admin PRO 9:25pm, 27 September 2009
What's the worst place you've spilled a bucket of paint? I'm taking about accidentally, don't incriminate yourself.

In 2001, we were putting a five gallon bucket into a truck and clipped it on the tailgate. It spilled on the truck then flipped back on my friend covering him from neck to toe. It was a massive white paint spill in front of the house so we took a hose to it. BAD IDEA... we made a two foot thick white line for about a mile that let back to us. Good times.
HOPE NOT 7 years ago
Spilled silver bucket paint in the back of the SUV I had at the time...
Asian Eater 7 years ago
Have yet to spill a bucket but here is a funny story.

I'm quite new to rollers but my homie has been doing them for years. We plan to hit a spot and days before he's already getting all of the supplies/equipment prepared for the night.

We get to the spot and he grabs the bucket. He says, "I think I gotta shake it up a bit" and starts shaking away. He opens it and turns out the paint got really thick inside (yogurt x50) He told me the night before he added paint thinner, so that we'd have more paint and enough for both of us to fill. The thinner pretty much settled in and made the paint useless.

He tried rolling it on the wall and was way too thick. We had to hide all of our equipment behind some bushes, drive all the way back to his pad, get another bucket, and come back. I was pissed off but laughing at the same time.

With gun shots, ambulance and police sirens, cars speeding away in the distance, it turned out to be a good night in South Central L.A.

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