charles.freck 3:38am, 1 August 2008
I just recently took a trip to Hershey and got to ride Fahrenheit a couple times. That coaster is awesome. The pretzel loop is better than I imagined. One thing that I keep hearing though is that having that and SR in the same park is redundant. If you've ridden both, you'll see how different they are. Though I gotta admit, the similar color schemes confused me at first and probably a TON of GP when they go into the parking lot.

I've got some really cool shots of it that I'll post in just a bit.

Anyone else been on it yet? If so, what'd you think?
xoxo7277 10 years ago
how funny-i just got back to-the picture i posted has some of farenheit in it. i took that picture all the way from hotel hershey.
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