Retinette 022

nwhitehill [deleted] 7:55pm, 18 November 2012
I've just purchased the Retinette 022 model, although I'm not sure if its the 022/7 model.
I was wondering if anyone else on here has a Retinette as old as this? There seems to be a lot of 1A/Bs owners.

I am looking for general advice, what film to use and which flash would work best with it?

fulvue PRO 5 years ago
Not sure if this is your model, but right here on Flckr:
aeomaster32 5 years ago
The lens is good quality but a bit slow. If you are in low light conditions you may need a fast film of 400 ASA. I generally prefer slower films because they are less grainy. As for flash, I don't know if they still sell them for cold shoes so they don't short when you mount them. You will need the chord to plug it into the X socket, and it should work on all speeds.
Wiesmier PRO 4 years ago
I do have one. It was my Fathers but now, sadly the shutter will not fire.
Билл 4 years ago
sadly the shutter will not fire

Probably not fatal... just needs CLA. May well be worth it as I do honestly feel that my 1b Retinettes are the most FUN cameras I have.
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