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Big News at Blackpool Pleasurebeach

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Ѕtuart Green is a group administrator Ѕtuart Green says:

235 Club is reporting about plans for the historic english park.

* Being removed right now: Turtle Chase (since 1935 - into storage), Vikingar (RIP), The Whip (since 1921 - RIP)
* Spin Doctor for sale
* Main Street (north end) getting repaved
* New 2006 thrill ride
* Another new ride in 'black hole' building.
* Rollercoaster is getting seat belts (sad news)
* 2007: Log Flume 'transformed into water based family thrill ride'

But it looks like the park won't see a new rollercoaster until 2010: "Project 2010 is back on track. A new dimension in thrill ride technology will change forever the North section of the park. This unique attraction will break the boundaries of the Pleasure Beach and go where no ride has gone before… Space-themed rocket coaster anyone?
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Nemesis Storm is a group administrator Nemesis Storm says:

With it being sad news that some classic rides are going from Blackpool.
It's kind of sad that Rollercoaster is getting seat belts, but I am glad that they are not putting the 'old' Grand National trains on to Rollercoaster.

This is what they did before with Cyclone at Pleasureland Southport by using old 'Nash' cars and thus ruining what was a great little woodie.

I'm a bit upset that Spin Doctor is for sale as its one of my favourie spin rides. But it's not an ideal ride for the park, slow loading & only 16 riders at one time (Both sides running) gives some real long queues.

I could be wrong but I think the parks next coaster will be from S&S & will be some think 'like' X & will be a UK or European height record holder.
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Ѕtuart Green is a group administrator Ѕtuart Green says:

Agree with you about the loading issues of the Spin Doctor.

I think primarily BPB should be about balancing the classic rides with modern attractions to pull in the crowds. This s why it's sad to lose Turtle Chase and the Whip. I've always enjoyed the whip.

Interested to see what's going to happen about the next coaster, but don't imagine to hear anything for 3-4 years now. Wonder if they're still looking at taking a rocket coaster out into the Irish Sea?
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DerekL says:

Yorkie, that seems to be what they are hinting at with "breaking the boundaries".

To be honest, though, I haven't been on the Whip for years, I've only ever been on the Turtle Chase once and I've never been on the Water Splash.
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Ѕtuart Green is a group administrator Ѕtuart Green says:

Good point Derek .. never thought about 'breaking the boundaries' copy in that sense .. it sounds likely. And I can't see them building something as tall as Kingda Ka.

Also, I wonder if BPB is waiting for the casino thing to be sorted out before looking for finance for a new major ride.
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Nemesis Storm is a group administrator Nemesis Storm says:

Blackpool Pleasure Beach to add 4D Cinema

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Take your seats for the thrilling new 4D cinema experience as the Pleasure Beach takes you to an interactive world of family film fun with Cineffex 4D theatre. Slip on your 3D glasses and experience water sprays, air blasts, vibrating seats and even leg ticklers! as you enjoy mini movies including Haunted House and PandaVision. The 72 seat 4D cinema with curved screen will open at the former Black Hole site in the centre of the park in February and is the first of its kind to open in the UK with seven special effects!
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