the real janelle 12:18pm, 25 July 2007
does anyone know any sources for replacement parts? i fear the cover for the battery/memory compartment on my rollei is lost. i've poked around the rollei site for service in the US and sent a couple emails. other suggestions welcome.
Amy Deuce 10 years ago
OMG I just got this camera like 2 days ago and I already lost the battery cover. I went back to the store where I bought the camera and they are going to try to get me a replacement. I felt like thre bigest ass for lossing it but I must have just not had it on all the way and some how it fell off while I was walking around. I will hit you up if I find a way to order one.
takumaSpin1 10 years ago
Any info on purchasing a replacement battery cover would be appreciated. I purchased the first one that came out a few years back and sold it to get this new one but this newer one's battery cover is pretty loose compared to my older one which was pretty bad too.

I kind of use the red rope (for the battery) and have it stick out just a little in the back and close the lid. It makes it tighter and doesn't come off as easily.
Don Giovanní 10 years ago
well i lost mine as well... pretty shabby product from Rollei/ that japanese company. Mines under limited warranty so im seeing if i can get a replacement cover
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