pheαnix 9:09pm, 14 April 2012
If your photo received 10+ awards from the pool, without the help of the 6-9 thread, post here.

Your photo is the essence of excellence as judged by group members. Congratulations on receiving the Gold Ring of Excellence and an admin invite to Double Ring of Excellence! Your gold ring will look like this and counts as the first award in Double Ring:

The Gold Ring award looks like this:
Ring of Excellence

Your photo is the Essence of Excellence.
You have earned the Gold Ring of Excellence!

Ring of Excellence
This photo is also invited to Double Ring of Excellence (P1/A5) !
This gold ring is also this picture's first award in Double Ring.
Seen in the Ring of Excellence Group (P1/A5).

Ring of Excellence
Please read and follow these rules:

1 - Post your picture here only if it received 10 or more Silver Ring awards - all from the group pool. The invite (if present and as seen on the group front page) counts as an award.

2. Post SMALL SIZE. If you don't know how, instructions are here.

3 - Multiple Silver Ring awards from the same person count as 1.

4. After receiving a Gold Ring award and admin invite to Double Ring of Excellence, your picture will be removed from this thread. Award 5 other pictures in Double Ring of Excellence if you accept the invite.

5 - Reposting to this thread is not allowed, unless asked by an admin or moderator.

NOTE: If your picture received the Gold Ring award, but did not receive the admin invite to the next level, please contact Snaphappy#1 or pheαnix. It's possible that we simply forgot to give it.
Snaphappy#1 3 years ago
Regretfully due to the changes made by FlickR last night, I find it too difficult and time consuming to successfully administer this group at this time.
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