Call for photos

Ѕtuart Green 8:32pm, 13 December 2004
Welcome to the Rollercoaster Group. Feel free to come join the group and add your own images to the pool.
Ѕtuart Green 14 years ago
Cheers for adding your images to the rollercoasters group .. keep 'em coming!
FlyButtafly PRO 13 years ago
Question: I have one of those pics you buy when you get off the coaster... you know, of you screaming? Would that be ok to add, or do you want strictly the coaster itself? Figured I'd better ask... :)
Ѕtuart Green 13 years ago
Sorry - I missed your post. The answer is definitely a YES - on-ride photos would fit in great here.
After a recent comment, I did some internet research on rollercoaster fan sites and agree that the contest recently posted here is not the best idea, so I've taken it down.

Suggestions for another photo-challenge, anyone?
stretchdog 13 years ago
Just a note about on-ride photos...
There may be some copyright issues involved in those photos. I work at a Park in Orlando, and the on-ride photos are copyrighted. I know this is also the case with some other Parks in the area, but those are also Parks owned by major entertainment Companies with major issues pertaining to fair use. Plus a few of the coasters have Licensed names that put additional restrictions on their use. (i.e Comic book titles or musical groups...)
Other Parks may not have copyrights, so make sure you check before posting...
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