Carlos Siemens 9:06am, 14 April 2008
It is a "italian red" one (the limited serie) with 3 Mp (i think). I bought it through ebay last year. I used it a couple of times, but im not so fond of it. It works properly and hasn't been mistreated (accurate). I really dont know how much i can charge for it.

Is anyone of you interested in getting one? The item is located in Madrid, and still have original box and all that was supplied with the camera.

If someone wants more info please contact me and i will see how we can agree.
pidemelaluna Posted 10 years ago. Edited by pidemelaluna (member) 10 years ago
Hello Carlos, i'm interesed in your camera, i also live in Madrid.

Kind regards

What Katie Does PRO 10 years ago
i'm interested too but don't have much spare cash at the moment :/ please tell me what amount you were thinking of? kittensmile @ gmail . com
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