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Ѕtuart Green 11:30pm, 29 April 2005
I'm not sure how long the new On-Ride Central site has been up, but I love the combination of RCDB sytle data, photographs and forums.

I signed up under then name Yorkie. Let us know if you sign up.
I've signed up, posted a few pics and even managed to mark which coasters I've ridden (though some parks, like Knoebels, and Kennywood, are missing from the list)

(I using the same account name as here)
Nemesis Storm PRO 13 years ago
Try this site to keep a record of your ridden coasters
Ѕtuart Green Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Ѕtuart Green (admin) 13 years ago
Coasterforce has an even better coaster counter. Here's mine.
righteous thumb [deleted] 13 years ago
I used till created
I like it because I can count traveling roller coasters and filter the lists.
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