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maybe a new battery solution

animated wool [deleted] says:

Hey guys im a proud new-owner of a Rollei 35TE that i found in a antique shop in a flea market in santiago, chile. The old lady only sold only old cameras and she even gave me a 3 month warranty saying that the camera is in fully working condition. As i was new to the Rollei family (not to film though) i tested basic settings and everything seemed to be working. Though it didnt have the Light meter battery, so i went through a test roll with an external light meter (im gonna post pics late today though) and the camera seems to work properly, all shutter and speed options look/sound right so i only went through cleaning dust over the camera.

Then i started reading that the battery for this small beast is an old 5,6 v mercury that are not sold easily anywhere....yet i found that 6v solution but that may affect the exposures on the light meter. anyway...the thing is ive found tons of battery and battery replacement around the bay and some other websites but they all go for like USD$10+...and this morning i went to a battery distribution store and spoke to the electrician and specialist and he said that the difference between 5,6v to 6v is nothing significant AT ALL and should not affect the light meter readings at all. And since is so hard to get those batteries, we made some weird solution that is cheap and gets the camera's LM fully working.

We mixed (to fit size and voltage) 3 LR44 batteries and 1 LR43 bat. that fits exactly the same as an 5,6v battery yet since this are 1,5v each, the four in total gives us a 6v battery but instead of paying USD$10+ this was USD$2.2...
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animated wool [deleted] says:

Thanks for your information really appreciate it...but i didnt mixed voltages or brands of batteries...the LR44 and LR43 are exactly the same voltage just different size, being LR43 bit thinner than LR44. so i really i dont think im mixing the voltages or batteries.

now why should the "new" lr44 damage the light meter? ive read tons of people around flickr using different cameras that used to work with mercury batteries that now go with "new" equivalent ones?.

the electrician even the guy at the camera shop said that the 0,4v difference between the original mercury one with the new one should not affect at all....

im just asking...do you know why? thanks in advance for your time and help.
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animated wool [deleted] says:

Hey Egosum, ive read the article you gave me...so thanks for all the handy information in there.

now straight to the point.
...the article says that beside that 0,4v difference from the mercury to lithium cells it wont affect the camera...meaning damage..but it might occur some reading problems...

now the articles talks about two adapters the v27px and basically its 4 SR43 (same as LR43) but that drops at the same time the voltage from 6v to 5.6v.



but for $30+ c'mon! we are having fun with this cameras not doing business with it...!

now i would like to take some specific text for you and for the other readers to prove im not wrong with what im doing


thats the part where the texts says that YOU CAN go with a stack of batteries (sr or lr) and what you should not mix are Alkaline with Silver-Oxide!!....but in this case LR44 and LR43 are both models same alkaline cells! and should NOT affect the camera or light meter AT ALL. at least for the following models of Rollei's: TE, SE, LED
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JanneM says:

The voltage difference is a non-issue. It's not going to break anything. And negative film is forgiving enough that if you just compare with a known good meter and compensate the reading by hand it's going to be more or less accurate enough. If you shoot slides it's a bit different - but if you're worried about correct slide exposure you really need an external meter and a tuneup of the shutter mechanism in any case.

With the original 35, the 35S and all the other old cameras that used 1.35v batteries things are a bit different. The voltage difference is enough to make the meter very inaccurate, and compensating starts becoming difficult.

And with that said, $30 isn't exactly free but it's not a huge outlay either. A case and strap for the camera would cost you as much or more, as would a polarizer or orange filter. It's 5-10 rolls of film (depending on how you process them).

I got an adapter for the Rollei 35S, and i can use the same adapter in my Yashica Mat and in my Minolta SRT101 (of course, I normally use an external meter for the Yashica but, you know, I could). I figure it's just a one-time outlay to avoid having to remember how much to compensate for the inaccurate reading, inevitably forget, and end up with weirdly exposed images.
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fedglass fauxtostream / clicheographs exposed says:

Ah. The 3 LR44 and one LR43 solution is brilliant. Works like a charm in my 35 TE. Thank you for pointing this out.

I do have an old rangefinder that is fairly picky about correct voltage so it seems. Without that steady 1.35v and not anything above it's fine. Above 1.35v it will overexpose. As I recall that overexposure was progressive and not linear...anyway.

Thank you both.
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Rollei35fan says:

The 6 volt Excell battery works fine with a Rollei 35SE or Rollei 35TE. It is less than $10 in USA.

For Rollei 35, Rollei 35 T, or Rollei 35 S use a Wein Cell (1.35 V lasts 1-6 months) or the C.R.I.S adapter ($36 - then use a 1.5 v silver oxide 386 battery in it - it is a few rolls of film as JanneM said)
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astroturtle says:

Works perfectly on my Rollei 35 TE. Thank you! Great suggestion!
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