zizzybaloobah 3:39am, 4 October 2005
Knoebels will be closing their 2005 season with their annual Phoenix Phall Phunfest (with a Twist-er) this weekend.

Hope to see lots of fellow flickr addicts!
eightdotthree 13 years ago
My girlfriend Monica and I will be there! Camping Friday and Saturday, I can't wait.
zizzybaloobah 13 years ago
We are camping as well. I hope the weather won't be as bad as they predict.
aloof chicken [deleted] 13 years ago
I was gonna go but then I was like oh wait I have school and Driving from Milwaukee to PA in 1 day would be too much :)
eightdotthree 13 years ago
Seriously though. Rain rain go away!
Spatch 13 years ago
It wouldn't be a Phall Phun Phest without either cold weather or rain!

I went from 1998-2003, missing only one year in between. I can't make it this year and will miss it terribly. There's something about those nighttime Phoenix rides...
eightdotthree 13 years ago
This will be our first.

I loved my first visit to Knoebels last year and have been craving Phoenix and Twister ever since.
eightdotthree 13 years ago
We were so freaking wet after the first night we had to get a hotel room. The event was a blast though and I will be back next season!
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