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alphabet soup studio / lenore locken ADMIN December 29, 2016
A little clarification... this is "Road Trip America". That means photos taken on a road trip, please. (And in the U.S.A.) Not a run to the grocery, over to Aunt Bessie's (unless she lives way out of town), or something in your neighborhood. The "road trip" part should be self-explanatory. Also, please do not resubmit photos that weren't accepted the first time. Just try something else. Thanks!
P.S....please, we don't want to see you or your family

Group Description

STOP: Please go read the posting titled "Folks, Please read this..." in the Discussion section before you go any further. Thanks!

See the sights of the USA through the eyes of roadtrippers.

5 posts per day.

Only pictures taken on road trips through the USA.

Please keep in mind... not everything you submit will be entered into the group. Please don't get mad, or have an aneurysm over it. It's probably that your submission just didn't really fit the "road trip" theme of the group. (Interior shots will rarely make the cut.) If you submitted multiple photos of the same thing, we can assure you that it's likely that only one submission is going to make it in. (So please, try to submit what you think is the best, and leave the others out.)

Also... as a rule, most "people photos" will not be accepted. We're not so much looking for you and your friends doing something, but more a view through your eyes of your roadtrip.

Please don't post photos of your car in various places on vacation. While you might love it, we really don't care about your car. Photos with your car in it will not make it into the group. Period.

Also, we're really not into "holiday snaps", so pretty much the same goes for people/family in your photo posing with whatever the subject is. Again, let's see the where, not who visited it. Save those shots for your family, please.

Please do not resubmit photos that weren't accepted the first time. Just try something else. Thanks!

The group should be this simple. The things you see out your car window while exploring the roads of the U.S.A. (A shot here or there of something in a touristy museum is probably OK, but that's it.)

To coin a phrase "enough is enough". Please don't post 57 photos of the same topic or place. If you took 100 photos of some really cool place you went, work hard to pare that down to 2, maybe 3 photos to post here. Otherwise, it's a little tedious.

Lastly... signs. Even though I love old signs with a passion, we don't want this to become too much the focus of the group. Why not take your old sign photos over to the "I Love Old Signs!" group instead. Thanks!

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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