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1000+ members!! Yikes! and what the heck is a rockform? (It's not really a word-I invented it.) It's not just any old outcrop or outdoor scene. It's natural rock and it's got a distinct unique shape(3D). It can be arty or look like something anthropomorphic, or have a cool 3-D texture(relief). This is not an arch nor in a cave. No people or inanimate objects, or frames if possible,please. I hope that helps! THANKS to all! Photos that don't reflect the theme will be deleted. Peace.GEO M I


  • Mimetoliths

    As many of the pictures posted in your group involve pareidolic perceptions, one...

    benloudman5 months ago0 replies

  • Suiseki I never knew about this subject until this w...

    GEO M I5 months ago2 replies

  • Senseless

    Our leaders of tomorrow.

    Blue Sky ~ Red Rocks ~ Jeep6 months ago2 replies

  • Rockforms!!!

    look at this group - wow - what a bunch a great photos you guys!! you are all A...

    GEO M I11 months ago2 replies

  • What's with all the Elephant rocks?!

    I can't help but notice all the elephant rocks being submitted to this group ove...

    E. Howe13 months ago5 replies

  • 7500 photos???

    How did that happen??? When I started this group I thought I'd be lucky to get ...

    GEO M I13 months ago4 replies

  • Rockforms really Rocks!!!

    Just want to THANK everyone for their super posts - WoW the group is looking HO...

    GEO M I18 months ago4 replies

  • congratulation

    congratulations for this group that has amazing pictures and very interesting fo...

    lorenzo -foto-18 months ago1 replies

  • Amazing group

    I joined flickr just to join this group. Amazing pool of photos. Sadly I'm not a...

    iAlias18 months ago1 replies

  • Is this allowed?

    I've joined the group to ask if this photo is allowed. There are people in it, ...

    maisonburke27 months ago3 replies

  • Rock on!!

    All you post-ers totally ROCK!!! THANKS for the GREAT FUN photos!! GEO

    GEO M I27 months ago14 replies

  • Happy Holidays to all you Rockforms Peeps!!

    You "guys" - can you believe how many fabulous rockform photos are in this littl...

    GEO M I28 months ago1 replies

  • Abstract sandstone heaven

    Blimey. Look at this place: the chief I want to go there. Now. Gorgeous rocks.

    - Hob -42 months ago1 replies

  • the pig has been found!

    YAY!! The mystery is resolved - the pig (known in Algeria as the hedgehog) is a...

    GEO M I48 months ago11 replies

  • Heart shaped rocks

    Collected over the years from beaches around the world.

    rmcdow48 months ago1 replies

  • the pig

    I was browsing last night and I found a WAY cool photo of a rock pig...naturally...

    GEO M I50 months ago1 replies

  • shapes and forms

    When I open the pages of this group I am amazed at all the shapes and forms of N...

    GEO M I58 months ago1 replies

  • piggie

    It was decided by general consensus that the pig, adorable and funny as it is, i...

    GEO M I78 months ago0 replies

  • what is a rockform, anyway?

    Well, a rockform is not a landform, so I pruned out some of my landscape photos ...

    GEO M I78 months ago11 replies

  • the pig again

    For many months I have been obsessed with finding the owner of the pig but I hav...

    GEO M I79 months ago0 replies

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