Nemesis Storm PRO 10:30pm, 11 May 2005
I've finally finished posting pictures on my week long trip to some of the parks in germany.

This trip was in September 2004

The set can be viewed here

Some of the pictures in this set have been posted to the group & some have not been.

I will add some more pictures into this set over the coming week..

Hope you all enjoy the pictures.

The parks visted (in order) where

Hansa Park
Heide Park
Warner Bros Movie World - Germany
Europa Park
Holiday Park
Wild-und Freizeitpark
eightdotthree 13 years ago
Nice pics.

If you had to choose one park, which would it be? I will be in Germany some day, but can only allow myself one day, maybe two for an amusement park.
Nemesis Storm PRO 13 years ago
Thank you - glad you liked the pics.

If I had to choose just one park, it would have to be Europa Park.

Themed as good,if not better than Disney - some good coasters & rides there. Good food there too. Just a very popular park
OliverN5 PRO 13 years ago
Great pics. What did you think of Expedition GeForce? Being across the Atlantic my chances of riding it are slim but it's the ride that most intrigues me.
Nemesis Storm PRO 13 years ago
Cheers, thanks for your comments.

Expedition GeForce is an awesome coaster, the first drop being the most memorable part for me.

I can see why it's highly rated, but personally I like Golaith at Walibi World in Holland a little bit more !!
eightdotthree 13 years ago
I love the Intamin hypers, I would have to get to one of those two parks.

Is Silver Star comparable to the US B&M hypers?
Nemesis Storm PRO 13 years ago
Yes I love Intamin hyper coasters too.

I would say Silver Star is good as Nitro at SF: Great Adventure.

Not so extreme as Nitro, but is a cool coaster
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