pheαnix 1:44am, 17 January 2012
If you want a Gold Ring of Excellence but don't have 10 Silver Ring awards, post your picture here to gain more awards.

Please read and follow these rules:

1. Only photos with at least 6 Silver Rings, but less than 10 may post here. The invite (if present and as seen on the group front page) counts as an award.

2. Post only SMALL SIZE. If you don't know how, see these instructions.

3. Maximum ONE picture at a time. NO double-posting the same picture. Posting more than 1 or double posting = removal of all pictures with or without warning.

4. Immediately award 3 other photos (more if you like) for EACH photo you post in this thread with a Silver Ring. Award code is under these instructions (do not use the code from the front page). Members not awarding will have their pictures removed from this thread, and members could be banned. NO REPOSTING.

5. Multiple Silver Ring awards from the same person count as 1. This is whether they came from the pool or this thread or a combination of both.

6. Photos that receive 10 awards will receive the Gold Ring award and an admin invite to Double Ring of Excellence directly from this thread. DO NOT POST TO THE 10+ THREAD. Admins will remove photos when they receive 10 Silver Rings or when 3 days expire; whichever comes first. Reposting=Removal.

Good Luck!

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Use this code when awarding in this thread. Do not use the code from the front page:
Ring of Excellence

<b>Congratulations on receiving a Silver Ring of Excellence.</b>
<a href=""><img src="" width="120" height="125" alt="Ring of Excellence/"></a>
Please TAG your photo with <b>ringexcellence</b>
<b>Seen in the <a href="">Ring of Excellence Group (P1/A5)</a> </b> 6+ thread.

Ring of Excellence

It will look like this:

Congratulations on receiving a Silver Ring of Excellence.
Ring of Excellence/
Please TAG your photo with ringexcellence
Seen in the Ring of Excellence Group (P1/A5) 6+ thread.
Leonard J PRO 2 years ago
Petal for life
Relver Photography 2 years ago
Versailles Grille d'honneur
Snaphappy#1 2 years ago
Please be aware that in order to maintain our high standard of awarding to our loyal members. That 46 members have been banned for not awarding in January and 61 in February and 37 in March so far. Thank you to all the ones that do. It's the difference between a good group and a bad one.
Foto Martien PRO 2 years ago
Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus)
Pointbill 2 years ago
quinoal PRO 2 years ago
Verónica Echegui
Jon Bagge Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Jon Bagge (member) 2 years ago
Old pier at sunset during low tide
alexandros9 2 years ago
Apoziki2 2 years ago
Museo Reina Sofia
SAUBEL 2 years ago
IMG_9965-1-2-3web - campagna osimana - in primavera
Alvaro Latorre 2 years ago
caminando entre la niebla
pheαnix 2 years ago
This Thread Is Moderated, comment code is above, this thread
** One Picture at a time.
** Post only in Small Size.
** Award 3 other pictures in the thread.
*** Thank you***

Snaphappy#1 2 years ago
Regretfully due to the changes made by FlickR last night, I find it too difficult and time consuming to successfully administer this group at this time.
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