Nemesis Storm PRO 6:53pm, 11 April 2005
#1 Millennium Force Cedar Point

#2 Goliath Six Flags Holland

#3 Expedition GeForce Holiday Park

#4 Katun Mirabilandia

#5 Nemesis Alton Towers

Sorry I do not have my own pictures of the other 2
In no particular order:

- Grand National, Blackpool pic1
difficult coaster to get a picture of
- Revolution, Blackpool pic1
simple, but great shuttle-looper
- Lightning Racer, Hersheypark PA (no pic)
twin-track wooden racer from CGI
- Cyclone, Coney Island pic1 pic2*
that back seat is really rough!
- Nemesis, Alton Towers pic1*
ground-hugging B&M inverter boehemoth

* Picture taken by another member of the Group.
daveynin PRO 13 years ago
top five my favorite coaster I have ridden (no particular order):

- Phantom's Revenge, Kennywood
- The Beast, Kings Island
- Apollo's Chariot, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg
- Millenium Force, Cedar Point
- Shivering Timbers, Michigan's Adventure

Sorry, I dont have time to post a pic there!
zizzybaloobah 13 years ago
(Some pix are not mine)


Knoebels' Twister
The Phoenix (also @ Knobels)
Lightning Racer (Hersheypark)

Steelies: (Schwarzkopf rules!)

Taz Texas Tornado (Six Flags Astroworld)
Mindbender (Six Flags Over Georgia)
Titan (Six Flags Over Texas)

(Funny how my favorite steelies are all at Six Flags parks - my least favorite chain of theme parks!)
Millenium Force - Cedar Point

Dominator - Geauga Lake (Nemesis photo)

Villian - Geauga Lake(Nemesis photo, I will try to get a side view shot)

Magnum XL 200 @ Night!! - Cedar Point

Jumbo Jet Operated from 1972 to 1982 at Cedar Point.
enchanted home [deleted] 13 years ago
No pics for me (I lost most of the digital ones, soon to be fixed), but...

1) Busch Gardens Williamsburg -- Apollo's Chariot. Fast. Smooth. Nearly perfect.
2) Busch Gardens Williamsburg -- The Wolf. Great night ride, great theme. Not incredibly exciting though.
3) Rock and Roller Coaster -- MGM, Orlando. Great theme, great launch. A litle short but you have to love the soundtrack.
4) Hulk -- Islands of Adventure, Orlando. Great launch, smoother than glass. Incredible, and great setting.
5) Cedar Point -- Top Thrill Dragster. Nice but very brief view of Canada from the top :) I like Millenium Force a lot but this one is just ... different.

I'll start taking some pics the next time I go. Had some good ones of Alpengeist et al, but they were lost with the hard drive. Darn!
fishyfish_arcade Posted 13 years ago. Edited by fishyfish_arcade (member) 13 years ago
Not been on that many coasters, but of my limited selection, my favourite is the Wild Mouse at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It's utterly insane but fantastically entertaining!
eightdotthree Posted 13 years ago. Edited by eightdotthree (member) 13 years ago
Ah man, there are so many, here are the ones I would go out of my to ride.

Phantom's Revenge
Superman Ride of Steal (SFNE)

Millennium Force
Medusa (SFGAdv)
ℬellzatk ~◄) PRO Posted 13 years ago. Edited by ℬellzatk ~◄) (member) 11 years ago
I feel like I can comment on this topic, now that I've been to other parks besides Cedar Point (even though my fav steel coasters are still at CP). 155 coasters and counting...

Favorite Wooden:
Phoenix, Knoebels (this ride just *floats*)
Lightning Racer, HP
Shivering Timbers, MA
Jack Rabbit, KW
Viper, SFGA
Cyclone, AL Coney Island
Blue Streak, and here, CP

Favorite Steel:
Millennium Force, and here, CP (smooth and fast)
Apollo's Chariot, BGW
Gemini, CP
Wicked Twister, and here, CP
Top Thrill Dragster, and here, and here, CP
Raging Bull, SFGA
Superman: Ride of Steel, SFDL/SFA
Magnum XL-200, CP
Storm Runner, HP
Hydra, The Revenge, DP
defeated system [deleted] 13 years ago
Unfortunately I don't have many pics.

Millennium Force, Cedar Point, OH
Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ
Wild One, Six Flags America, MD (Oldest Coaster in the USA)
The Beast, Kings Island, OH
Riddler's Revenge, Six Flags Magic Mountain, CA
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