fotoset 2:48am, 5 May 2009
Just thought I would post, got to ride the new Manta at Sea World in Orlando this past weekend. Was an awesome experience! Encourage any roller coaster heads to check it out once it opens officially.

I posted a few pics a min ago.

Lawrence Rayner 8 years ago
Agreed, one of my favourite rollercoatsters too! On top of that you can really catch a great action shot when it swoops down over the water!
~Life by the Drop~ 7 years ago
Yes! Awesome ride!


Starman_1969 7 years ago
Manta is an awsome ride. The g's on the inverted loop are immense, pretty much equal to Tatsu at SFMM.
littlestschnauzer PRO 7 years ago
amazing pics. My 2 kids and hubby were riding this and Kraken back to back...said both awesome in different ways
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