gentle pull [deleted] 11:53pm, 5 September 2006
Ѕtuart Green 12 years ago
Nemesis Storm PRO 12 years ago
I quite agree


Cyclone in happier times
Nemesis Storm PRO 12 years ago
Save Cyclone online Petition
Mark Zuid 12 years ago
Have signed the petition but fear that it may be too late to save the ride... workmen have been cutting down the coaster with chainsaws... (starting from the bottom so as not to attract too much attention no doubt)

I do remember watching a 'fly on the wall' series a few years ago about Blackpool Pleasure Beach (the owners of Pleasureland) made while Geoffrey Thompson was still alive and remember that it showed the kind of person Amanda Thompson is. It was not flattering.

Have also sent an email to BPB expressing my dusgust at their actions through their website.
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