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Cecilia Temperli ADMIN December 31, 2017
1 January 2018

Welcome to the RAD 2018 group!

New members
Please scroll down/ look under ‘...See more' or 'About’ to find Photo of the month, group description, Q & A, and rules.

This is a STRICTLY FILM ONLY group

Anything not tagged RAD2017monthday, random uploads and digital images will be removed without notice


Group Description

Photographer: Chad Mauger
RAD2017October15, 2.5m. Shot on Kodak Portra 400 (120 C41)

RAD – A roll in a day / a day in a roll
A window into your world

If you are running out of ideas on what to shoot and need some inspiration, why not join us?

This group is a STRICTLY FILM ONLY group and is open to anyone, from beginners to advanced photographers, who share a love of film photography and who are prepared to shoot a whole roll of film (see also rules 3 & 4 below) in one day and share the result here. The main condition is that the whole roll must be shot on the same day, markedRADMonthDay in the title and tags list, and the contact sheet showing all shots, with link to your photostream be uploaded in the respective topic (# RAD 2016 month - Contact sheet). Up to six shots per week may be uploaded to the group pool.

The subject can be a personal choice; a record of your day or, as a challenge, the theme of the month may be chosen. Many members seem to enjoy shooting the theme of the month, but this is not compulsory.

Q: Why would I want to join this group?
A: The main reason may be to share your day photographically from your part of the world, in a small group dedicated to film photography. Seeing others’ interpretation of the chosen theme for a particular month is interesting and inspiring. A benefit of being a member of this group is that you get to see and share photos shot on film that have been made with care and very little, if any, post processing in photoshop, except to make them suitable for uploading in digital format. Also, shooting film is enjoyable.

Q: Will I get more exposure to my photos and my photostream?
A: Not sure and not sure how reliable the statistics are. Sometimes it appears so. Every now and then a photo that allows sharing will be chosen to feature at the top of this introduction and on the banner.

Q: Are lomography, pinhole, medium format, large format, disposable film cameras, polaroid film, acceptable?
A: Only photos made on traditional film strips or sheets are accepted. No polaroid, instax, etc.

Q: Can I suggest an idea for a monthly theme?
A: Yes. Suggestions are welcome. Suggestions have to be suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced photographers, and to be able to be shot with 35mm equipment, including disposable film cameras. Suggestions can be made in the Past topics/suggestions thread:

Q: I am new to film photography. Will I get technical advice in this group?
A: No. In this group we are just having fun making photos.

Q: I don’t know how to make a contact sheet
A: Below Q & A you will find some instructions on how to make a contact sheet.

Q: Do I need to read the rules?
A: Yes, please. They are a bit long, we know, but they are here to familiarize yourself with the purpose of the group.

We hope that you will enjoy being a member of the RAD group.

How to make a contact sheet:


Photoshop CS5:

Mac OS X:

A creative idea as alternative:
(for this option, and ONLY this option, a digital shot will be allowed as contact sheet).


Group Rules

1. This is a STRICTLY FILM ONLY group.

2. The condition is to shoot one roll of film (or more than one roll) in a single day.

3. Accepted film types are: 12, 24, 36 exposure rolls; 4 x 5 sheet film – number open; 10 exp. cassettes; single-use film cameras.

4. Large format users: The number is your choice; as many as you feel are economical but still fun.

5. Members can choose on which day of the month they wish to shoot one roll of film. Shoot one or more than one roll, but it has to be a whole roll in the one day. Shooting fewer frames than are on the roll is acceptable if members wish to finish with fewer frames for the day and process an incomplete roll.

6. Processing: Lab or home developed, color, b & w, cross-processing. No post-processing to the extent where the photo is not recognizable any more as a film shot, i.e. photoshopped to death.

7. There may be suggestions for a monthly theme as a challenge, but everyone is free to shoot whatever they wish as long as a full roll is being shot on that day.

8. A contact sheet showing all frames shot, must be uploaded in the particular month thread. Contact sheets are preferred but it is permitted to just provide a link to your respective RAD album.

9. Uploaded photos must be tagged RADyyyyMonthday and A roll in a day/a day in a roll. (Example: RAD2016FEB23).

10. . Six shots per week can be uploaded to the pool.

11. Shots that a member considers ‘duds’ do not have to be uploaded to his/her photo stream.

12. . Photos not deemed RAD, not marked RADyyyyMonthDay, and digital photos/videos will be deleted without notice.

13. Photo content: Flickr SAFE level.

14. Deletion or inclusion of contributions is at the discretion of administration and moderator. If a member feels that a photo or a submission has been, in his/her opinion unfairly deleted, please contact administration or the moderator via flickr mail. We are not dictators here but wish to adhere to some rules in order to keep the pool as a RAD pool, to prevent the dumping of random photos and, especially, to remain film only.

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Other features:

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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