for model shoot? I'm interested in places with abandoned houses, barnes, stone structures, creeks and lots of trees.
I post my question in separate topic below but just want to make sure my question is visible.


Thanks in advance
mrperry 9 years ago
As far as barns, creeks, streams, stone structures, I'd probably say more up the hill, like in Coloma.
chicadecasa PRO 9 years ago
Or even Old Folsom...the river is within walking distance, the buildings are old and brick, and the powerhouse is right there and makes a great backdrop.
Aleksi L. 9 years ago
How about airplanes? Are there any good places to get pictures of them taking off/landing?

I tried looking at the Sac intnl. but there doesn't seem to be a good road to sit out on and wait.
Photo-Bomber [deleted] 9 years ago
Landing flight patterns run out over the causeway by davis all the way to the airport. You can follow the levee road up the river past all sorts of farms and get right underneath the landing pattern. I've actually only taken photos from the airplane over the sac river- haven't actually gone out there to shoot. But I do have a client out there who's farm I took a photo of while landing once, so I know you can get right there!
jnoriko 9 years ago
You can shoot from the airport little league bleachers at Executive Airport. They are just smaller private planes but you're right there on the runway.
Aleksi L. 9 years ago
Cool, will check it out!
Anders Young 9 years ago

There is actually a great road on the south side of the 16R/34L runway that gets you about 500 ft from the runway. You can easily get shots of airliners full frame at 100-150mm so a large tele isn't necessary.

Get on Garden Hwy. and turn off on W Elkhorn Blvd. If you go down W. Elkhorn Blvd. You pass a few barns and a small fire station. When you get to the end of the road, theres a fence and planes are taking off right in front of you.
W Elkhorn Blvd

If you want to photograph some GA aircraft, the Davis University airport is a great place to do it. You can walk right up on the apron and the runway is just a taxiway away.


KEDU (Davis University):
Aleksi L. 9 years ago
Exactly what I was looking for, I'm going to be using a 70-200 2.8 for the shooting, so close is ideal!
Aleksi L. Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Aleksi L. (member) 9 years ago
FWIW I went out to that spot today. There's a lot of potential for wildlife images as well, and some awesome sunsets out across the fields in that area. Just beware of the bugs flying around.

Unfortunately there wasn't much activity when I went, so I ended up just seeing one plane land and one take off. Both were a little far for the reach of my 200mm 2.8, but with a teleconverter I should be fine. Looking at your EXIF I see that you're upwards of 250mm or 300mm on your various shots, so I need some more length.

I want to try the other side of the airport too, it looked like you can use Elkhorn on both sides to try to get closer.
Anders Young 9 years ago
Eek, it's been a while since I've been out so I obviously don't remember what kind of focal length you need. :P

Everta on the north side of the airport is good, but there isn't really anywhere to stop on the side of the road, from what I remember.

Power Line on the east side of the airport is good for spotting planes, but because the airport is directly west of you, the light is only good in the early morning form that location.
Aleksi L. 9 years ago
I'll check it out. Maybe being on the East shooting across to the West would be good for some sunset silhouette shots.

On my way back along Elverta I saw a Crane with a mouse in his beak and I tried to get the picture but he was too smart.

Lots of interesting wildlife out there, and amazing homes.
Anders Young 9 years ago
I agree, the homes on Garden Hwy are huge and amazing! I hope they have flood insurance...
I was hoping you guys could help me out in finding some current fields where there is long grasses or wheat.... rice.... I need it to be dry. This is for a maternity session. MAybe some corn fields. Anyone have great fields in the East Sac area, maybe North East????c Thanks for the help...
photography916 8 years ago
Looking for other Urban Explorers in Sacramento area who like looking for, researching, and photographing abandon buildings etc.

If this is you feel free to contact me

Looking for any suggestions for abandon bnuildings etc in the Nor Cal area to check out?
Photo-Bomber [deleted] 8 years ago
historic auburn is really nice. Lots of crumbly brick walls to shoot against.
JaysterDotCom 8 years ago
I am interested in that I would like to find some of these spots for future Photo shoots.
Photo-Bomber [deleted] 8 years ago
yeah that sounds like fun!
photography916 8 years ago
A Million to one

You have mail through your website

Hit me up

lisakerstin 8 years ago
Did anyone mention the Capitol Garden? There is a rose garden, a war memorial, lots of trees and benches, etc.
MelanysArt 8 years ago
I was at the Capitol Garden once. I got some good shots at the war memorial. That place reached out and touched me.
Photo-Bomber [deleted] 8 years ago
I go all the time... :D And I'll never need an "excuse" to shoot cuz it's just what I gotta do! Let's go!
Photo-Bomber [deleted] 8 years ago
Underground? Like real underground or counter-culture underground? i'm TOTALLY down for real underground!!!
Jarhead915 8 years ago
I'm down, sounds like a really great experience and adventure. Let me know when please!
Photo-Bomber [deleted] 8 years ago
weekdays are great for me if they don't iterfere with meetings. Are ya'll available this week? I'm pretty flexible. Except for a shoot wednesday morning and a meeting Thursday afternoon, so far I'm open.
Jerome Love has moved accounts! [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Jerome Love has moved accounts! (member) 8 years ago
There are a few places out in West Sac, this old abandoned garage, there's also the cosumnes reserve down south.


I'm totally down to adventure!
Reno cafe 8 years ago
you can count me in as well!
kchuk1 8 years ago
anybody care to explain how to get into the old railyard next to amtrak??? im feelin pretty ballsy and i may be free this coming monday...

if you would like to take pics/ get into trouble with me feel free to contact me... im not guaranteeing anything as of yet though...
DeadPicsL 8 years ago
You should go alone, security patrols the grounds every 30min or so in trucks. They have spotlights they use to check areas that aren't lit up by the few lights on the property. Just be prepared to duck behind train cars/dumpsters or whatever you can when they pass you.
kchuk1 8 years ago
jesus... sounds intense... turns out i got scheduled at work tomorrow. maybe ill try this later... thanks for the advice...
glenngould 8 years ago
anybody ever go to what was McClellan AFB? I worked there for 15 years, so the old and dilapidated buildings, many of which I remember teaming with work and people are interesting to me in a sad way. lots of old hangers and strange structures falling into ruin.
Galib A. 8 years ago
Are those hangers accessible to public?
Photo-Bomber [deleted] 8 years ago
same question. .... models and hangars???? sweet!
MIZZ_AQUARIUS 7 years ago
There are a few cool places up in the foothills, Tunnel on Taylor Rd going into Ophir from Newcastle and also off of Heather Glenn in Auburn past Dry creek Rd up 80, if you turn right off the exit, another cool concrete tunnel...
Also another good place would have to be up at Apple Hill up Highway 50, in the wine vineyards
urbanQ 7 years ago
I love old sac. that was the place i first started shooting at

IMG_2108 by urbanQ

IMG_2597 by urbanQ
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