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Attention Citizens of Classic Space...

We have a mission on Moonbase Omega. We need you:

Charge up the Raygun and wind the tin robot, it’s time to visit the tomorrow that yesterday we thought would be today. From Atomic Powered Moon Towers to Zooming Air Cars, the future was to be a utopia of jet packs, moon cities, and vacations to Jupiter. While we haven’t exactly rocketed to work yet, the spirit of that fascination with the future still lives. The challenge is to bring those forms to life in LEGO.

Call it what you will, Raygun Gothic, Googie, or Popdelux, it’s all retro-riffic. From small vignettes to towering moonbase modules, we’re trying to recreate the future that never was and display as much as possible at Brickfair 2008 in Washington DC. Moonbase modules will occupy a “neighborhood” as the center of the display. Ships, vehicles, and figs populate the retro base to wow kids and parents alike.

Prizes will be announced and awarded at Brickfair 2008 in DC. We’re giving fans A LONG TIME to build for this. We want to encourage grand creativity in small vignettes depicting mad labs and rocket science, and also give enough time to create Moonbase Modules, large and small, celebrating Googie architecture.

Is your Plasmatic Hovercraft ready to part the ether? Is your Farz-o-tron Electrolized? Have sent the kids to school only to have Jane take your wallet George? Then hop into the Disolvo-porter and transfer yourself into the BUILD THE FUTURE THAT NEVER WAS CONTEST!

1)Only genuine LEGO materials are to be used.
2)Custom minifigs allowed.
3)Custom AFOL created weapons and tools allowed to equip minifigs.
4)Custom decorative stickers allowed.
5)Lighting by LEGO or AFOL created system of light allowed.
6)New works only please.

1)Contest ends August 14, 2008 at midnight (Eastern)
2)You may enter as many categories as many times as you like.
3)Once a work is submitted, it will be judged on the submitted photo and gallery. Changes to the build after submission will not count.
4)Two men enter, one man leaves (it is the way of the Thunderdome)

1)Judging will be done by the Overlords.
2)Overlords will make the announcements at Brickfair
3)Overlords may enter contests.
4)Overlords aren’t trying to win or dominate, just have fun.
5)Overlords love you.

1)ONE PHOTO of each entry will be posted to Flickr Group linked below with the following tags
b.“btftnw” tag listed below that indicates it’s category
2)The same photo should be posted to the official Classic Space
3)A gallery of your work of flickr is suggested. BUT, Please only add the one overall pic to the flickr group and Classic Space.
4)A zippy name for your creation is required. (style points added for name)
5)Make sure to join the flickr group to keep up with submissions

1)Rules can be changed as unforeseen problems arise. Don’t worry.

* Flickr is a free internet service for sharing photos. It is not a sponsor, just a useful tool. (

(please note, names for admins, mods, et al are merely fun, don’t got feeling oppressed.)


Robots (tag futurebot): Handy helpers or angry minions.
Space Monsters (tag futuremonsters): Pesky critters space heroes have to destroy.

Small Vehicle (tag svehicle): Aircars, Pods, Jetsonmobiles
Medium Vehicle (tag mvehicle): Personal Starcraft, Landers, Jetsonbus
Large Vehicle(tag lvehicle): War Rocket Ajax and larger

Vig (tag futurevig): Laboratory/Rocket Science themed

Vehicle (tag fmmv)
Module (tag fmmm)

Endcap (tag futurecap): Launch Pads, Lab Equipment, Cargo Loading, etc
Small Moonbase (tag sfmoonbase): Googie/Retro Styled business, military, science, public, or personal site
Large Moonbase (tag slmoonbase): Covering at least 2 baseblates Googie/Retro Styled business, military, science, public, or personal site.

Special Award: best Space Skyscraper.

Reference works:

Added 4/9:

Works of Syd Mead:

More inspiration photos:

Walt Disney World Tomorrowland:


Former "Horizons" pavilion at EPCOT:

Futurama, The Jetsons, Sky Captain and the World of Tomrrow, Meet The Robinsons, The Incredibles, Mars Attacks...

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