Furkids In Hong Kong 9:59am, 8 November 2007
Just curious as to how often you find you have had to change the battery (if ever).

Thanks in advance for any info!
keulds 11 years ago
not very long i think i've been through 10 batteries in the year.
Furkids In Hong Kong 11 years ago
Wow, that's a lot more than I envisioned. Going to have to get myself some spare batteries and keep one in my bag.

Much thanks for sharing your experience keulds.
spehrman PRO 10 years ago
The Mini Digi uses a lot of batteries but it helps to not view your picks on the little screen.
rodsncones PRO 10 years ago
Mine (the original, not the plus) eats batteries, lasts about one a day of heavy use (maybe 100 pics?) .
I need to find some rechargeables.
If you use it a lot don't go anywhere without a spare battery.
mingmac 10 years ago
Does this kind of battery has the rechargeable one?
JolietDeltaTango-0505 10 years ago
Here's a rechargeable CR2 battery and charger.

From what I hear it's a 3.6V battery and standard CR2 batteries are 3V. So if you plan on using one be forewarned that it can possibly fry your camera (although it's unlikely).
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