Justin Terveen 7:29am, 9 August 2008
Greetings all....

Just a few days old and we're already 204 hackers strong!
I honestly didn't expect such a positive response...
Glad to have everyone here--

In the days to come, I'll be doing my best to dress things up and
make this a more proper and enjoyable group experience.

Any suggestions, comments or questions are welcome and encouraged.

In the meantime, feel free to introduce yourself and throw down your 2¢.

My name is Justin Terveen (29). I currently reside in Dallas, TX, where I
practice photography full-time. I've been taking pics since about 2004.


I look forward to getting to know everyone and their favorite rooftops!

Thanks again!

Hi all I am Scott Dorn(37) I live In Carrollton I have been photographing the Dallas metroplex Since 1997 I currently work for Wolf Camera and practice photography part time.
chrispix1 10 years ago
Hi! I am Chris Pick (30) and live in Rowlett. I have been photographing for a few years with 'point and shoot' cameras, and just upgraded to a DLSR & some decent lenses.

I was down in Houston and almost talked my way onto the roof of a 24 story hotel, but it was raining and was denied.

I have a degree in architecture, and buildings, landscapes and HDR are all areas I want to improve. Thanks for the invite! photography is currently practiced part time.
austenbrown 10 years ago
Roof hacking sounds like a blast. Used to do that with cans of paint, now i'll do it with my canon.
I'm Austen (28), not in Dallas anymore, but i'll see what kinds of flicks i can get us from wherever the hell it is at the moment.
(and thanks for the invite)
squirrelbrand Posted 9 years ago. Edited by squirrelbrand (member) 8 years ago
I'm from Toronto, Canada
Justin Terveen 9 years ago
welcome all!
andrew_bisset 9 years ago
denver, colorado (23)

i get around.
There's a few of the dopest dudes from Toronto who love the roofs. I am from Toronto but not nearly as dope.
Vasily Batoryk 8 years ago
I'm from Kiev, Ukraine (23), practice photography part time.
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