Local Park?

arepeejee PRO 3:48pm, 28 October 2005
So what is everyones local theme park?

Alton Towers (UK) for me :)
eightdotthree 13 years ago
Kennywood. And within two hours there is Geauga Lake, three more is Cedar Point.

I want to visit Alton, I will be in London next month for work, just missing operating season. Grrr.
Ѕtuart Green Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Ѕtuart Green (admin) 13 years ago
Six Flags Marine World for me .. close to San Francisco and about 50 miles from Sacramento, CA.

eightdotthree .. Blackpool Pleasure Beach will be open for at least some of November .. you might like to look into visiting if you get the opportunity. If you like Kennywood, you'll love the Pleasure Beach (best woodies).
zizzybaloobah Posted 13 years ago. Edited by zizzybaloobah (admin) 13 years ago
Even though its 2 hours away, I consider Knoebels my 'home' park. It isn't run by a big corporation and it's the only park that I make an effort to visit multiple times each season.

Hersheypark is slightly closer and I do enjoy it. Six Flags America is the closest, but between the rowdy guests and poor management, it's never lived up to what I consider the classic Six Flags heritage (Georgia and Texas).
PortugePunk 13 years ago
Six Flags Magic Mountain is closest to me.
Oyvind Solstad 13 years ago
Tusenfryd in Oslo, Norway is mine.

They're building a new ride opening 23rd of April 2006. More info here (in Norwegian but drawings and pics)
Nemesis Storm PRO 13 years ago
It's Thorpe Park for me
defeated system [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by defeated system (member) 13 years ago
It used to be Six Flag America(MD) and Kings Dominion(VA). But, now I live in a coaster-less area. :( Closest real park is Disneyland. There are also some coasters in Las Vegas. It's a little closer.
holycheesesticks 12 years ago
Knoebels for me as well- I am 25 minutes away. Hershey is an hour and change away, and Dorney is about 2 hours away.
Edward Beavers PRO 12 years ago
Well, the most local park for me is Camden Park. Which I haven't been to in years, and all my attempts this year were foiled. Aside from that, I'm about the same distance from Dollywood as I am from Carowinds, so those are the closest themers. Next would be Kennywood, then PKI, SFKK, CP, and GLP
wendymphotos 12 years ago
For me, that would be either Six Flags Great Escape or Six Flags New England. I worked at Great Escape last summer and I still have pictures to develop!
enchanted home [deleted] 12 years ago
Carowinds is probably closer though I really don't like it. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is about three hours...
Xuxubeleza 12 years ago
there is this one, the so called Skyline Park, it's really close, and there is the pretty famous Europa Park.(works with IE)
The Europa Park is a really good theme park. :)
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