Can't mount card

wtrekell PRO 12:29am, 12 June 2011
I just got my MiniDigi AF5.0. I can't seem to get the pictures off of the camera though. The camera can read and write to the Mini SD card just fine, and the card reader I bought can read and write to the SD card for my canon camera just fine. However, when I use the card and adapter that came with the MiniDigi it won't mount.

Anyone have this issue or a solution to it?

I have access to both Mac and PC (though I doubt the problem has anything to do with either OS since I can mount other cards on both).

Thanks in advance
Still The Oldie PRO 7 years ago
Ditto. And it kept happening so often, I now use the camera for a paperweight...
wtrekell PRO 7 years ago
I ended up buying a new card and everything works fine now. The issue was with the original card that came with the camera.
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