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sewtakeahike ADMIN November 10, 2012
Here we are into November already! Anna should be posting her theme soon! Just a reminder we are taking the month of December off! I plan on using it to get caught up if I can!

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Round 2 Ringo Pie members, months, themes:

March- Ayumi
Theme/Idea- I would like to make a 'Grocery Store' quilt with RP blocks ;) Anything you can think of is perfect! Go head and choose fabric/colors/block size as you like!

Here are some of the things I would love to include:
Cash register, Cart, Cashier, Shopping basket, Market bag, Veggies, Fish, Meat, Pastry, Food package, Ads, etc! Basically anything you see at a grocery store is perfect! ;)

April- Amber
Theme/Idea- I'd love for you to make me blocks with anything sewing-related.....could be spools of thread, a quilt, sewing machine, name it!

I'll put together a mosaic of some inspiration pictures but I know you guys will come up with some awesome ideas!

I don't mind applique and any size block is fine - I'll "make it work" when I get them all back together....

April Ringo Pie - Sewing theme by One ShaBby ChiCk

May- Kerry
Theme/Idea- I would like simple traditional style house blocks- I especially like the schoolhouse block and if I get several of these i will be very happy! I would like to see your creativity in your fabric choices, fussy cutting, vintage, scrappy loveliness. I have made a gallery and i have a set of simple house blocks that I have done for other bees. I would like a 12.5 block ( unfinished) but your house can be smaller than that. I have found that 6-8" houses have worked well for me- and then use sashing to make the block up to size. No wonky houses please and a pieced block, no applique with the exception of small needle turn details.

I will be using scrappy polka dot sashing to connect each block and then quilt as you go. I'd like lighter colours and polka dots for backgrounds or sashing are especially welcome.

I am still working on the gallery but you can see some here

and my house set is here

and here is a free school house block

June- Tamiko
Theme/Idea- Magnum PI
Block size- your choice
Colors- not specified unless you make a helicopter!

Here are the details!
My husband is obsessed with helicopters, so it's totally fine if more than one of you make a helicopter. But please make sure a helicopter or van are the TC Chopper colours - brown, yellow, orange.

For those of you who are not familiar with the show, just think about this month as a Hawaiian theme. Anything stereotypically 80's Hawaiian will be totally perfect!

Some things that make me think of the show are - hawaiian shirts!, the helicopter and van, the red ferrrari, palm trees, hibiscus flowers, diamond head, umbrella cocktails, telephoto camera (Magnum is a private investigator), doberman pinchers (they guard the estate that he lives at and cause him many problems), palm trees, damsels in distress, bikinis, surfing, beaches, shorts that are way to short for a man, mustaches, aviator sunglasses, dog tags (Magnum and his friends are Vietnam War veterans), hula dancers, the beach! I'm sure there are many more things so feel free to go with it.

Ringo Pie - June by Strawberrylicious

Thanks so much for for all the effort that I'm sure you'll put into this!

September- Leila
Theme/Idea- 'my favourite things'
I really admire all of your work so I would love it if each of you could make a block that says a little something about yourself. Sort of like a signature block but without the actual signature ;)

Anything goes really! It could be an all time favourite or just your favourite right now. A block design that makes you swoon or something you have made in the past and would love to do again. It could be personal favourites, food, flower, clothes, book, film, people, music, work,hobby, family. Well, the possibilities are pretty much endless!

I love the idea of there being a little bit of a story behind each block. I have this romantic idea of quilting bees where groups of women stitched their lives into quilts together. I think this could be the online version of that. I hope this is something you can work with and that it's not too vague!

Obviously the colours and technique is up to you. Any size is welcome. I am still collecting blocks for my sampler quilt so if you have a small favourite that could fit on a 6" (finished size) block that would be great but by no means a must!

Block size- prefer 6", but not a must
Colors- up to you

October- Melinda
Theme/Idea- GUITARS!! I put that in caps because my son is *crazy* about guitars (and banjos, mandolins and ukeleles). I'd love to make him a quilt of all guitar blocks (banjos, mandolins, ukeleles) and i know your work will be very very loved by all of us in the house.

My son, Henry, is three, so I need the blocks to be sturdy--beads or buttons will be picked off and I'd rather that not happen. I'm not a huge fan of raw edge applique, so please limit the use of that technique if possible. I would prefer not to have childish novelty fabric in these blocks. Henry's favorite book is a guitar trivia book that is >1" thick and his favorite page is the B.B. King page.

Block size- I'd like 12.5" square blocks.
Colors- not specified

November- Anna
Theme/Idea- think I'm going with a snowflake theme!

Block size- Any size, I think a random assortment would be fun, smaller ones and bigger ones alike.

Colors- I think my only requirements will be that you make the block mostly with linen (or linen color) and white (white colors), little bits of color would be fun.


January 2013- <Charise
Theme/Idea- For my month I'd love blocks with a Paris theme.
Eiffel tower, Laduree, Metro, fashion, street cafes, April in Paris are some of the images that come to mind when I think of Paris.

I made a pinterst board of some images I love.
Link here:

Block size- 8" to 12" square would be terriffic! I'm not a big fan of raw edge applique but needle turn is great.

Colors- no requirements

February 2013- Tara
Theme/Idea- Tara has decided to not receive any blocks from bee members. She said she has only made one block so far and may/may not make more and if she does, it will be in an undetermined time frame.
Block size-

March 2013- Marit
Theme/Idea- butterfly / butterflies / butterfly garden

Block size- No special requirements with size or color. Please feel free to be playful or creative with the theme. I am thinking of adding these to my first round of Ringo Pie blocks. Maybe they can be fluttering in between the summertime themed blocks binding it all together?
Rectangular shapes are very welcome
Colors- no preference

April 2013- Penny
Theme/Idea- Women's clothing and accessories.
Block size- no preference
Colors- no preference

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