Tedi17 7:14pm, 29 August 2008
I would like to see some images that have been shot with a 10-22mm in Dallas.
Justin Terveen 10 years ago
I know of at least one here in the pool that I took a few years back...

I'll go thru my stream and try to find a few more..

Hangover (by Justin Terveen)
Justin Terveen 10 years ago
a few more...

i'll keep looking in the days to come... i know there are quite a few others...

10mm (by Justin Terveen)

10mm HDR (by Justin Terveen)
M///S///H 10 years ago
look up

I shot that with it. I ended up selling my 10-20mm after getting the 10.5 fisheye, I just never used it much after that.
squirrelbrand 9 years ago
I use a 12-24mm or a 8mm fisheye if i need something even wider
_sarchi 5 years ago

from an 8-15 moment
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