vicambulist 8:46pm, 30 December 2008
Since this group holds many well-seasoned photographers with great skill, I wonder what tripod is favored for entry-level... Since roof hacking can also be a quick sport - I'm looking for something that sets up with relative ease but doesn't cost $200+ like the Manfrottos I've been seeing a lot of lately.
So - question to you: what tripod would you recommend for an entry-level hacker, and why?

Thanks in advance!
Justin Terveen 9 years ago
accept no substitute. buy a good tripod or your shots will be useless. and by the time you break two cheap pods, well, you do the math.

squirrelbrand Posted 9 years ago. Edited by squirrelbrand (member) 9 years ago
I'm using Induro,-check out their adventure series.

I bought the ABO kit and I use it for general shooting n such and sometimes even night shooting.

But for long exposures on windy roofs I needed something a little more stable so I picked up A113 legs and a 3D-M panhead.
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