elizthany 10:15pm, 9 January 2012
An easy way to get accurate hexagons is to go to this website:

Type 1.5 into the hexagon size box and you should get the exact size hexagon (if I read it correctly) discussed in the tutorial. This yields you a hexagon with 1.5 in sides that is 3 in from point to point. You can even check a little box that will print a dot in the middle of your hexagons that can help make sure your lines are straight!
suzettra 6 years ago
thanks for the link!
Clare@selfsewn 6 years ago
Wow how amazing, thanks for sharing.
Its amazing I've learnt two new techniques so far!
elizthany 6 years ago
No problem! I forgot to mention this, but you'll also want to make sure that when you hit "print", that your scale is "none". My printer had it set to scale to fit, which altered my measurements slightly.
Hemlock Tea 6 years ago
I love incompetech! I use it all the time to print custom graph paper to draft quilt patterns and other design stuff. I tried to draft my own templates to cut apart and use, and if anyone wants to try out the templates I drafted, here's the link to the pdf. Make sure you change page scaling to "None" when you print- rather than "fit to page" or "shrink to page" etc. Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure my geometry is correct, but I haven't tested them yet so use at your own risk!
This is so helpful... I was stuck and go and get a hexigon and feel like you took that hard part out for me. Can't wait to print and start cutting!
liveacolorfullife PRO 6 years ago Thank you so very much. It looks great!
helenjanei Posted 6 years ago. Edited by helenjanei (member) 6 years ago
hemlock tea - thank you for the pattern, it works and saved me a serious amount of time!
DukeSaysSewWhat 6 years ago
i'm just seeing this. what a handy site. thanks!
space hog 6 years ago
I used isometric triangle grid paper (incompetech also) to draft my templates. has free pattern sheets - go here

"kite 001" is what you want, you could enlarge to any size you want. i started the m.o. pattern a few months ago.
Hemlock Tea, I'm having trouble getting back to your template... is it just me?
buttoncounter PRO 6 years ago
I was just looking through one of my books yesterday called ''Making Antique Quilts'' by Rita Weiss, to find a project for an English paper-piecing class that I am going to teach...She calls this quilt hexagon illusions in her book because although it looks like a hexagon shaped is actually kites. You can make the entire quilt with one template if you wanted to.
Clare@selfsewn 6 years ago
Yes I have seen that method and mentioned it in my tutorial.
I have just made it simpler, with less pieces, and not the 72 needed with the kite method :o)
lavender1253 6 years ago
I'm a bit late but I'm so glad I found your blog Clare and this group. I love the rose star pattern, I seem to have a thing for stars lately. I have made the quilt from Material Obsession using only the kite shape (by machine)- those 72 pieces in each block weren't as bad as they sound- but I like this slightly different block and EPP.
aprilquilts 5 years ago
When I try to print out, I don't get "none" as an option for page scaling. What am I missing? When I print it to 100% it isn't the right size.
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