Martosc, [Gm] 2:59pm, 19 July 2015
Dear fellow GR users...

I've been using my Ricoh GR for 1.5 years now; no issue until recently, and unfortunately already out of warranty.

Recently I noticed that the lens/shutter won't open during start-up. I need to take a blank shot, then it will open and work normally. Initially, the problem comes and go randomly, but now it is always the case.

Anybody experience the same problem? Got any remedy?



Update: just to be cleared, the lens assembly is extended -- it's just the shutter that is still closed.
Craig Atkinson // 6 years ago
Have you tried resetting the camera to factory settings? It probably won't help but it's a start.

I got a tiny tiny do of something on the lens cover of my GR and it sometimes sticks but only if the lens if facing up when I power on or off! Would be good if you could film the problem and post here for us to see.
Martosc, [Gm] 6 years ago
Hey Craig, thanks for the response. I'll try filming the problem later today.
I'm reluctant resetting the camera, more because I don't think it'll solve the problem. But I'll do it after all is failed :-)...
Martosc, [Gm] 6 years ago
Here's the video

Ricoh GR Shutter Issue

Notice that I need to take a blank shot in order to open the shutter
Craig Atkinson // 6 years ago
How strange. Has it taken a knock?
Martosc, [Gm] 6 years ago
I don't really baby the camera, so yeah, it's a possibility.
Martosc, [Gm] 6 years ago
Does anyone know how to factory reset this camera? Can't find it in the manual nor Google search...

Appreciate any help. Thanks.
minhlangtu2010 6 years ago
I have the same problem with my GR recently... Have you succeed to fix it yet?
Martosc, [Gm] 6 years ago
Unfortunately, no... :-(
minhlangtu2010 6 years ago
That is so sad to hear :(
Martosc, [Gm] 5 years ago
Update: not sure if it is related, but now the camera is no longer working. The lens barrel is now stuck in protruding position. Went to a camera repair shop to get it checked -- the guy said the motor and bracket are broken, and would be fairly expensive to repair. Might as well get a used camera.

Bye-bye my great little magic box. You served me well for almost two years.
Richard- 5 years ago
Given that I have three GRs in various states of usability, I'd say Ricoh has a QA/durability issue with this camera.

My first GR got a stuck shutter button a year and a half in. I sent it to Precision camera to get fixed and while they did fix it, they introduced a load of dust into the sensor. 4 trips to them later, it was back with no dust but in the meantime I bought another copy of the camera so I'd have a working camera.

GR #2 developed dust in its sensor on its own so I went back to GR #1 until it's shutter button locked up again.

Now I've got GR II (#3) which is working fine, so far.

All of this depresses me because I love this camera. But, there are too many stories of dust, durability issues, and more with it and while I'll continue to shoot with it my loyalty is being undermined.
tony_mateus Posted 5 years ago. Edited by tony_mateus (member) 5 years ago
Martosc, [Gm]:

Funny you posted this, mine just did it for the first time yesterday. I was out in the woods shooting a snowy waterfall here in western Massachusetts.

It seems if the camera was off for more than a couple minutes it would always shoot a black frame when first turned back on. Only turning it off and immediately on again would make it shoot normally. I tried rapping on the camera to see if maybe it would unstick the shutter but it continued to happen for the rest of the day.

But after being home for several hours after that and all day today it's worked fine.

This makes me wonder (hope) if the cold had anything to do with it. Maybe the cold causing contraction of the shutter material or shutter mechanism just enough to make it stick?

That's what I'm going on and will see if it correlates to the cold.

Update: That was wishful thinking, the cold/ warmth has no effect on the sticking shutter. My next attempt at a cheap fix is to set picture size to XS and mode to continuous and fire off several dozen shots to see if that frees/ loosens up the shutter...

Update2: That was wishful thinking too.

I've resigned myself to pressing the shutter button immediately after powering on and waiting the 2-3 seconds for it to take a black frame and open the shutter. It sucks not being able to whip out the camera and take a quick shot, but it still takes great pics and I'll wait until it completely conks out before spending money on repairs or a new one.
sevres-babylone 5 years ago
@Martosc, [Gm]
The same thing happened to my GR. I bought mine in August 2013. It took a big tumble in March 2014, and a much smaller one within the last month, but it had been working perfectly until last night when I was shooting a show. I thought I might have accidentally changed a setting, but alas that's not the case. (Fortunately I had my EM5 as a second camera, but I don't have any fast wide lens for it.) The GR is my favorite camera, and this is really disappointing. The comment above about servicing it is really discouraging.
Richard- 5 years ago
Tony et al: Cold can affect lots of things including batteries and the lens protecting flaps.

I've not had any problems with it and I routinely use a GR and a GR II in extreme cold (hiking all day with camera outside of pack). Doesn't mean it's not the cause of problems some are having, I'm just not experiencing it.

My problem was a stuck shutter button which got fixed by Precision Camera and since has broken again. And, I've got dust in my GR body (none in the GR II yet).

I'm hoping Ricoh did some work on the seals and construction of the II and that it's a sturdier beast than the GR which seems to have more than its share of issues.

To be on the safe side, I recently bought a Fuji X70 which seems like a clone of the GR in many ways. I'm liking the camera very much and while I prefer the GR's ergonomics, I think the X70 will give the GR a run for its money as it seems very well built and has at least one feature (articulating LCD) that I find very useful.
Ian Chacón 5 years ago
Saw this post after Googling the same thing that is happening to my GR. This is so disappointing to hear. Spending so much money for a camera that has a 2-year lifespan is not worth it, no matter how great it is.

A fellow GR owner had his checked in a local Pentax Service Center, and they said that when this is happening, the camera is at a point of breaking - cleary unacceptable.

Here is a video I made documenting the issue.
sevres-babylone 5 years ago
chaxdaman, thanks for posting the video.
J45PERP 5 years ago
I have the same issue. The camera is 2 years old and worked perfectly until recently for no good reason. exactly the same problem! still hoping for a technician luriking in flickr!
sevres-babylone 5 years ago wrote:
"Update: not sure if it is related, but now the camera is no longer working. The lens barrel is now stuck in protruding position."

This has now happened to mine. The other shoe has dropped, so to speak.
Sancaka Candraditya 5 years ago
same thing happen with my GRD5, and in 2 years using this cute black box, and dont know where to find the best answer for this issue.
TYarnold 4 years ago
Hi guys, I know this may be bumping an old thread but I may have a solution for you all.

I have had the same problem multiple times: the shutter doesn't open when the camera turns on, and then a little while later the lens becomes stuck in the extended position and the camera becomes inoperable (FHP ON DETECT ERROR No. 23-01).

To resolve this issue I tried many things, but the thing that actually got it to work was depressing the shutter and then turning the camera on. This somehow makes the shutter actuate and the camera springs back into life. The camera will still turn on with the shutter closed meaning you'll need to take a blank frame when you turn the camera on, but it's better than not being able to use the camera at all, no?

Hopefully this helps you guys
sevres-babylone 4 years ago
@TYarnold, I'm glad that worked for you. But I tried it on my dead GR, and it didn't revive it.
J45PERP 4 years ago
Went to Ricoh service center and they informed that the lens module needed replacement...which works out to be about 3/4 the cost of the camera. It was not repairable due to the modular design of the gr. Spoke to another technician whom diagnosed it as oil or moisture in between the aperture leaves, probably due to rain or condensation.

The moisture prevents the thin leave apertures from opening and closing smoothly hence requiring multiple startups before opening up. I tried to repair it myself but broke my gr instead, easy to dismantle but difficult to put back together. Dont repair it yourself! just buy a gr2 instead
guillermo.d Posted 4 years ago. Edited by guillermo.d (member) 4 years ago
Same story here... I've been using GRs since the GRD2 series and it's been a love-hate relationship due to the dust spots in the earlier GRD2 & GRD3 and now the closed shutter in the GR. I still consider it the best camera I've ever had but it's very frustrating to deal with these type of issues and such an expensive repair (I'm in Costa Rica). Now that I have to buy a new camera I'm considering to make the leap to the Fujifilm X70. Already had Canon, Nikon and Panasonic but still not anything with the same "feeling" and response as the GRs.
Sancaka Candraditya 4 years ago
and i just take my GR back from GR service center in Indonesia, because repairing cost 3/4 from the price, and i think it is better to get GR2 or just leap to Fujifilm X70,
goodbye my precious little box, you have served me well.
Jarch21 4 years ago
Sancaka Candraditya:

:( Hope mine doesn't leave me too soon.
Jarch21 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Jarch21 (member) 4 years ago
Sancaka Candraditya:

Mine is having the issue now :( Lens barrel is stuck outside. Switches on then straight off. So sad. I bought it second hand and only got 2 months play time with it :( So sad.
tongkm 4 years ago
My copy is also more than a year but not yet 2 years. Warranty over :-( I have shot about 10K +- photo with it.

Same problem pop up last month + shuttle button got stuck once a while. Ricoh sure has some quality issue with this little thing. I really like this little camera but the quality sure is not commensurate with the price .
Jarch21 4 years ago
Ended up taking it to Ricoh to examine. It cost me $186.00 to repair including shipping. Not so bad. Hopefully the next generation is much better. I was told by one of the workers in ricoh it should come out this mid year. Good luck getting yours fixed
Sancaka Candraditya 4 years ago
update, i take my GR to unofficial camera service in my hometown, Yogyakarta, and a miracle just happened.
my GR repaired as it is, i don't know how. but i am using it now. it cost about just $22.5
one little part in motherboard and lens unit is broken, and they can find some replacement, so lucky me,
Good luck getting yours fixed too.
Richard- 4 years ago
Amazing how many of these stories there are, not just here, for elsewhere on the internet. The Ricoh GR is a great camera but is relatively fragile and that's something that everyone considering or using it should always keep in mind. 4 years ago
Can confirm that rain and moisture could be a main reason for this shutter to be closed after power on. I shot in heavy rain under an umbrella and the next day the shutter would not open anymore. It still does open but I have to repeat power-on and off. My "trick" is to tilt the camera up or down while the lens extends after power-on, this gives the sticky shutter leafs a little of turn-momentum and they open more easily. However this does not work always. There is an audible "click" when it opens, try to notice it and you wont have to check it visually anymore. I am looking forward to the next GR version but also think to buy a used GR again.
Jarch21 4 years ago

Yep. I say two grs are better than one :) I want the new one and the old GR will be a back up.
tongkm 4 years ago
After developing the same problems few months ago , my GR refused to functions properly this morning. It is either sent for repair which may not be worth it OR let it RIP.

Disappointed with the quality of this rather expensive camera. My other P&S, Lumix LX7 , cost much less, has been with me for more than 3 years and subjected to more abuse is still kicking strong.
Richard- 4 years ago
And the bad news is, Ricoh is having a tough time financially, looks like it may go under. It's too bad because this camera is a great one although fragile and a pain at times. My original GR broke, I had it fixed, and it broke again. My GR II has faired better but I treat it very carefully and don't use it as much as I'd like to (use Fuji X70 or X100F instead). Sad really. 4 years ago
Hello guys,
sorry for my english but it is poor...
I don't have a solution for the lens closed on start up, I have the same problem but I can do with it, I only press the shutter button on start up to wake up the camera as fast as possible.
I had the widely reported issue of the stucked barrel until yesterday. It used to stuck once when I tried to power on the camera with no battery at all. This issue persisted for maybe five months and I was about to give up and buy an new camera.
I fixed it by doing some deep surgery. I followed this tutorial first :

Then when accessing the sensor I kept it in place but managed to detached the sensor / lens part (which is a unique block), it is attached by three silver screws. Then I could access to the other side of this part, the base of the lens, where a tiny motor controls the extension of the barrel and the lens. You have then to remove a plastic part which keep everything in place, this part is attached with four black screws.

Then you finally can play with the barrel to put it in his original closed position. Be carefull not to dismount the entire lens mechanism, you can put it back but its a mess.
I succeed to fix it by putting the battery a make several start ups, moving the barrel several times until it fixed. I didnt managed to understand precisely what was wrong but fortunately the camera works now.

When disassembling I advise you not to disconnect any cable. I succeeded without doing so, I think it is safer.

I hope this may help, I'm sorry I didnt take pictures of the hole processing, I might do so soon as this problem is very common.
Of course this solution has to be used if your camera is out of garranty, but it is very manageable if you do this with precaution. You then can avoid spending money in repairing or buying a new camera.

EvaJo Alvarez 4 years ago
The same thing happened with my GRD3, but except the barrel won't close when it's on macro. My little guy did take a beating on my recent Sicily trip, but it just sucks that repairing the camera costs as much as it is used on eBay. The LCD and the sensor seem very straightforward, but it's the lens I'm worried about and the parts for this camera are super hard to come by. It's a shame because I do love this camera =/
breezysound 4 years ago
Same with my GR :/
tongkm 4 years ago
How long you use yr GR ? Mine is +- 2years & less than 20K shuttle count. I given up the idea of getting another GR with such built quality. I really enjoyed using this little camera but...
breezysound 4 years ago
My GR is also +2 years and more the 15K shutter count. I had dust problems too. The sad thing is, that there is no alternative to the Ricoh GR Photo output.
Archiver 4 years ago
It's surprising that I've only found this thread now. My GR developed the same 'stuck shutter' issue as the OP some months ago. When the camera turns on, the lens extends but the shutter remains closed, and will only open after taking 2 second black photo.

The best workaround was suggested earlier, which is to hold the shutter button down while turning on the camera. The lens extends and the shutter opens and takes an image, but the file shows an 'Unmatched File' error.

I'll have to take it in for repair sooner or later, and hope that the repair isn't too costly. This is annoying as heck because it's an incredible camera which has given me much joy and great images.
Shubh M Singh 4 years ago
I think the GR is basically a fragile camera, a great camera but fragile. The retracting lens assembly is bound to fail sooner or later.
tessl8d Posted 4 years ago. Edited by tessl8d (member) 4 years ago
Mine needs a blank shot before shooting the first. This has been happening since I had dust removed from the sensor recently. The camera was bought in May of 2013 and I don't know how many shutter actuation's it's had because it's had a full factory reset. I vaguely remember that it was around 38 000. Ricoh Australia actually re-calibrated two of my GRD4's and replaced the peeling grips on both. They then cleaned the dust out of the GR, all free of charge. Service guys there were really embarrassed about the pile of Ricoh's on the counter . Besides all my gear is protected when not used and I never do pocket carry. Use my phone for everyday stuff these days, but if they released a 24MP weather sealed version, I'd be all over it like a rash. 4 years ago

Repaired the older GRs free of charge? nice treat!
Archiver 4 years ago
tessl8d: That is rather promising, as I'm going to take my GR in to Ricoh Australia very soon. Will see what happens.
tessl8d 4 years ago
Yeah it was really cool of them to do that, but the old GRD's were in really good condition and the glue on the grip was clearly defective. Now like new, but usage due to other tech is sadly minimal. First world problems.......
tessl8d 4 years ago

Bought all kinds of stuff off them over the years and they've been spot on. One of the reason's I switched over from Canon was the personal service. If the GR gets worse, it's going to get honorably retired . Ricoh Japan are a different story, I'm still waiting on a reply to my written request for a limited remake of the GR21, and a new GRIII. It's not like I'm asking for the second coming, or anything.
tongkm 4 years ago
I got my GR repaired for US$80 and trade in at about US$190 for another P&S but not GR this time . Sad to let it go though
Ian Chacón 3 years ago
A friend of mine happened to travel to Tokyo so I asked him to bring my GR to the Ricoh Service Center. Everything broken was replaced with new parts. Repair time took A SINGLE DAY. Repair cost around 180 USD

Now my GR feels and works like new. Hopefully it lasts longer this time around.

Also came across a brand new old stock GRD III for 120 USD in a local online market. Got it right away. Still shoots a wonder for 8/9 year old tech. Very happy with it.
kitanoFox 3 years ago
Hi guys, been reading this and was about to buy a new GR2 today , are this problems also happening to GR2 or just GR units? I mean the lock problem not the dust issue that I believe is same for both. Thanks!
Shubh M Singh 3 years ago
there is very little difference between gr and gr2 with regards to lens assembly.
kitanoFox 3 years ago
So It´s very likely to happen to GR2s as well? When you say there´s very little difference does it mean is there really any that could fix this problem? Shubh M Singh:
Shubh M Singh 3 years ago
my camera is with the service center for the last few 2 months. they have not been able to repair it. This is in india. ,may be different elsewhere.
kitanoFox 3 years ago
Sorry to hear. Is your camera a GR2 with this problem? Shubh M Singh:
Shubh M Singh 3 years ago
Richard- 3 years ago
I had the GR and now have the GR II. I've had no problems at all with the II. I had two GRs that had various problems.

That's not to say the II won't have problems, but I've not had them.
kitanoFox 3 years ago
For how long did you have it? I´m in love with the sample pictures I´ve seen online, seems to be one of the most specials compact cameras there is. I´m quite sure I´ll buy it as there are just not so many new in stock, at least in my country. Also if they release a GR3 its rumored to be at 1800$ price range, so not an option for me being GR2 so good and 599€ Richard-:
tessl8d 3 years ago
My GR is back in for the second repair. It's got another sensor spot and the aperture stays closed on the first shot and opens on the second. I am currently waiting on a quote.

It was bought May 2013 and heavily used over a period of 4.5 years before suffering it's first issue. It's been carried in it's own pouch and never in a pocket. But that doesn't mean that it hasn't been exposed to a variety of harsh environments when used. It was dropped once on concrete from a height of 1 meter 12 months ago and sustained minimal damage only, it continued to function well for another 6 months.. 41 000 images have been taken on it.

I think that my GR is justifiably close to the end of it's service life now. Will I buy another one? Not sure, GR has been amazing, but 5 years is a long time between serious upgrades. That being said, if Ricoh went bust tomorrow, I'd be scraping up my spondoola's and be making sure I got one out of their remaining inventory. Question answered I guess.
Richard- 3 years ago
I've had the GR II since it was released, over a year. I had the two GRs since their release, so a number of years. I don't think Ricoh is doing well financially; I doubt seriously there will be any more GRs at all. I hope I'm wrong, I love the GR / GR II but it is a very fragile camera and Ricoh would have to beef it up for me to buy another one.
tessl8d 3 years ago

I think there's a lot of GR users like yourself who are on their second or even third camera. We have 1 GR and 3 GRD's That means that Ricoh have sold a lot of these and it would seem to be a very profitable product line. With digital documents killing their photocopy business, this and the Theta 360 would be their only silver lining. Not sure how Pentax is going, probably not well. A very unfortunate state of affairs, If they do survive, a non retractable fixed lends on a sealed body with 24mp K3 sensor would be awesome.......
kitanoFox 3 years ago
So overall, is there any real compact camera that comes close to the image quality of the ricoh at that price range? For what I´ve seen it´s like the only real option. Seeing you owned 3 of them I believe the answer is buy one, but would you consider there are better options out there now that the camera is almost 2 years old? Richard-:
Richard- 3 years ago
I've had a lot of cameras in this class: various Canon PowerShot models, various Sony RX100 models, the Fuji X70, and more.

The Ricoh GR/GR II is the best of the bunch (IMHO) for a very specific type of user (28mm only, poor AF in low light). All of the other cameras are fine, but the GR has a kind of magic they all lack. Excellent ergonomics, stealth design and more make it an amazing tool. If it were just sturdier it (again, for a very limited type of user) would trump them all.

I like compact cameras that have guillotine lens enclosures but those very enclosures may be the Achilles heel of said cameras, or the fact that the Ricoh lens retracts and is covered by such an enclosure is no doubt one of its weak points.

But, the alternative, for example with Fuji X70 (now discontinued) and the current X100F (which I have) is a lens cap, which I find a royal pain in the ass. Another thing to drop and lose (yes, a leash is a good idea) and another step in the process of turning the camera on and getting ready to shoot.

The Sony RX100 (any version) has a retracting lens and guillotine cover and does not seem to suffer the same issues that the GR series does. I've had all of them except the current model and while they are excellent cameras, I find the flush mounted controls tough to use in cold weather with thin glove liners on. The Sony RX100 focuses much better than the Ricoh GR in low light (the Ricoh pretty much sucks in low light unless you crank ISO to very high levels which is fine for some of the high contrast street work its being used for a lot) as do the higher end Canon PowerShot models.

Other cameras in this class have tilting LCD panels which are useful for ground-level shots or for shots at odd angles when the LCD is one's only viewfinder.

In the end, there is no single perfect camera for every photographer but in my mind, the Ricoh GR comes closest as long as said photographer is comfortable with a fixed 28mm angle of view and at least in my experience, pretty crappy autofocus in low light. Treat it carefully (keep it in a case) and my guess is it will last a long time.

If I heard that Ricoh was going out of business for sure and the GR / GR II would be gone soon and the price dropped a bit, I might buy a few more of them to have around but I'm not sure I'd buy another at the current $600 price.
kitanoFox 3 years ago
Thanks for your answer. For what I saw the sony has a very small sensor. The x100F looks good with great sensor and megapixels but it´s double price and weight, close to my dslr. I went to a trip to Japan recently and carried my Sony for video, my stylus epic for film and my Nikon dslr for pictures. It was hell to carry all of it, most days I had to just focus on one thing alone and left the rest at the hotel because of size and weight of my equipment.

Sony RX100
tessl8d 3 years ago
My GR will be fixed in 5 days. The stuck aperture on the first shot, dust removal and re-calibration will cost $158.00 Aus. Over the counter excellence from CR Kennedy's, Australia's Ricoh distributor and service agent. Hang in there Ricoh!
Archiver 3 years ago

OMG, that's great to hear. Now I know how much to expect when I take mine in, too. Thanks for letting us know. Is that five days in total?
Archiver 3 years ago
As for whether there is another camera of that size with the GR image quality: no. Nothing else on the market can slip into a pocket like the GR and deliver DSLR image quality.

Sony RX100 series and Panasonic LX10: 1" sensor cameras which have a high megapixel count and a lot of good features, but not the same image quality as the GR. The LX10 would be very useful as an always-with-you camera, but don't expect the same dynamic range, richness or sharpness.

Nikon Coolpix A: by most tests, this had the same image quality as the Ricoh GR, but is sadly discontinued with no replacement in sight.

Fuji X70: test show that the lens is not as good as the GR, and it shoots those darn Fuji X-Trans files which can be a hassle with some raw developers. It has a lot of cool features like a flip screen, aperture dial and such, but it's not a GR.

Panasonic GM1, GM5, GX850 or Olympus equivalent with wide pancake lens: although more versatile than the GR, the lens protrusion makes these cameras less easy to pocket, and the image quality still isn't up to GR levels. Having said that, I often use the GM1 with a Olympus 25/1.8 as a 50mm equivalent when carrying the GR or other compact camera.

With a complete lack of a good GR alternative, I can only hope that Ricoh surprise us with a GR III. And may it be more robust than the GR!
kitanoFox 3 years ago
Ricoh Spain tells me that just the dust cleaning is 186$ and that they doesn't receive many cameras with this problem. Also they say they never received any camera with the stuck aperture problem. I don´t think they´re being too honest and if dust cleaning is 190$ changing the aperture would be crazy expensive :(( tessl8d:
tessl8d 3 years ago
Took it in on Wednesday received quote on Friday. got told five days,. I will ask them what caused the aperture to be stuck on the first shot. When I initially took it in, the service rep seemed pretty concerned. So this might be an indicator of other problems that don't affect mine. I will post the details when I pick it up. I've bought a lot of gear off these guys over the last 7 years and it's pretty well the same people there as when I first went in.
tessl8d Posted 3 years ago. Edited by tessl8d (member) 3 years ago

I don't get why you would call Ricoh in Spain if you don't have a GR yet? If you read my other posts you would see that the GR currently in repair took 38 000 shots before any sensor dust problems and 41,000 before the aperture issue. Distribution of these camera's varies across the world and it's possible that Ricoh Spain really haven't encountered any aperture related problems. GR's come with a conditional 2 year warranty, double of most other imaging brands. And $190 Euro's for a dust clean is still reasonable, my Canon G series was quoted at $300 and a two and a half week wait, gave it to a school and claimed a tax write off as a donation. the other one needed a new lens extension/retraction mechanism outside of warranty, $500!! (it got binned). If your Ricoh, Sony or Fuji dealer is 100kms away or less, go there meet the people and try one out, choose what works in your hands.
tessl8d 3 years ago

Just on the issue of alternatives, I think that the Fuji X100F with is t24mp APSC sensor and lens has superior color quality and features compared to the GR. But at $1600 AUS it's exactly twice the price! But I'm addicted to GR's out of camera film like BW images and minimal post processing. And it's small and the ergonomics and menu system are the best of any camera IMO. That GM1 you got was a good score tho, really like the form factor, a classic little digital cam.
Archiver 3 years ago

I got the GM1 towards the end of its run in 2015, and it's been one of my favourite cameras ever since. I've also got an original X100, and can imagine how the X100F would be amazing. It's just not as convenient or small as the GR, as you know.

The other compact I use a lot is the Panasonic LX7, which is incredibly versatile, although lacks the image quality of the GR. I just wish Ricoh would step up with a GR III with a slightly faster lens and better video capabilities, along with the now-standard 24mp sensor.

If you're okay with a larger footprint and slower operation, the GXR with 28mm module is excellent. I still shoot with it from time to time, and prefer the colour of the GXR 28 to the GR in many ways.
tessl8d Posted 3 years ago. Edited by tessl8d (member) 3 years ago
The GXR was a lost opportunity for Ricoh, just gave up too soon on it, especially when you consider the M lens compatibility. Almost bought a GXR with the 28mm, yr right the colour was excellent. along with the brilliant menu system. Ended up with a Sigma DP1 Merril instead. that thing resolves detail which is invisible to the human eye during framing and only apparent in post processing.
Archiver 3 years ago

The GXR-M module is amazing. If only it had faster shot to shot time, I'd use it as my everyday camera, all day every day. But compared with a Leica M which recocks and shoots much faster, it's more of a slow 'zen' camera. And yet, the images from the GXR-M were at least as good as M8 images, IMO, and none of the IR sensitivity issues.

I got a DP2M a couple of years ago and I still haven't bonded with it. Can't get the colours right, and it's annoyingly slower than the original DP1 and DP2 in some ways. I get more mileage out of it as a monochrome camera, where I don't have to worry about skin tones.
kitanoFox 3 years ago
I called them even not having a GR yet because I see many people here with this stuck and dust issue and I´m guessing that If I buy one I´ll end up having it as well, so I wanted to know how much are they charging for it. The warranty here in Spain is 2 years and it doesn´t cover dust cleaning. Ricoh Spain is located in Barcelona, also the only store that has stock at the moment, and thats 1200km away from where I live, so I want to be 100% sure It´s a good choice. Image quality I´m 100% sure with this camera but not so sure about reliability. tessl8d:
tessl8d 3 years ago
Fair enough, but you will need to find dust removal pricing for every retracting lens camera you intend on buying. Safest bet is to use a phone with RAW and post process.
sevres-babylone 3 years ago
I had the stuck issue with my GR, which I replaced with a used GR II.
I have not had dust problems with either of those, nor with the earlier GRD2 and GRD3. I have always used belt pouches to keep the camera in, except very occasionally in a shirt or coat pocket when I've tried to get into a no camera concert unnoticed (worked until the frisking started:) )
kitanoFox 3 years ago
Not really. I wanted to have all information of this camera as is the only one I was really considering after an initial research, so no need to ask other brands. Bought it yesterday in fact. APS-C phone? tessl8d:
tessl8d 3 years ago
Congratulations, a good choice, if you keep it in a small pouch or case while in transit it will serve you well. I look forward to seeing your uploads.
Richard- Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Richard- (member) 3 years ago
I’ve never heard of the Sony RX100, which is a retractable lens camera, having dust problems. If it has, please cite discussion of it.

I'm a huge fan of the Ricoh GR and have been for many years, but that doesn't mean I have to denigrate other brands. Each has it's strong and weak points. There are images up here on Flickr (and in my collection) taken with other cameras in this category that rival the GR's.
tessl8d 3 years ago

Sony RX100 has been the class leading compact since it's inception. But it's disingenuous to claim that there are no sensor dust issues with ANY RX100's, it's easy enough to find people on Flickr and elsewhere with these problems. Manufacturers should provide their customers with a fairer pricing policy on servicing to take these issues into account and not use them as an excuse to price gouge. This is why I switched from Canon's faceless, impersonal business model, to a service center connected to the sales outlet and actual people I could talk to. That's not denigration of a brand, it's just a fact and a fact that is probably common to other manufacturers as well. Posted 2 years ago. Edited by (member) 2 years ago
Two of my GRs developed the Closed Shutter after Power On Problem. Each time after 43K exposures. I checked the mechanical shutter count by setting the camera to Movie Mode and pressing Play and Disp. buttons at the same time. With the first camera (GR) camera I thought moisture (shooting in rain) was the culprit. However the second camera (GR II) never got wet and developed the problem too. Over time the Auto Focus becomes faulty too. The camera is more often unable to lock auto focus. It seems this a mechanical part / engineering problem related to the shutter count.

I am contacting those who reported the problem here to learn about their shutter counts. Please help narrowing down the problem by sharing your shutter count too.
Archiver 2 years ago
According to the Mechanical Count as per your instructions above, my GR has shot 42032 exposures. It developed the fault a little while ago, but I don't think I've shot any more than 1000 since that time. I've noticed that the Auto Focus has been off lately, since the closed shutter issue started.

If the GR II has this fault as well, that dampens my plans to buy a secondhand GR II. It's very disappointing as my 2009 GRD III developed a similar (but not the same) lens fault, and the entire lens block had to be replaced. Not a cheap repair, either. I sincerely hope that Ricoh have made a better lens/shutter design for the GR III. Time to start saving again. 2 years ago

Thanks for the count info! Three years ago my GR also came back repaired with a new lens unit. To my knowledge the GR II lens design is the same as the GR. The GR III has a new lens design with less glass. I very much hope that they addressed and fixed the culprit part/s?. However I wonder why there is only handful of posts online talking about this repetitively appearing issue with the GR & GR II. If it appears after a certain amount of frames than many more people would have experience it.
Archiver 2 years ago
Maybe other people don't shoot with the GR as much as us?? It was my primary pocket camera for at least a year, perhaps longer, and I took dozens of images each day, and hundreds on weekends, so perhaps a lot of users haven't hit that limit. 2 years ago

Same here, its my main and only travel camera and I shoot almost daily from 10 to sometimes 800 images, depending on the place/event taking place. This summed up pretty quickly over the last year to over 60K images now.

Dpreview forums user reeluff made a valid statement saying "...the GR is a disposable camera" 2 years ago
I researched the problem throughout different forum threads and summed it up in a blog post:
sevres-babylone Posted 2 years ago. Edited by sevres-babylone (member) 2 years ago
I was slow getting back to you with my shutter count. As I said, it was around 14000 (edit: ~14900); that actually represented when it got stuck completely; but, as I recall, there was not a whole lot of time after the initial shutter problem started. That camera was the GR, not the GRII.

After first replacing it with an X100T, I subsequently bought a used GRII.
Shubh M Singh 2 years ago
ok so my ricoh gr got stuck at around 11000. I got eventually got it repaired, it came back with a dust spot but it works. Subsequently I got a gr2, we are not as friendly yet!
Archiver 2 years ago Thank you for that summary of data. It's not a large sample by any means, but since the stuck shutter problem has been observed in many cameras, it suggests that this is a fault which can occur with the GR and GR II. Let's hope the GR III's new lens design also fixes this problem.
Archiver 8 months ago Since this issue has now claimed my GR and GRD III, both of which no longer take photos at all, I have moved to the Sony RX0. It's not the most ergonomically well designed camera, but it is very sturdy, has no extending barrel, and the image quality is surprisingly good. No distortion, and sharp all across the image. Battery life is about 300 exposures, enough for a day of shooting.

With the GR III being about AUD $1500, I don't see myself getting one any time soon. The GR was around AUD$600 from B&H when the Australian dollar exchange rate was really good. $1500 is just nuts. 8 months ago
The RX0 is an intriguing concept and the Mark II has a flip up screen which looks interesting, a little pricey too. I looked at your RX0 album and find the image quality quite fair for this small and WR package cam (a little bit bigger then a 35mm film cartridge). How is the handling then? Arent those buttons too small?

Regarding Closed Shuttter I wonder if the GR III models are affected as well. So far I did not come across people posting about it.
Archiver 8 months ago

The handling of the RX0 is decent as long as you don't expect a camera-like experience. It switches on with the red button on one side, and takes photos with the grey button on the other. It's a simple point and shoot camera if you want it to be, and the matrix metering is very accurate for many scene types; with most cameras, you need to dial exposure up or down for scenes like extreme backlight or night scenes, but the RX0 seems to be able to tell what you're shooting and adjust exposure accordingly.

The settings buttons on the back are very small, probably too small for a lot of people. But the power and shutter buttons are large and easy to press, and the automation of the camera makes most settings button use unnecessary.

It's about the size of a DSLR or large mirrorless battery, and feels really nice in the hand, due to the sturdy and slightly textured aluminium body. I'm very happy with it as a casual pocket camera, and even for more demanding images in good light.

Time will tell about shutter or lens barrel issues with the GR III. I haven't noticed any reports about it, but it may come a bit later down the road. I think the price of the GR III makes it a little less popular than earlier models.
Hey, everyone! Insane to find this thread - my GR II has just developed this problem. I bought it a year ago from a seller in Japan and have shot with it pretty much everyday. I restored it to factory yesterday. I see that you are looking for shot counts - would restoring to factory also reset the count to 0? If so, I'm afraid I don't know how many pictures this camera has taken. 3 months ago
If you did not delete photos you could count them by filtering out camera model: Ricoh GR in Lightroom for example. If you did delete then the filenumbern would be a hint too.
I checked the numbers on my first files, and they started at 000000 and my most recent one before I reset to factory was 005392 (I can't believe I didn't shoot more than that ha ha). It's possible the store that sold it to me did a factory reset to clear the count, right? -- So now, with all of these years of hearing about the issue, would you say that my best bet is to send it to Ricoh in Tokyo? I don't mind a $180 fix. Was also very interested at the post by and his deep surgery. Wondering if that would help a local repair person dive in.
The posts that really jumped out at me all relate to moisture - it was very cold in Chicago recently and I took it out to shoot during a beauty of a snow storm. Thinking that may have did my camera in?
bucolisch Posted 3 months ago. Edited by bucolisch (member) 3 months ago
Just for the record mine broke as well, same shutter problem as reported by others. After 3 years of moderate use. It broke while turning it on at home. Still love this camera but won't replace or go for a repair.

I sweared to never buy Sony again probally have to add Ricoh to the ban list also. 3 months ago
It was one of those weekends...:
Hello Alejandro.
From my experience moisture (heavy rain on a humid day and not caring fo the thin layer of water on the opening and closing barrel) was the issue that caused my GR to start having sticky shutter problem. I have a dead GR body and plan to document and publish the full take apart process.
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