Geauga Lake Park

Joe306tow 8:56pm, 9 July 2005
I must let all who care, know that Geauga Lake park has taken a turn for the better Since Cedar-Fair has taken over last year. Last year the park still had lingering problems from the prior (Mis) management. If you visit this year you will notice that the Rides have signs of Repair. New Shinny Bolts on X-Flight (Riddler's Revenge), Head Spin (Mind Eraser), Dominator (Batman ...), Steel Venom (Superman the ...). Replacement of Track on Ragging Wolfbobs, New paint on some rides, mechanical upgrades, moved Happy Harbor to North side (Sea world), and rebuilt it. Built New Wild Water Kingdom Area, Retrained staff and managers. Still Need to Repair or replace ferry boat Aurora Bell. My daughter works at Geauga lake and sees first hand how Six Flags ran the park and What Cedar-Fair is doing to correct problems from Six Flags Abuse. And she is not alone season ticket holders have stated that they have seen a turn around in the operations of the park. Although it is not a complete 180 degree turn (more work to be done), it is close. Next year expect water slides in the front of the park near Steel Venom to move into Wildwater Kingdom. Also expect a rebuild of Mr. Hydes Nasty Fall, continued track replacement (wood) on Wolfbobs, repair and/or replacement of wood and track on Villain, and Big Dipper. CF did not paint Nuts and Bolts replaced on purpose. So the public can see firsthand that they were replaced. Why were Nuts and Bolts replaced? Six flags had a reputation of replacing #8 hardness Nuts and Bolts with weaker inferior hardware. This created a safety issue that needed to be corrected. Sorry for the long post, but I thought you would like to know since I saw a photo of Villain in your post.
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