karla_mdza 8:25pm, 6 February 2008
Don't you think is anoying to wait in line for an awesome ride for more than an hour an have nothing to do?

I would like to see some comedians or have a DJ playing music on request while waiting in line ( like cedar point used to do).

What is your ideal entertainment?????
Digital Trav 11 years ago
I think that interesting theming in the queue area with lots of detail to explore helps make the wait seem shorter.
yomamali 10 years ago
tryin' to get everybody to do the wave hahahaaa...
markalan928 10 years ago
People watching. And listening to people explain how they think certain coasters work. Can be quite amusing sometimes. :)
secret box [deleted] 10 years ago
Staring up the lift hill anticipating the fun to come.
alwphantom 10 years ago
The CP ride DJ's were okay, but only one of them was even remotely accessible for requests while in the queue (MF Ride DJ). It wasn't in the queue, but right by the entrance to Voyage at Holiday World there was free soda which could be nice in the queue (for less intense rides). Disneyland Indiana Jones had some fun things, interactive themeing to keep you entertained as you went through (Signs saying don't pull here and when you did the ceiling would start to lower in...)
kevkev44 10 years ago
Haha, I hear ya markalan928! Especially at the Disney parks, people always seem to know what they're saying about how the ride works...it's quite funny actually. One time I heard from someone that the Tower of Terror is sometimes used as a real hotel for a large price or if you win that "millions of dreams thingy".
bri_man2007 9 years ago
They should do what they did in the old Coney Island days. Set up a huge maze for each attraction, and let people find their way to the attraction. Have alternative exits, once people find their way through they end up in the main que for the ride. They could have fun stuff along the way like crazy mirrors, or a clown with a squirt gun that gets people wet when they choose the wrong path.

Or, they could have the regular que, and have the crazy mirrors every hundred feet or so. Have fun photo spots, or dark tunnels along the way with things that pop out at you. Make it interesting.

The greatest would be a guy in a monster costume scaring away all the little kids, so they don't enter the lines. And a line for stupid
people that is completely dark, and ends up going back to the midway, instead of to the actual ride. Cut the lines in half.
defeated system [deleted] 9 years ago
I-pod is the best thing. But, Striking up a conversation with a stranger is sometimes fun.
bri_man2007 9 years ago
Wow. I didn't know I responded to this topic. 9 months ago! And, it's weird that I was going to post the same responce!

I think the best que entertainment was back when Six Flags used to show full length bugs bunny cartoons in it's ques. That was great until they switched to those crappy rap- videos. not everyone likes that kind of music.

As for the DJ's at Cedar Point, and the music videos shown at various attractions. It depends on what day you were in the park, and what time of the year it was. Some days there were no DJs, and none of the videos were running.

Another thing that pissed me off about Cedar Point, is that they would not let you bring a cup drink into the line, yet they had vending machines in the que selling pop, and someone selling snacks along the way. Talk about a double standard.

I know of a club here in michigan that has 3 outdoor soda machines that sell soft drinks. But, if they see you drinking it on the property, they will tell you to dump it out. If you want to drink, buy something buy it in the bar. They also won't let you take the soda into the bar.

Appearently the only place you can drink the soda is on the sidewalk near the machine, or in your car. how pointless is that. Just like they
sell pop from machines outside of Michigan's Adventure, but, you can't bring that pop into the park. Even though they sell the same pop in the park. It's just stupid.
adzie96 9 years ago
In Thorpe Park (UK) they have TVs which used to show music videos from the carts and trailers for good movies and stuff. But they started malfunctioning and just playing the intro on an infinite loop or only playing one song. Then after heavy rain the speakers and screens were failing. They don't use them anymore, but if you're lucky one day queuing for a ride you may be able to see a crackly screen and crackling music playing 4 Minutes by Madonna. :P MegaFAIL
I Only Hate The SunShine Posted 8 years ago. Edited by I Only Hate The SunShine (member) 8 years ago
meeting new people, because we all have at least one thing in common ;]
bouncyfish 8 years ago
It's great to have lists of ideas at your disposal while waiting wiht your family. We came up with hundreds.

You should come up with your own list or check this out; we recently created our first iPhone/iPod/iPad application to share our ideas with other families. If you are interested, check out www.weinerfamilystudios.com/familymatters_itunes.php
Simon Chilton PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Simon Chilton (member) 8 years ago
On Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach when it broke down for a wee while, they got a member of staff to dance! Good ride for people watching too as you can see people exiting the ride soaked through and wishing they'd worn waterproofs. Always fun!

I do like the idea of stand up comedy though :)
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