Jim_Dodds 11:24am, 16 September 2008
Hi, I would like to you to join this new group called "World's Biggest Group", and the main goal of this group is to become the biggest group on Flickr. Please join this group, add ALL of your SAFE photos (no videos), and email at least 2 other contacts this exact same message by copy & paste, and in no time, we will have the biggest group on Flickr!
Jonathan_Hawkins PRO 10 years ago
Here's an idea... Stop using these groups to spam groups you are creating.
legoyodax PRO 10 years ago
SPAM chips, SPAM, 35mm Film and SPAM??
Nemesis Storm PRO 10 years ago
Jimbo - polite warning.
Please do not keep mentioning your group. If people want to join they will. Any further 'Spam' type messages and I may have to remove / ban you from this group.

Thank you ...
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