Ѕtuart Green 4:41pm, 23 February 2007
SoCal Flickr Rollercoaster Group members should know about this forthcoming event ..

Ride World and Theme Park Review present
Fourth Annual RideWarrior West Coast Bash
at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Join us as we celebrate Southern California’s most popular coaster enthusiast weekend by adding to the excitement another great RideWorld event out west! Come ride Tatsu, the World’s tallest, fastest, and longest flying coaster as well as X, the World’s first 4th Dimension coaster!

We will enjoy 2 HOURS of ERT on X, Tatsu, and Viper before park opening along with some fun surprises!"

[link] Theme Park Review post.
[link] RideWorld flyer (PDF warning!)

It's almost certain that I'll be part of this, and if you're thinking of coming along then I'd love to hear from you in this thread. One word of warning .. if you're not a season pass holder, then you MUST get your $22.50 ticket pre-ordered by March 5th.
PortugePunk 11 years ago
I'll be there! Flickr Coaster Fiends Unite!
Ѕtuart Green Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Ѕtuart Green (admin) 11 years ago
Dagnabit. Looks like I won't be able to make it after all.

Despite this, it still looks like there'll be at least two Rollercoaster Group members at the event - PortugePunk (above) and undereachsnare92. Have a great time!
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