Nemesis Storm PRO 9:20pm, 11 April 2006
Apologies if I’m posting too many pictures into the group at the moment.
I’ve taken far too many pictures of coasters.

Hopefully I will be going to Oakwood in a couple of week’s time & then the following week I am visiting Copenhagen. So expect some pictures of Tivoli Gardens & Bakken.

The group has over 200 members now & the ‘coaster season’ is now on, I’m looking forward to all your great rollercoaster pictures from around the world.


arepeejee PRO 12 years ago
Can never post enough IMO Paul! I always enjoy viewing your stream when you've been to another park :)
PortugePunk 12 years ago
I agree completely! NEVER too many coaster shots. I always check the group to see if you've posted more! I'll be lugging my camera to all the SoCal parks soon this season! :-D
Barry Wallis 12 years ago
I'm going to Disneyland next Friday and Saturday. I'm going to try for a Splash Mountain shot going down the big drop. Hopefully, my camera will remain dry.
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