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Doggies Are From Heaven 4:05pm, 3 October 2006
A member of Rescued Pets, bernard & theresa thought it would be a good idea to share our pets stories of how they lived before we rescued them. I thought that was a great idea but would also like our members to share their rescue story and their pet's life before and after rescue. If you want....just share what you'd like about your RESCUED PET. After all, we know that rescued pets are the best pets on earth!!!!!!
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Laertes PRO 12 years ago
Stella after surgery.

This is the beginning of Stella's story:

"Stella is a 5 to 6 month old Harlequin. She has the sweetest personality. She was hit by a car. She has a severely broken femur and crushed pelvis. Her owners were going to shoot her when a family member stepped in and took her to the Durango Animal Hospital. That's where Tara, a vet tech, contacted one of our volunteers to see if we could save this little girl. The volunteer drove to Alamosa Wed night to meet us and get Stella to safety. Stella went to the vet 4-29-04 where they reviewed her X-rays with specialists and all feel that her leg will not be salvageable. We will keep you up-to-date on her progress."

You can read Stella's complete story at: www.rmgreatdane.org/stella.htm She is truly a "Great" Dane and works as a Certified Therapy Dog in her spare time.

What an amazing story and a beautiful dog! She is absolutely precious!!!!!
Stella's so beautiful. I've visited the website - what a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.

This is my Odie:
My furry babya dog or a bunny?

I saw his photo on petfinder.com, and convinced my husband that he was the dog for us. We were living in Windsor/Ontario at the time, and we crossed the border to adopt him from Michigan Humane Society. We do not know anything about Odie's past before he arrived at the shelter. He was found on the street, and nobody came looking for him. He's such a good boy - no aggressive behaviour at all (I have never seen him show his teeth - not even once), gets along with dogs and humans, great traveling companion, guaranteed to make you smile and laugh throughout the day etc. etc. I could go on and on about him as he is the joy of my life, but I've got to leave space for others' stories, too. :-)
Odie, I have come to know your sweet face well. I love the happy, happy, happy photo at the bottom. You are a treasure!
Andy McLeod PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Andy McLeod (member) 12 years ago

Mattie, Sidney and Gabby
My fiance found Mattie on petfinder.com. Apparently she was abandoned in a house when the owners decided not to take her and ended up getting caught in a trap. The trap snagged her leg and she was stuck there for too long, rendering her rear left leg useless. It had to be amputated.

When we adopted her, the foster owners were calling her Scooter. This is not a name befitting a cat as beautiful as her. We renamed her Mathilda, and we call her Mattie for short. She gets around on three legs as well as any 4-legged cats and she is as chatty as ever. She also gets along wonderfully with her brother Sidney (above, who also has three legs) and sister Gabby.

We adopted Sidney from a foster owner. He was born with a useless left rear leg so he has never known what it is like to have four legs. He is as fast as any cat I have ever seen.

We adopted Gabby because her previous owners weren't the most compassionate pet owners. We knew we could give her a better home .

Check out our wacky-ass family
bernard & theresa PRO 12 years ago
wonderful story , thank God for people like you.
beeblecat 12 years ago
A woman we were aquainted with asked us if we would take Alex because her husband didn't like him and was going to take him to the dog pound to be euthanized. She had originally found Alex chained to an abandonded house. She had found a home for him with a retired vet, but later saw him in the vet's yard and noticed that he had some cuts on his head and ears and looked like he'd been beaten. She didn't know the vet had a reputation for that when she gave Alex to him. So she dog napped him and was trying desperately to find him a good home. We had just lost our old dog and felt so bad for poor Alex that we gave him a home. Even though he's been badly mistreated he still loves people.
MickeyMF 12 years ago
We were bringing pups up from a high kill shelter in NC and Oscar came up with his brother Duke. It seemed that both of them had been abused. They were found in the middle of no where, under a barn. Oscar was a little food agressive and just generally a brute. He's very attached to his Mommy. He's afraid of his own shadow, but he's an excellent watchdog. He welcomed about 30 pups into our home and although he was sad to see them go, including his brother, he seemed happy that it wasn't him. He still has a fear of men, except my son and he's gotten much, much better. He's very happy now living with his other five 4 legged sisters and brothers, oh and his cat pals too!

Oscar the snow bunny
♥loveberries 12 years ago

Blueberry - While my husband and I were still dating, we were at Petsmart looking at the cats there through the humane society. Blueberry was only 4 months old then, and she was strange looking and cute. I'd never even heard of a tortoise shell kitty before. She was in a bottom cage, and we were down petting and playing with her - she was putting on a show! Bouncing around, playing with her toys, talking to us all while most of the other cats were sleeping as it was kind of late in the evening. Well, we left, and the more I thought of her, the more I wanted to rescue her. We decided to go back and get her. Turns out, the money my husband was going to spend on taking me out to dinner to propose, he spent on getting Blueberry. He proposed the next morning at my apartment. :) Blueberry has had some attitude problems, and there were times I've thought she was insane. We've drawn the conclusion that she's probably been abused (probably by a man as she hates my husband and is afraid of him - even to this day, she won't come inside if she sees him). But I try to love her, and she, of course, can be really sweet and cute if she's in the mood to be. She now reigns outside as Supreme Queen B.

Oreo-Oreo came to us as a little fluff ball miracle. My husband was casually speaking to a fellow classmate who began explaining that her daughter had found a little kitten at her father's house. The kitten was so tiny and she'd rescued him from chickens! Her mother refused to let her keep him, as they had more cats. My husband quickly spoke for him pending my approval :) The mother and daughter brought him over one night after church and told us that if it didn't work out, there were a lot of people who'd take him from church. He's brought us so much joy, I can't believe the coincidence of how he came into our lives. He's absolutely the sweetest (although mischievious) kitty you'll ever meet - he loves everybody and every creature (except frogs, lizards, and bugs of course as you can see through my pictures). Oreo turns one year old this month!

Pixie-Well, I didn't mean to write so much, but oh well. When we got Pixie, we were living in a one bedroom apartment and we weren't supposed to have pets - but we had Blueberry and Oreo anyway! I happened to overhear a guy talking about taking some puppies to the pound, and it weighed on my heart. That weekend, we drove down to get her, picked her because she was kind of pathetic looking with a stub tail and the other puppies wouldn't let her eat. She gets into a lot of trouble, but she's the sweetest doggy we could ask for.

Lil' Bit- Last but not least is a kitty the humane society named Spitfire! By now we're living in a house, so it's a bit more comfortable :) My husband surprised me one day by bringing this sweet girl home to me. She was about 3 months old and very skittish. We've let Blueberry live outside, so Lil' Bit now reigns inside as supreme princess.
I am really enjoying reading your wonderful stories.

Andy McLeod - I love the fact that you rescued two cats that ended up having only three legs. I'm sure they don't even notice their "disability" at all. Mattie, Sydney and Gabby are too cute. I love the blurry "action" photo in the middle!!!

beeblecat - It sounds like Alex had a pretty awful start. Still, with everything, he is a loving and lovable boy. He is so fortunate to have you!

MickeyMF - It is awful how many sweet animals start out in abusive situations. Luckily for Oscar, that's not how his story ends. Even with his "issues", you have committed to taking care of him. So often, people turn their less than perfect pup back in to the shelter or the breeder, or worse. Oscar sure is fortunate to have found someone who would love him, flaws and all. His face looks like maybe he's got a little bit of pit in him. He sure is a handsome boy.

loveberries - It sounds like you and your husband are the perfect team. At my house, I'm usually responsible for actually bringing the animal home. Luckily, though, my husband falls in love with them quickly and then I'm off the hook. You have a wonderful furry family. It's especially wonderful that you rescued all four of them. Thanks for the teriffic stories!
suebeecat Posted 12 years ago. Edited by suebeecat (member) 12 years ago
Suebee helping with the gardening

This is SueBee. My husband and I have 25 cats, all of them rescue cats. Most of them come from a feral community where he works. He found SueBee in September of 1999, it was a rainy and windy day as the remnants of a hurricane were going by. He found her in the middle of a dirt road lying beside a puddle, the mother cat must have been moving her kittens, and may have been spooked by something and dropped her there. She was only a couple of weeks old. We had to bottle feed her for a couple of weeks and there were countless trips back and forth to the vets for a persistent URI. She was a tiny little thing, yet she had this wide little backside and her little tail looked like a bee's stinger, so we decided to name her SueBee after the brand of honey we used. She is just the sweetest little cat and when you call her name, she stops and does a somersault!
Doggies Are From Heaven Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Doggies Are From Heaven (admin) 12 years ago
suebeecat - That is a wonderful story. Sue Bee owes you and your husband her life! I am quite impressed with you having 25 cats! How do you manage all that? Your kitties are so lucky to have you both.
suebeecat 12 years ago
Thank you. Believe me, it's not easy. Almost all of the cats we have were tiny kittens my husband found abandoned at the plant. He found them in the middle of the dirt roads, in machinery, and under bushes. A lot of them had to be bottle fed too. But we both love cats and we do what we have to to give these cats a safe and healthy life.
bernard & theresa PRO 12 years ago
We have six cats.You must be exhausted with looking after 25, but I'm sure you enjoy them.
zmustapha 12 years ago
This is Peppercorn:

Zen kitty

I adopted her from the ASPCA in New York City in February 2006. She's about 1 1/2 years old, and very pampered. Here is her full story: portfolio.patchesandmarble.com/pet.html

She now has a kitty friend, Dot, a.k.a. Dottie, a 3-month old tuxedo cat:

Dottie, sleeping shy

No essay for young Dot yet.
It_was_laser Posted 12 years ago. Edited by It_was_laser (member) 12 years ago
Hi all!
I'm new to the group,and I don't know how to post a picture yet,but here is the link to our newest addition

We rescued her yesterday(10/13/06) from the Meriden Humane Society.She is young(under 6 months old).She was found hiding under a car near a local Sears,so the shelter had named her Roebuck.We renamed her Sushi Girl Whiskerson.

After being turned down by three other shelters without even given a chance or meeting with us,because we have a young child,we decided to try our luck at our local shelter,and we are so glad we did.We are in the process of opening our own business,so we did'nt want too young of a kitty,due to not being home full time to care for a young baby.We saw her and I instantly fell in love with her and her beautiful green eyes.

She is still nervous,as can be expected,but is adapting as best she can under the circumstances.She has bonded with me and is starting to give my husband a chance.It will probably be some time until she is not scared of our one year old daughter,so we have been keeping the two in seperate rooms,but with the baby gate up so they can still see eachother and if kitty want's to sniff her,she can.

She is a purring machine and seems so grateful to have a home,and we are grateful to have her.If anyone has any tips on getting a toddler and kitty adjusted to eachother,I would welcome any help.
Minshall 12 years ago
Three of my four pets are rescue pets. Telly came with the husband but MeowMeow, Dobby & Chester have all been rescued. I am a firm believer that pets find you.

MeowMeow was my first rescue. I found her in the middle of the road in a rain storm. She was about five weeks old and she had been run over the top of. I saw her eyes in the night when I drove past and I went back and scooped her up. My friend was worried what kind of shape she would be in but luckily she was in the center of the lane so she had not been hit. She was in complete shock and she did not respond to me for nearly two days. She did not Meow, focus, eat or potty. She was completely non responsive with her eyes wide open. She I have had her for eleven years. She is very sweet and loving but very shy. She keeps herself hidden most of the time. She comes out at night and early in the morning for her daily petting. She gets upset if you skip a petting!

Two years ago I ran across a photo of Dobby on accident when I was looking for photos of dressed up doxies online. A breeder was selling him cheep because they could not get him to breed. They kept him for his dapple markings. I was enraged when I read his description. They explained that he had been kept in a cage for two years with no human contact. I was so upset that anyone would do that to an animal. The next morning my husband woke me up early and insisted that we go get him. We drove 300 miles from Portland to a creepy trailer in Central Point Oregon. They had 50+ dogs crammed in several pens. The whole place smelled horrible. We took Lil’ Dobby. He was scared and shy. He had plastic and rotten food tangled in his teeth and he was underweight. He had never been held, been inside, seen grass, nothing. We had no clue what we were in for. The first day we went to work we set him down in the kitchen floor. He was scared and tense. When we came home he had not moved an inch. He has come a long way! He is very happy. He loves to run, snuggle, and play. We call him “ME ME” because he likes to be the center of attention.
Hi Mommy!

Chester is our newest addition. He was found under the deck of the vacant house next door. My son caught him last Fifth of July with the food under a bucket trick. He was about six weeks old. He seems to have been the only surviving kitten in the litter or he wandered away from the rest of the littler. We heard him crying during the fireworks the night before. He has become quite a handsome addition to our family.
Lil' Chester!
Newbirth35 PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Newbirth35 (member) 12 years ago
Xena I got from the county shelter at 6 weeks old. She's not really a rescue because everyone wants a well-socialized kitten. I had to show up really early to get her (first come, first serve). That same day one guy had actually spent the night in the parking lot to get a certain dog!

Xena's photo set

Abby is my rescue. I found her in the backyard with 6 kittens. To this day I can't pick her up. She is a true feral, with no human contact until I found her. I intended to give the kittens away, get her fixed, and put her back outside. Instead, we ended up bonding to each other. Four years and two moves later and I still have her. She was very skinny when I found her. She's put on a lot of weight now and looks much heathier with both more fat and muscle.

Abby and kittens photo set

And here's photos of Xena and Abby together. I'm lucky that they actually like each other. Xena will often be seen grooming Abby.

Together Forever
hockadilly PRO 12 years ago

This is Bertie, my rescued greyhound. This photo was taken when he was young and fabulously handsome. He's nine now and has slowed down (and calmed down) a lot, but still turns heads and passes for a youngster on a good day. The advantage to being mostly white is that it's not so noticeable when you go grey.

He's an Irish dog, raced in Ireland without much success and was sold on. There's no record of him racing in the UK but he was dumped in Edinburgh. He was rescued by the Cat and Dog Home and sold to lucky me.

He's a charming fellow and makes me laugh every single day.
kithg Posted 12 years ago. Edited by kithg (member) 12 years ago
This is Banning, a nanday conure I adopted from a companion bird rescue near me. I did just bring him home, so we're not very well aquainted yet, but can't imagine why anyone gave him up. He's not as noisy as many birds and seems very loving and nice. As you can see, he specializes in "puttin' on the Ritz," for me!

He makes me smile and I feel like we've been friends for years already. I'm kind of watching him for his new name. Banning is his "orphanage" one, and I think he needs a name to start over with, if I can find it. He's a good bird and I tell him so regularly.
These are wonderful stories!!!!!! I was away for a bit so I haven't had time to comment on your teriffic tales. I'll catch up soon. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!
katydaly PRO 12 years ago
I just got done filling up your pool with photos of my 4 rescued pets. I told their stories in comments under these 2 photos.

Thanks for a very interesting pool!

And to the poster above who did not know how to post a photo in a discussion: Go to the picture you want to add, click on all sizes above the photo, click on the small size, and cut and paste the copy in the window.

black and white.almost

flatcoathannah PRO 11 years ago
Taylor wants to play

When Taylor came into my life he was locked up in Cabarras County Shelter. The shelter is just outside of Charlotte, NC. He was there for 5 weeks. The animal control officer...named Taylor refused to put him down. He just loved Taylor. The local Golden rescue wouldn't touch him because it was outside the county they serve...yes..they only pull from one county. I was the intake coordinator for them and on occasion I was allowed to pull, but mostly I got other rescues to help them. But I had retired. Some of my rescue friends let me know of his plight and I was the only one that could foster him. I brought him into my home and named him after the animal control officer that refused to give up on him. I was already fostering another senior whom I had to put down for agression while Taylor was with me and I just couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't bear to part with him and I adopted him. This was 2004. He is the sweetest boy and I am so thankful to have him in my life

Kassie Pointing

Kassie is my first dog ever. I got her in 1997...or I should say she got me. I was living at home still at that time when this dog showed up at the neighborhood. We always thought someone dropped her off. The neighborhood kids took her in and I work on mom to at least let me feed her. She did want her staying around and wouldn't have any part of it. I guess at that point Kassie claimed me as hers anyway and with a terrible storm came up it was our door she came to for shelter. It was what it took to let mom let her in. She was 20 pds underweight. Average she is a 50lb dog so she was pretty bad off. She had at least 30 ticks on her. I never did count how many I pulled off her. I would go to pet her she would cower down thinking I was going to hit her. Play? Whats that..I had to teach her how to play. She was spayed within 2 weeks of getting her and she has been my life ever since. We have been through a lot together and I am so grateful for all the gifts she has given me over the years. Me saving her pales in comparison with what this girl has done for me. She is starting to show her age. Trouble getting on the couch or jumping up in bed.

Monte's Attention

Monte came to live with us in 1998. We pulled him from the local shelter as a puppy. He is the only rescue where we know a birthday! When we got Monte, Kevin and I were just married and bought our first house. We thought Kassie needed a friend. So off we went to the shelter. I had lovely gardens at the time and didn't want a little boy to hike their leg on my flowers. Living in the south I saw the problems black dogs had with the heat even if they were indoor dogs and I didn't want to have one larger then Kassie. Kassie was 45-50 lbs at the time. So off we go. We looked at his sister then he came barrelling out of the shelter and grabbed Kassie's lead as we thought it was important that she like them. He grabbed her lead and headed to the door. Thats all it took! He was our boy! He is all of 100lbs! He is the most loving and snuggly boy. He will put up with anything not that we would want him to have to, but we never worry with him how he is going to react to something.

Then I have countless foster dogs that I claim as mine...even if for just a little bit until they find their forever homes. They will always have a place in my heart! SO humor me while I show pictures of those I actually have pictures of. :)

Monte and Izzy Izzy What a difference a year makesRocket WillowWillow Meet YamkaYamka Meet Speedy...Speedy RIP Ollie...news I found out todayOllie Why I rescuePrince/Noah Happy Anniversary Maxwell!Maxwell Happy Anniversary Max!Max Happy Anniversary Lacie!!Lacie Happy Anniversary Smokey!Smokie Early Chance AnniversaryChance Jackson AnniversaryJackson Joy AnniversaryJoy
flatcoathannah - I loved reading the stories about how you got Kassie, Taylor and Monte. You have helped so many other dogs too. What a wonderful gift you have and each of yur sweet pups are so fortunate to have you (and Kevin!)!
zmustapha - I'm wondering how your new addition is getting along with Peppercorn. I hope they are enjoying each other. It's so wonderful that you rescued them!

It was laser - I can't believe you had so much trouble adopting a kitty. I didn't know having a young child eliminated you as a candidate. Sushi is so adorable. I have always loved grey cats. It's great you are being so responsible by keeping your daughter and Susi seperated. I did the same with my dogs when I first had my daughter(now 12, so it all worked out great!) I now have two daughters, 9 and 12 and 4 dogs, and everyone gets along splendidly!!!!
romeojosiemom 11 years ago
This is my Josie Rose. She is a Shepherd/Dane mix.
Josie Rose face
If you look close, you can see the scars across her muzzle, nose and forehead. I adopted her when she was 3 yr old, she's 6 now. She had been rescued from a dog fighter. Josie is a lover not a fighter. She is afraid of everyone, especially men - I am sure as a result of the abuse.

This is her "little" brother, Romeo. I adopted him from a shelter at 7wks. He is a mix of shepherd and some mountain dog variety. He loves his sister and lets her get away with taking everything away from him, except rawhides!
Romeo boy

Both babies are lovable and love to hog up my bed:
kids in bed
[this] [account] [has] [been] [deleted] 11 years ago

This is Seven. He's a redbone coonhound that some damn fool paid to have put down, at age 1 believe it or not. The stated reason was "He won't hunt".....yeah well neither would I if some miserable SOB had let my collar grow into my neck, and had beat the living crap out of me at every turn....Thankfully the vet hired to do the dirty deed thought there might be a home out there.....and through one of those beautiful twists of fate it turned out to be mine.

Seven's testicles had never descended, thus decreasing completely his breeding potential, so we get closer to the truth of why the aforementioned SOB had dropped the hammer...And he, 7, not the SOB, was quite the mess when he came to me. He had this huge wound on his neck where the collar had grown in, he was scared to death of anyone and everything, stunk to high heavens, couldn't go up steps, and had obviously never been petted ever! But the SOB had paid to have him put down, so the vet took that money to clean him up, stitch up his neck, and get his shots up to date....

But as you can see above, he is a new being....and a brilliant one at that....He's been with me for 3 years now and has commandeered the sofa, gained 35 pounds (15 of which followed the surgery to remove any remaining testicular tissue, lest it become cancerous), and as of this Christmas has had a commissioned portrait by a local painter.....not to mention loads of loyal, and vocal fans....

He's proof to me that when the time is right and one opens the doors to one's heart there will be someone that needs you just as much as you need them...I had been mourning the loss of my canine best friend, Betty, whom I had found on the street many years ago....I was convinced that I couldn't bear the heartbreak again....and suddenly there was 7.... (and he's named that cuz 'Lucky' was just too damn obvious)

Ain't he beautiful?
thebobbyrazzi 11 years ago
Biggles and kinder toys

Biggles and kinder toys

Mr.Biggles was rescued from a very cold night at -25 c , he had been left in an alley with no food for at least 2 weeks, apparently this alley is like skid row for cats abandoned by heartless jerks. We were fostering him but we fell in love.
Pitbull MaMa 11 years ago
This is Xena's story. I had just graduted from vet tech school and moved to Columbus, Ohio. I had an interview at a small clinic. As soon as I walked in the door, out from the back she ran to me..and it was love at first sight! They told me that she was dumped in the back about 2 weeks prior (the weather was very cold). She was about 10-12 months old and so very skinny. I wanted her and so I got her!! I adopted her..she was all mine:)) She is where my love for Pitbulls began. She had a lot of manners to learn, but nothing a little puppy class wouldnt help. She loved everything..such a happy, go-lucky girl.
She got the scars from an incident about 3 months after I had her. She used to bolt out the door any chance she got. Well, this evening, she bolted and got hit by a car. The a_ _ hole never stopped...the damage you see on her side and face are the scars. She was very lucky and only sufferered skin & tissue damage. She doesnt bolt anymore.
It has been 3 wonderful years now...and I couldn't ask for a better dog.
My creation
Pitbull MaMa 11 years ago
Zoe's story

Mid-January 2006, we went shopping at a local store. As we were leaving, my fiancee spotted something little over in the woods beside the store. We walked over and seen in was a little puppy. She was so dirty and little..we didnt even think about it, she was coming home with us. We called the local shelter and vets, just in case someone possibly lost a puppy, but it seemed more like she was dumped. She was about 9 weeks old...Xena just took to her immediately, and took over like a little mom. They are best friends now and Zoe is so passive and laid-back. She is testament to the fact that when raised with love & gentleness, this breed gives the same back 100 times over!!
My creation
Just Mom 11 years ago
Hi! I just joined this group. This is Sam. We found her at the SPCA. She was picked up as a stray, so we know nothing about her background. I can guess that she was probably dumped somewhere as, even to this day, she freaks out if I leave her any where....especially tied to something. We can only guess her age, but we think she is getting close to nine years old. We've had her for 8 years. Sam has taught me a lot about training dogs! When she was young, we had to work through a lot of problems, but she is my best girl now! We do Rally, agility, and pet therapy. Sam does everything with her customary gusto!
Happy furry Friday!
Tysgirl 11 years ago
Hello everyone, I'm new here. I found my way to this wonderful group through pitbull mama. I loved reading all the stories.

I have 2 rescue dogs. One odd thing about our little rescue family is that even though both dogs are rescues......both came with their original names.

Sammy was found on a busy 4 lane hwy the week of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and has a unique story. After 3 weeks of searching for her family and finally deciding that we would just keep her as our own, we went to petsmart and bought all the fun doggie things we could find.

The very next day after making that very important decision, Sammy's family called looking for her. When we found Sammy, she had no collar or tags, she was skinny and filled with worms. Needless to say, I was not going to just give Sammy back to these people without ensuring that she would be safe with them. I used the name & number they left on my voicemail to do a reverse search on the internet and find their address. I drove past their house. They lived within 1/2 of block of no less than 3 posters (with pictures) that we plastered on stop signs 3 weeks before! Obviously they weren't too serious about finding her if they couldn't be bothered to look at the posters on their own road!

We decided to contact them and confront them about Sammy's poor health and the fact that it took them soooo long to come looking for her. They gave every excuse known to man and demanded their dog back. We finally agreed to give them Sammy back but told them she would be delivered by an animal control officer who would be speaking to them about her poor condition and lack of tags. At that point they asked us to keep her and we've not seen or heard from them since.

Sammy is a perfect dog, never has accidents, never chews or gets into things, she never even gets into the kitchen trash when we forget to put the can away. There will never be another Sammy dog!
Lunch time? Count me in!!!

Our other rescue dog is Sheena. She is 5 years old and was surrendered by her mommy who got a fancy new job in another city and didn't want to take Sheena with her when she moved. We adopted her in August of 2006

Sheena is a clown and keeps us laughing 24/7. She will shred the trash in 2.5 seconds if given the chance but does not get into any other trouble.......ever.

Both my rescues stay home alone for 8-9 hours every day and never get into any trouble......I think they are thankful for the loving home and family that they've been given.
Great dogs don't have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars...there are plenty of perfectly good ones out there for free!
Pitbull MaMa 11 years ago
Mr. Biggs story..
How we came to find this little man is a off the wall story. We were at a local store, Kmart, shopping. We turned the corner and my fiancee said "OH my gosh" and I had no idea what he was talking about..then he said "there's a cat" I turned and there was this little cat walking right towards us. So naturally, I went and picked him up. He we dirty and skinny. Because my daughter had really bad allergies, we knew we couldnt keep him, so there are 2 good shelters that we know we could take him to. Well, oddly, the 1st shelter we went to, was closed. We dont know why, it was the middle of the week and the middle of the day. So we drove a little farther to the next shelter. I walked inside with the kitty and there Mr. Biggs was. He was in a crate by the front desk. Just sitting and looking handsome. Once the kitty was situated, I asked about this little guy, and he was actually just brought in by animal control the night before. He was wandering the streets. Once again, for me it was love at 1st sight. I called my fiancee in from the car, and he fell in love instantly too! We wanted him, but it is policy at the shelter to wait 1 week on a stray animal, in case the owners call. So we went home..And exactly 1 week later he was at our home. He immediatley walked all around the house,like he had been here forever. He fits in so well with the rest of our furbabies. And he is alpha-dog to Xena, Zoe, and Abby. They all back down to the mighty Biggs. He is such a wonderful addition the to rest of the gang...adding more laughs than we thought possible.
Mr. Biggs
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This is Petunia,


I was going over to the park/pool to check on my son, who was at a birthday party for a friend. I took our rottweiler Gia with me. As I came into the parking lot I saw this pit bull and stopped wondering if she was going to be dog aggressive. She ran up to Gia and licked her a few times then ran over to sit under a chair with a lady in it. I checked on my son and watched the pit bull for awhile. It quickly became obvious she was very friendly and merely wanted to be around people. I asked everybody around the park if she was belonged to them. Nobody claimed her. I approached her again and this time noted the stitches in her ears and the rash on her skin. I decided I couldn't leave her to get hit by a car, picked up by animal control (the local humane society euthanizes dogs) and so I called to her and she followed me home.

In the backyard she and Gia rough-housed and got to know each other. That night when we went to bed she was the first one in bed. The next day I went to the pound to see if any notice for a missing pit bull was posted, but no luck. I called around to various vet offices also with no luck. On Monday I took her to the vet to get the stitches removed, vaccinated and also Frontline for her fleas and medicine for her rash. We kept looking for flyers, at the pound and so forth, but nobody seemed to be looking for her. I did't put up flyers because I was worried she'd go to a bad owner who'd either fight her or not treat her well.

After 30 days, we claimed her as our own, had her chipped, licensed, and bought her her own crate...not that she uses it at night, both dogs sleep on the bed. She and Gia are like best friends.

Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie

Since then we've also rescued a cocker-spaniel mix and a golden retriever. With the cocker spaniel we couldn't find the owner, so eventually my dad took her. With the golden we found the owner after about a day. Petunia has a mild dog aggression problem, but not with Gia. Probably because at the time Petunia was joining our "pack" so she accepted Gia. Now these later dogs are joining our "pack" and she isn't as tolerant.


Ain't he beautiful?

Yes, and a great story.
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i'm loving reading all these stories!


here's Gypsy's:
I found out through the grapevine that some people at my college had a black kitten they were trying to get rid of. Cats aren't allowed in the campus apartments, but their roomate had adopted one outside of walmart anyway. then she went home for the summer and just left the kitten there with the two roomates who were staying there for the summer. Well the manager of the apartments found out and fined them. and told them they would continue to be fined as long as the kitten was still there. it wasnt their kitten, but the roomate who had left it didn't want it anymore, so they were about to take it to the pound when someone told me about it. i immediantly said "i'll take her!" i didn't even think about it (i'm not usually impulsive about getting new pets) i went to get her at their apartment and by the time i had her home i was already totally attached. i just love this cat SOOO much.
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This is my sweet sweet Fosters story..he has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but he was my lil guy...
A co-worker told me about this little guy that was at the shelter. She knew we were looking to foster another dog, so off we went to go see him. He just broke my heart..still brings tears to my eyes...he was all alone in a run, just sitting there and swaying his head back and forth. I was smitten. I called my fiancee and he came up there too and we sat with him for awhile in the dog run. Now we were both smitten with him. His story is that he was abandoned by his previous owners they just brought him in and didnt want him anymore. He was not a good adoption candidate because he was in such poor shape, but the volunteers fought it out until someone came along to save him. He had untreated ear infections that caused him to be deaf and he was blind in both eyes. His fur was very dirty and matted. We bathed him at the shelter and cleaned him up...and treated his ears. We knew he was older when we brought him home, but he deserved to live out the remaining months of his life living like a king. And that he sure did!! Xena took to him right away...and you could tell she wanted to play but its like she understood that he was not the playing type. So she would just sniff him and lay next to him. We got him all set up so that he constantly had a familair route around the house. He adapted so well. And he loved being outside and laying in the sun. We didnt expect to have him with us for the 9 months we did, but they were such wonderful months and we still miss him so much...I do not understand how people could do this to a supposed pet...adn it gives me comfort to know that in his last months that he was spoiled to the max and loved so much...
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DJ's story

DJ asleep in a sunbeam

DJ's life wasn't awful. She was given as a gift, with another dog, to two pubescent and rather self-absorbed kids who lived with their grandparents. The kids got all excited -- puppies! -- but didn't have any great desire to take care of the dogs. Their grandparents told them repeatedly, over the course of eight months or so, that if the kids didn't care for the dogs, they'd put the dogs up for adoption.

The kids would take care of them for a day or two or three, then go back to their TV and video games. The grandparents just didn't have the energy to deal with puppies, they had an elderly large dog, and no room for bouncy puppies. So the puppies lived in the back yard. They were given food and water, they slept on the lawn furniture, they had shelter. But they didn't have regular interaction and love.

Eventually, the grandmother put the dogs up for adoption with Furry Friends, which meant that she had to pay a fee for each animal, she had to accompany the animals to their adoption fairs, etc. The dogs were adopted from her, via Furry Friends. We are very grateful to her for being so willing to make sure the dogs had good homes.

We'd studied and talked to people and decided what breed (mix/type) of dog would be right for us. We didn't have "lab" or "chow" anywhere on that list. But at the adoption fair, I sat down in front of DJ's pen, and she licked my nose. I didn't need any other persuasion.

We were only able to take DJ, as our landlord (with whom we'd wheedled to get permission for a dog at all) said "just one, and no bigger than 25 lbs." The woman who raised DJ said that she was pretty sure that DJ wasn't too bonded to Smokey, the other dog. But of course, she was, and it was clear for some time after she came to live with us that she really missed Smokey. On the other hand, she bonded very closely with us relatively quickly. I'm not sure if she would have done so with Smokey to turn to for comfort.

DJ was indeed a 25-lb dog in 2001, but she was 11 months old. She grew a little, and has weighed a very steady 35-36 lbs since soon after her first birthday. She's very fit and athletic. In May 2006, she blew her left ACL, losing all stability in her knee. Our brilliant vet fixed her up by making new connective tissue from the existing fascia in her thigh, and wow. Her recovery has been amazing. It was fast, and with careful restriction and gradual return to exercise, it's been relatively easy.

DJ is my familiar, if there is such a thing. She's just a perfect match for us. She has a soft undercoat, and is smart, and she spoons up against my belly in bed. I love her more than I knew I could love an animal.

Zoe's story

Zoe snoozing

Zoe's early childhood is relatively unknown. We adopted her from a woman who found her at about 11 months old in a pound, starving to death. The woman had gone in with a friend to look at kittens for the friend (dooooooooooooom! never go in there expecting to leave empty-leashed) and found Zoe there, shivering in a corner. The pound was going to put her down early because they thought it was cruel to let her continue to starve. She was depressed, terrified, and wasn't eating.

The woman took her home figuring she might be able to get her to eat at home, and promised the pound that she wouldn't let Zoe suffer, she'd bring her back if need be. The woman had two big dogs who picked on Zoe, but Zoe did thrive. She ate plenty, she ran around. But technically, the woman was only allowed to have two dogs. She adopted Zoe knowing it was temporary. But it turned into two years. She didn't expect it to be that long. Finally, when she had to move to a new house, she knew it was time to re-home Zoe, to get her a break from the big dogs who picked on her, to get her a forever home.

So, believe it or not, she listed Zoe on Freecycle. She wasn't prepared to let just anyone have Zoe, but we corresponded by email a little (at first it was me saying, "I wish we could take her, but we really can't!" but it evolved) and eventually, she brought Zoe to visit us. Zoe got along well with DJ, she liked our big yard. My husband sat down on the lawn, and Zoe put her paws around his neck and hugged him gently. (She still hugs. It's endearing.)

After a twenty-minute visit, the woman put Zoe's leash in my hand and said, "Well then. Thank you. Please, if this doesn't work out, don't bring her to the pound. Call me. I'll take her back."

That was two years ago next month. Zoe came to us in relatively good shape, but not fit, flabby without being fat. Now, her muscles stand out under her fur as she moves. She was terrified of cars, she'd only been in cars to be given away or taken to the vet. Now, she leaps into the car whenever I open the door, whether or not we're going anywhere. Cars go to the park!

Zoe and DJ live incredibly happy lives together. Right now, as I type, they're on the bed next to me, curled up a bit in a kidney-bean shape, side by side, matching shapes. They often sleep touching. Sometimes Zoe uses DJ's body for a pillow. They always sleep in bed with me at night, Zoe under the covers when it's cold. We go up to Fairmont Ridge a few times a week. We have friends whose dogs visit, or who we visit. They're our kids.

Zoe and DJ, on their way somewhere.

We feel very strongly about rescue. I can't imagine going out and buying a dog who's bred just to be my pet. The pounds and rescue groups are full of Zoes and DJs. Why waste a perfectly good dog just because it had a life before me?
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Christmas Kiss
okay, Juno is on the right and Toby is on the left
Juno:adopted from shelter maybe 6 yrs ago: my lovely reigning princess, woe be onto you if you up set my baby.
I believe she was abused because she never barked the 1st 6 months,now she needs bark-aholics anonymous. She is afraid of men and other animals, loud noises everything including literally her own shadow if she catches sight of it. The only animal she ever has approved of is Toby. the rest she runs from and avoids eye contact. likes to be petted but is so fearful will only come within a foot of you if called . to pet you must have her sit and get down on her level and gently pet(only family members) she stays inside except for potty then runs and jumps on door like she is afraid to be out long.
Toby: a dog's dog adopted 2-3 yrs ago for a niece who kept him 2 yrs then gave him back when he had difficulty adjusting to a new baby. loves to play likes everyone (except babies) funny, funny. more voices and personality than 50 other dogs. did not notice until 6 months after he was adopted when we shaved him that he must have been hit by a car as one leg faces in the wrong direction. He is so fast and jumps so well I can't imagine how he would do with 4 good legs. Can catch a snack in his mouth generally a joy to be around . even the grumpy people in my life warm up to this clown
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Miko's Story

My boyfriend and I rescued our puppy Miko from the shelter when he was 7 weeks old. The shelter told us that his mom died of a "mystery illness" while in the shelter leaving behind 7 puppies. All of the puppies were named after the 7 dwarves and Miko's original name was "Doc". We couldn't live with that name so we changed it to Miko.

Exactly 2 days after we brought Miko home he started to get really sick. He was non stop vomiting, litterally every 5 minutes. We took our little 7 week old puppy to the emergency vet at 1:00 am. My boyfriend and I were so worried about him and crying while we had to wait in the room while the vets were looking at him. When they finially came back in with our sick little puppy, he told us Miko had Parvovirus. Miko was lucky in that we brought him in right in time, the doctor told us if we waited till the morning, he probably would have died. They gave us his collar and kennel and we had to go home without our new family member.

Miko had to stay at the emergency vet for 3 days and then we had to move him to our current vet and he stayed there for a week. He was so skinny and weak, it was just sad to see such a little dog struggling so much. I called the vet almost every day to check on him and see how he was doing, it was really hard for me and my boyfriend.

After the LOOOOONG week was over we both went to the vet and she told us that Miko is Parvo free. When we saw him he was acting like a real puppy, complete spaz and so happy to see us.

We called the shelter to let them know that Miko had Parvo and that they should check over the other dogs to make sure that they don't have it as well, Parvo is VERY easy for other dogs to catch, especially other puppies. The shelter told us that they knew that he had that when they sold him to us!? I was automatically pissed off and said things I probably shouldn't have. They offered to give us a full refund on Miko, but I couldn't do that....

Now Miko is a little over a year old and is huge! He is such a great dog and loves me and my boyfriend very much. He loves to jump around and sleep under the blankets with us every night. He makes us so happy!

We litterally saved Miko's life :)

puppy photo:
(you can see his saved leg from where his IV was)


all grown up:

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Baily Jingles Burney

While cycling in the Texas countryside I found this little Pit Bull mix in a feed sack along with two dead fighting roosters in 95 degree heat on the side of the road (go figure). A friend drove out and picked her up for me. She was terrified of people and stayed in my bike room. On day two she got up the nerve to come over to me. I petted her and she soon collapsed and slept for almost 24 hours. I'll never forget the moment then where she bonded with me, nor has she forgotten either. Here she is two days later with my Nephew whom we adopted (interestingly, also rescued!). We have two dogs already and luckily my next door neighbors adopted her. I turned down offer after offer until the next door neighbors volunteered. (You guessed it - I could not bear to see her leave) Three years later, she visits us almost daily and you could never find a sweeter, (or more loved) dog anywhere. Whenever she sees me she cries with joy and bolts over to me. A funny sidenote - Our neighbor and my wife walk the dogs almost daily. It never fails, someone stops them and gushes over how cute our Labradoodle from Austrailia is. Our neighbor complained that they sometimes say as an afterthought "oh... and your dog is nice too. What kind is it? I told her to start telling these snobby neighbors "She is a Liberian Pit'a'dore and please don't ask me how much I paid for her!" That will shut them up! And that is exactly what she says now!

Answers to comments:

In my snooty neighborhood I would say that Pit Bulls are not welcome. Does not matter that this is the kindest most gentle dog you would ever meet. Lucky for us we have wonderfull neighbors who, like us, could care less what they think! (Although she is beautiful to me, it is doubtful she will win any "beauty" contests!)

And instead of telling the real story of the Pit Bull rescue to these inquisitive people, the Liberian Pita'dore line shuts them up and leaves them with a funny confused look!
smilinggypsy 11 years ago
what a cute picture, and lucky puppy to be found in time
recursive_1 [deleted] 11 years ago
Our neighbor complained that they sometimes say as an afterthought "oh... and your dog is nice too. What kind is it? I told her to start telling these snobby neighbors "She is a Liberian Pit'a'dore and please don't ask me how much I paid for her!" That will shut them up! And that is exactly what she says now!

I love it. Does she say this because the neighbors look upset to learn she is a pitbull cross?
frankpape 11 years ago

This is Mocha. She's just about the sweetest husky I've ever seen, but she was abandoned last summer in North Carolina and left to run as a stray and fend for herself.

By the time she was picked up, in the photo above, she was covered with fleas, dirt, and matted fur. Her coat was orange and splotchy from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Thanks to an extensive support network made possible on the Internet, Mocha was taken in by a wonderful Husky rescue all the way in Rochester, NY, just in the nick of time to escape euthanasia.

A couple months later, my wife and I had the privilege of making Mocha a member of our family, along with our other husky, Sam. This is her today, after her coat grew back in and she'd had the chance to gain some weight:

In spite of the fact that she'd been forced to run wild in order to survive, Mocha seems to crave the friendly touch of humans. Her standard behavior when receiving a good petting is to slowly sink to the floor and roll over begging to have her belly rubbed. If you take your hand away, she'll squirm and wiggle her paws until you resume:

Today, Mocha and Sam like to hang out together in my home office while I work:

We are so lucky to have had the chance to give Mocha a "forever" home and experience the love she has to give back.
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Just GroomedRegal Sunshine
We adopted Sunshine from Arizona Poodle Rescue at the end of July 2006. The rescue found her alone in an abandoned trailer on an Indian reservation about 6 months before we adopted her. She was starving and only 20 lbs. She now weighs 41 lbs, and she is not overweight in the least. We think she is about 6 years old and a standard poodle/schnauzer mix (a Schnoodle), although, she could be a different type of terrier. I would LOVE to hear suggestions of what breeds you think she might be! She is missing all of the front bottom incisors and one of her canines is broken off (maybe because she tried to eat something inedible in the trailer she was left in?), and she is quite an unusual dog. Sunshine doesn’t like bright sunlight (she squints and ducks her head so her name is an ironic twist.) She likes the idea of walks, but she drags on the way out and pulls on the way home (a barn-sour dog!) And, although she loves going for car rides, she hates the wind blowing on her, so she sits in the very middle of the backseat and crouches down to avoid as much of the wind as she can. Sunshine is still shy with anyone new, but with the help of a few books and watching Cesar Millan, we hope to make her a secure and happy member of our pack. The more people we meet and the more walks we go on, the more she is coming out of her shell and seems to like being out of the house (even under the big open sky!) Although, I think the car and the bed are still her favorite places to be.
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The story of Gelert...

Meet Gelert, my wonderful who-knows-how-old Irish Wolfhound crossed-with-dog-knows-what seen here with my 4 year-old daughter, just to put his size into perspective:
Emma and Big Dog

I researched the type of breed that would best be suited for my situation and found that the Wolfhound is amazing in apartments (go figure). So off I went to petfinder.com. Gelert, then known as Baron (but started out life as "Bear") was being fostered by a lovely family in South Carolina, 2 states away from me. Tragedy struck his original family. Their daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. As a result of frequent stays at the hospital, Gelert was left with a friend who did nothing more than leave him in the backyard with food & water. I suspect a lot more happened, cuz my boy really doesn't like men. He eventually escaped and ended up at an spca shelter. The eve of his execution, quite literally, one of the shelter workers called his foster mama and said, "Pam, I know you only rescue St Bernards, but I've got this huge dog that needs some mercy."

So Pam picked up Bear, had him cleaned up and decided that Bear just wasn't a dignified enough name for him. And so Bear became Baron.

He was advertised as a "young male Irish Wolfhound." When I sent off that initial excited email, I was told that he was under 2 years old. After many, many back and forth emails, Pam and I made arrangements to meet halfway between her home and mine - 2 hours away.

When I got him, he was decidedly uninterested in me. And he sure as heck was NOT an Irish Wolfhound. Too stocky, too small (ha! he's over 3' tall!), and too light. I finally got a copy of his vet records and discovered that at birth, in 2001 (umm, definitely NOT less than 2 years old, either!), his breed was listed as German Shepherd. Maybe. My vet thinks maybe Akita or Chow mixed in with the Irish Wolfhound and Shepherd. *shrugs* He's my big ol' lovely mutt and has warmed up to us quite beautifully. His vet records also revealed that he had at least 2 owners before he got to Pam.

I gave him the name Gelert because of a famous and brave Welsh Irish Wolfhound from the 11th century of the same name. He doesn't answer to it, however, so he's ended up with the rather long-winded name of Gelert, Baron von Wolfie...and answers to Baron, Bear and Wolfie.

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to my boyo:
Lazy Saturday
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That's Dupont the day we found him. Here's his story. My husband was walking our year old boxer Logan, when Dupont came bounding up to them. Hubby called me frantically to come outside. Dupont was wet, dirty, wheezing, missing a large patch of hair on his back and also on his legs, and had a raw cut on his nose. The hair on his ears was matted, like dreadlocks, and so long he stepped on it when he walked. He was clearl abandoned, but we did due dilligence and tried to find his owners, just in case. Our vet told us to think seriously about what we wanted to do, it would cost a bunch to get him healthy. My husband was like a 9 year old boy, there was no way Dupont wasn't staying with us. He got to be healthy and happy very quickly. Here he is now with our other good boy, Logan.

We don't know his back story at all. We think he's part Cocker and part Dachschund. He seems to be around 4 or 5. He's a cuddler, but also a little tough guy. A threatening unleashed dog came charging at Logan and him on their walk, Logan wanted to play, Dupont nipped at his ear. Sometimes he has nightmares and wakes us up with his crying. We just have to reassure him that we're here, and he goes back to sleep. Oh, and his name? We named Logan after Logan Circle, the neighborhood my husband and I lived in when we got married. Dupont Circle is another neighborhood in DC. All of our DC friends think it's adorable, no one else gets it. We're so happy God sent him into our lives, he's a blessing.
Madirakshi PRO 11 years ago
It appears that my dear Gelert is older than we originally suspected. Friday night, after a wonderful evening spent with his best friend Bentley, Gelert took a nap and never woke up. While I only had 4 months with my buddy, his death has left a ginormous hole in my heart.

I'm only glad that his final months were spent being loved by my daughter and I, and that we, in turn, had the pleasure of spending that time with him.

Don't ever be afraid of giving older dogs a loving home...they need our love and help, too.
Thisby PRO 11 years ago
Oh, Madirakshi, I am so very sorry to hear about Gelert. It is always amazing how deeply they can touch your life in such a short amount of time. Please know that we are all thinking about you and wishing you peace.
Sorry for your sudden loss. What a beautiful gift you gave this dog at the end of his life. He had tons of love!
BrittneyBush 11 years ago
"What Today Needed Was A Little Spencer" by BrittneyBush
What Today Needed Was A Little Spencer

This is my beeste, Spencer.

My husband and I lived overseas for 5 years, moving around at least once a year, and consequently had never had a pet together. When we decided to "settle" in Seattle, my biggest priority in apartment hunting was a liberal pet policy. And once we had found the right place, I started combing petfinder.com for our future family member.

I don't know what it was about Spencer's listing, but there was some good combiation - right size, right age, "likes to snuggle" - that made it stand out. I sort of got this feeling that he was "the one," and emailed his foster dad.

Unfortunately, his foster dad was out of town, and for various reasons it took a couple of weeks before we could even go meet Spencer. When we did, he was somewhere between "laid-back" and "completely disinterested." But still, I had that feeling, and so I told his foster dad that we wanted to take him home, and after another couple of weeks of interviews and paperwork and "trial visits," he officially became "ours."

He pulls on the leash. He sometimes sheds like mad. He will eat ANYTHING. But he's also funny, goofy, snuggly, cute, and smart enough to keep us on our toes. We adore him. He's ours - and we're his.

[End novel.]
jennifer_harvey_ut 11 years ago
This might be a long post!

I have 5 rescues. Here are their stories:

Mar 15 07 051
This is Izzi. His mother was a barn cat and a friend of mine, who does not like cats, found him and I fell in love with him instantly. He was small enough to fit in my palm and covered in fleas when I got him almost 8 years ago. That first night I made the mistake (not really) of sleeping curled up with him under the covers and that's his favorite spot even today! He's our alpha cat in the pride!

Mar 15 07 048
This is Charlie. She was abandoned as a kitten next to a Taco Bell. I don't know how long she was out there, but she hid in the bushes and meowed at us while ordering our tacos. We immediately parked the car and chased her down. Once she was in my hands, she calmed completely down and she's been with us for also almost 8 years! She's my little Charlie Angel!

Mar 17 07-2 001

This is Gypsy. She was abandoned in the last apartment we lived in. Someone moved out and decided not to take her. She was terribly thin and had almost no fur on her tail due to malnutrition. She was the easiest cat to integrate into our pride, though she had a lot of human issues. The sight of an open door sent her into a panic and she'd hide under the bed for the rest of the day. I literally had therapy sessions with her where I would hold her and talk to her while she could see the door. Then we progressed to me holding her *near* the door while it was open. Now, she loves to roll in the dirt during our supervised visits in the backyard. All she wanted is to be in a stable house. She's been with us almost 3 years and I think the foot of my bed is permanently dented in her shape! (I think that's her safe spot)

Mar 15 07 044
This is my Zoe. Her mother was a feral cat that lived near our apt complex. The complex sat directly next to a nature preserve and I'm sure that's where she lived. Dubbed Mama Kitty, she'd sit at the edge of the woods and stare at our porch until we put food out. I started feeding her (How could I not?!) and then I noticed she was pregnant. She disappeared for a while then brought her 3 kittens up to eat. Sadly, one day we heard some awful screaming from the woods and my husband ran in (during a thunderstorm) and found a tom cat had killed one of the kittens. We buried the kitten and bought a trap. We trapped Zoe (she was about 10 weeks), but never managed to see the third kitten again. Soon after, I trapped Mama Kitty and had her spayed. I was so traumatized by the incident that I didn't want it to ever happen again. Little Zozo has been with us for almost 3 years also. She still has a little of her wild past in her, because I am the only human she likes. Even my husband (who has tried bribing her with food) can't seem to pass her walls!

Magnus Face
This is Magnus. My husband found him about 2 weeks after we bought our house. There were 4 puppies in a box sitting in a ditch. Of course, we took them all! After an expensive vet visit to cure mange and worms, I found homes for the other 3, but Magnus wiggled his way into my heart. He is a pit bull mix and he is the world's best dog. We go hiking and swimming often, but spend a lot of time time snuggling and playing at home. I truly thought of myself as a cat person, but I think I was just waiting for the right dog to come along!!

I love my babies!!
Thisby PRO 11 years ago
Okay, I have to add two posts today. The first is to say how much I have enjoyed learning about the adopted pets of those in the group. The stories are wonderful and so different, but all seem to end the same. They just work their way into your heart and your life and you can't imagine life without them. Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories and please, if you are new or if you just haven't posted yet, continue to post your rescued pet memoirs. This is my favorite discussion thread and I hope that it continues to grow as we do. And now...
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I am excited to tell you all that we have a new furry family member! Today we adopted Saoirse!


What I know of her past is this. About two weeks ago Saoirse (pronounced "sear-sha," it means "freedom" in Gaelic), formerly Tabitha, was left on the front porch of the Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA, in a box. There was a note that just read "I need help." It seems that she crawled into a car for warmth during the cold New England winter and was close to the engine when someone started it. She lost half of her right ear, some of her claws and was just generally in very bad shape. Buddy Dog took her in and began caring for her. They tell me that she purred through all of her medical work, which I completely believe as she never stops purring. When she finally made it to the adoption floor, she was a very popular kitty. Matt and I went to the shelter on the 17th just as an aside and the moment I picked her up I burst into tears because I just fell in love with her. Imagine my dismay when the staff told me that they weren't taking any more applications because they already had three. I left quickly and was planning to try to forget about her. Matt convinced me to keep calling and one of the staff told me a few days later that if I really wanted to, I could submit a 4th application, but she warned me that they almost never have 3 people default. Long story short, the other 3 applicants backed out and now she's mine! I picked her up today and we have already been to the vet. She may have to have some claws removed later if they don't grow back in correctly, and we have to eliminate her roundworms, but other than that she is perfect and I just love her dearly. Thisby is not quite as excited as I am, so we are going to go very slowly with the introductions. In the mean time, Saoirse has not stopped purring since I picked her up. She is such a darling!
Thisby PRO 11 years ago
Well, why not make it three. I realized that I haven't posted Thisby's story, and I don't want to leave her out.


This is a picture of her when she was teeny tiny. Thisby was about 9 weeks when we adopted her from the Animal Protection Society in Durham, NC, and she weighed less than 2 pounds. According to the volunteers on duty when we adopted her, Thisby was abandoned with her siblings in a dumpster behind a grocery store (which led my Dad to nickname her the Dumpster kitty). The kittens were found by a good samaritan who heard them mewing through the cardboard box that had been taped shut, enclosing them. He actually crawled into a public dumpster to retrieve them. She wasn't in the shelter very long before we adopted her, so she went from rags to riches very quickly. She is a very independent cat, always craving attention but only on her terms. She does NOT like to be held, but loves to sleep in my lap and have Matt rub her ears. She talks constantly and is really a fun cat to have around. She is 3 now and while she isn't as much of a kitten as she used to be, she still has those daily freak outs where she suddenly darts around the room. She is my baby and hopefully one day she will forgive me for adopting a sibling for her.

That's my girl!
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My brother adopted Rex from the Juneau County Humane Society in Wisconsin. His godmother gave him $20 for his birthday (I can't remember how old he was but I believe it was about 10ish years ago). He wanted a pet for a long time so my parents took him to the shelter and Peter picked out Rex. Best $20 he ever spent because Rex has been a part of our family now it seems forever. Life would be so different without him! After a few months we had Rex neutered and declawed.

Exactly one year ago, I rescued Sue from the outdoors. I think somebody "dropped" him because he seems so well mannered and people friendly compared to the other feral cats near us. The vet said he was about 2 years old when he showed up at our house so that also leads me to believe he was dropped (a common occurance here). Normally I leave feral cats outside and leave them alone. But Sue was so lonely and would follow me everywhere. He'd try to get in the house and he would just give me such a pitty look. Finally, after I sustained an injury (I got poison ivy all over my body and nearly chopped off my thumb within 3 days), I took Sue in. He kept me company and helped me through the rough times by sleeping with me all day and making me happy. It took me almost three months to heal my thumb good (the tendon is still a bit stiff) and 2 months to completely get rid of the rash. We've been inseperable since. When we go to the vet he tries to hide under my armpit; its funny to watch. We had a rough spot last week when he was neutered, but he forgave me! I didn't declaw him. He never tries to claw me or any children (he's a regular rag doll) and doesn't scratch anything but his scratching pad so I figured he could keep them.
Beautiful Dreamer
Rekhyt 11 years ago
This is Roxy. I adopted her from the local animal shelter in november 2006. It was love on first sight.
She was found tied to a traffic sign, underweight, her fur completely felted and flee ridden and she seemed to never have seen birds, snow, bees etc before...

She's pure sweetness, I've never met a more cheerful, enthusiastic and friendly dog, it's such a joy to see her being happy. No one knows what kind of breeds are mixed into her, everybody sees something different in her...I like to think that someone of her grnadparents must have been a Scottish Deerhound since she looks a tad like them and is an awfully fast runner... ;)


This was her some days after I adopted her

..and this is her today
good girl
No_clever_names_left (Michael Lawrence) Posted 11 years ago. Edited by No_clever_names_left (Michael Lawrence) (member) 11 years ago
This is Sully. He is a Great Pyrenees/Golden Retreiver mix. This picture was taken the day that I got him.
I rescued him from LaMancha Animal Rescue here in Pennsylvania. He and his two siblings...as well as a handful of other pups....were intercepted in route to a kill shelter in the Carolinas and brought to the rescue. I don't know about you, but, that picture and KILL shelter just doesn't seem to go together in the same sentence. My only regret is that I didn't take his brother home with us but I'm sure he went to a great home as well (his sister was already taken). Like everyone else, he's the greatest dog in the world! He's spoiled rotten in every way and has the great luck of going to work with me everyday, my luck as well. He is now two years old and we are celebrating our 2nd year together this week! (5-5-07) This is his picture taken a month or so ago:
Kudos to EVERYONE here for adopting a rescue dog (or animal)!!!!!!!
dewdrop282003 [deleted] 11 years ago
This is Bangles we have had her nearly 3 years now...she came from the dogs trust, here in England....she is a houdini so we can never let her loose as she would be gone! we love her so much, she gives her love so freely.
HolleysHobbeyPhotography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by HolleysHobbeyPhotography (member) 11 years ago
This is Kitty my 1 and 1/2 year old (at the time) and I found him underneath a car at a dollar tree, she called him dog for months. I had to keep telling her "its a kitty"
my sweet little man
This is Peter Parker (we call him Parker or Park) I rescued him from a shelter in alabama I took him straight to my vet who told me that he was a Shar-Pei mix and to take him back to the pound because he would be aggressive well I was already in love with him I couldnt do that.He is a wonderful dog, only picky about a few men (the fed-ex man he chased back to his truck...sorry bout that dude!) but hey they knocked on his door. don't regret keeping him at all!!
Kitty with Park
jessiesmom 11 years ago
first pic gabby
This is Gabby: We got her from our local pound in March of 2006. We were told she was a lab chow mix. That worried me a little, but she was so small and scared. People were overlooking her because she hid in the back of the cage, she had tics, and was barely 3 weeks old. So, I had to take her home. Then my vet said that she was Shar pei, not chow and she would probably weigh about 80 pounds. This really worried me because her neck was so strong she could overpower me by 2 months if I wasnt careful. Well, I enrolled her in puppy school very early. and she only weighs 45 pounds. She is still strong as an ox, but we have an understanding.... :) She is a great dog!
baby jess2 jess1 This is Jessie: She was adopted from the local Humane Society in Aug 04. She is not fond of Gabby, but then again who would like someone that chases them around the house all day and pulls them off the couch by their tail? She is all cat: Queen of the World
skunklovinggal 11 years ago
Princess Sadie
This is my Sadie Mae! I wanted a little lap dog and wound up with a lap full! She is 85+ pounds of lovable companionship. She was a stray that was taken in by the Norsled organization that specializes in sled dog rescues. She lived with her fostermom, Shauntrell. Not only did I gain a wonderful dog but a new friend. Shauntrell and I write regularly to share our "Sadie" stories.
Birdie8769 11 years ago
This is Ripley! He was a rescue almost 3 years ago. He was only 3 weeks old and very hungry when he was brought to me for care! We decided to keep him and make him a part of our family! He has been missing now for 2 days and we really miss him! Come home Ripley! We want to celebrate your 3rd birthday in August!!!
Pray for Ripley's Return Home!
whitakerz Posted 11 years ago. Edited by whitakerz (member) 11 years ago

Bailey was purchased from a local rescue organization, like most rescues she was way underweight,flea bitten, and mangy. we took her home and she grew very quickly(she was probably 2 months old and in the range of 7-8 pounds when we got her). as she grew we noticed her left front paw grew sideways so we took her to the vet, it was diagnosed as a broken foot, and it required surgery and external fixation(read traction or PINS). after we had her for 2 months, she went to surgery, they broke the bones, reset them, and put pins outside her legs to hold the bones in place. we had to keep her in a cage for 3 months. that is always tought with a rambunctious puppy.

chapter two:
getting the pins removed and freedom:
we had the pins removed and she was free to be a puppy again but only light duty, we still had to keep her in a cage when we weren't with her so that she wouldn't hurt herself. Bailey didn't like the cage so she tried to escape during the day. on one escape attempt she caught her leg in the cage, and SHE BROKE HER FOOT AGAIN, this time at one of the holes drilled for the pins.

she went back to the vet had more pins inserted and had to spend more time in a cage. pins removed, this time the vet kept her in full cast for 3 months after.

Bailey has been a wonderful dog, although her growth in moderately stunted, she is a cute little boxer and has been a great pet. she is momma's little girl, when my mother is home the dog follows her everywhere, always two steps behind.

5. Bailey is now almost 10 years old and her eyesight is slipping, she still sees very well but has developed a case of nearsightedness, if you show anything to her she gets scared and runs away. which leads to this photos, i caught her trying to figure out what my 80-200 zoom lens was, so i got a GREAT shot of her looking very intent What are You Pointing at Me?
beekimb 11 years ago
These are all such good stories...I just sit here and cry. :)

My cat doesn't have quite the background story as many of them do because she was still a tiny kitten when she was rescued. But she is just as special to me and a real love bug.

Morning Sunbath
beekimb 11 years ago
Another one of my family's rescues is Lucy, a stray chocolate Lab who showed up at my parents' doorstep one day and adopted them. :) A few weeks later, she gave birth to 7 chocolate puppies.

Worn Out Mama
walter_bean PRO 11 years ago
This is Betsy. I got her from the Humane Society of Hawaii about 2 months ago. She was only 5 months at the time and it was her THIRD time being back in the shelter. I can't figure out why someone would take her out and want to bring her back.

It was truly love at first sight when I saw her. I had actually gone to look for a pair of kittens but decided to walk through the dog run for the hell of it. Betsy (Ginger was her name at that time, actually) was all the way at the end with no sign on the door so I thought someone had already claimed her. I asked anyway and I am so glad I did!

She's in her forever home with me and we both couldn't be happier!

LawlessLawyer Posted 11 years ago. Edited by LawlessLawyer (member) 11 years ago
The first pet my wife and I adopted. Rescued from a shelter in New York when she was about 11 months old and emaciated. She's now about 4 years old, a petite 8 lbs and queen of the world. She took to us immediately and hasn't stopped crying for our attention since. She's a true lap cat and gets pissy if we kick her out of her favorite spot. Her favorite toy is a soft sparkly ball that she carries around the apartment while wailing at 3:00am. Tikva and Itai (below), in addition to being rescued kitties, both survived evacuation from Hurricane Katrina.

happy new year 1
Adopted as a tiny kitten from a rescue in Queens, now 2 years old, 12.5 lbs and a ton of trouble. He harasses Tikva mercilessly but also loves to sit on our shoulders and purr. His favorite toy is a stuffed monkey that he hopes to marry someday. He used to be much friendlier to strangers but has become shy with them as he grows older. He's still a cuddly guy with us, though.

The latest addition to our family, adopted about a month ago from a Chicago rescue. We'd been looking for a dog for six months and had the sad experience of returning one to a shelter when it became apparent that she was too aggressive to safely keep. Hobbit is about 5 years old and full of energy. He's the happiest little guy now that his allergies are under control and he loves to "blitz" and cuddle with us on the couch. He's becoming great friends with Itai and Tikva doesn't seem to mind him at all.
TwirlySwirly 11 years ago
About 5 or 6 years ago, I was driving home from a trip with my mother when on the side of main road I spotted this little white kitten. He was absolutely tiny, and there were no houses nearby, so I thought he must be a stray. I got my mom to turn the car around, I jumped out and picked him up. He was so skinny, I could see the outline of his ribs and spine, his fur was very thin, and he was covered in cuts, some of which looked pretty deep. I put him on my lap and we continued to drive until we spotted a petrol station. We bought some cooked bacon, and milk, he ate it all so quickly. He must've been starving. About half an hour down the road we spotted a veterinary clinic. We brought him in and Mom said at a later stage that she thought we would've been putting him down because he looked so sick. The vet gave him a couple of injections, and told us to feed him 5 times a day for a few weeks. When we got home, we cooked up some fish for him and he ate all of that too. As we had been travelling for about 5 hours I was pretty tired and decided to go for a nap. I put the kitten inside the cardigan I was wearing and he fell asleep with me.
He is now a gorgeous healthy cat,(called Kit) with a bright white coat. I love him! I'm so glad we found him :)

Sarah Braun PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Sarah Braun (member) 11 years ago
I'm TRYING to sleep!
Back in my college days, I was living in a townhouse complex. Tenants were allowed to have anything but a dog, so everyone had cats. Unfortunately, there was also high turnover in this complex, and when people left they tended to leave their pets behind. :( So the place was overrun with strays.

My roommate and I had just lost our kitten to FIP, so we started leaving food out for the strays to get rid of our leftover kitten food. We were nicknaming the strays to tell them apart. One of them - a fluffy white thing - we named Jaws. One night I came downstairs during the winter, and found that she was curled up outside our front window with a drift of snow over her. (!!) That was that - I brought her inside and declared she was mine. That was ten years and 1400 miles ago, and she's been with me ever since.

Several months after the death of his old, 19-yr old Maine Coon, my husband decided that he needed another companion. We went to several shelters (and looked seriously at another Maine Coon... but we didn't want the "new" cat to be the same as the old one, since that wouldn't be fair to Bit's memory or to the new cat), and stumbled across this crazy torti who was playing with the poop in her litter box. We told the shelter staff that we were interested in this cat, and they said, "Ok, but she's a bit wild..."

As soon as they took her out of her cage, she twisted free from our hands and jumped on top of the cages, looking down at us like a vulture. When we finally got her down, she growled and then bit me. You could see the shelter staffer sag, knowing that this cat had scared away another client... When we said, "We'll take her," I thought the lady was going to cry. Bella has become a strange but awesome companion, and we're glad we gave her a chance.

Ah, Merry. The light of our lives. Merry started out life hard: born in a sink to a mother who died during littering, three of her four siblings died soon after birth. She was brought to the Humane Society, where the staff gave her to a momma cat who had lost all her kittens. Then, Merry, her stepmom and her brother were given to us to foster.

Here's Merry as a kitten:

Her brother, Pippen, didn't make it. :( Her stepmom was adopted, but we just could not BEAR to let Merry go. We adopted her and she has been a complete and utter wonder ever since. From her inauspicious start, she has grown into a HUGE cat, tipping the scales at about 10 lbs of sheer muscle and love. I have never met a more easy-going, adaptable, personable cat in my life. Here is a recent photo of her:

gr8pups+BJ [deleted] 11 years ago
Chevy, Skeeter and Toby

Chevy Chase and Toby Todd were rescued by AZ greyhound rescue. Both washed out as racers during puppy training. Neither guy ran a professional race. They are half brothers. Chevy is 2 and I adopted him last Feb. 2007. Toby is 4 and I adopted him 2 years ago. My little girl, Skeeter Bug Rat Terrier was rescued from a man who was selling her and her brother from a box at the side of the road. They were purebred with papers, but the man was sick and had hit some hard times. As a nurse, I thought he looked like he was dying of cancer, skinny, yellow skin and wheezing (also chain smoking). The man declined my offer of assistance in getting some health care for himself, but I did witness the boy puppy go with a family with a 9 year old boy who was beside himself with joy. Skeeter, had a huge underbite, and that huge belly, unmistakeable for worms. After proper care, she became the Queen of the house. She was 4 months old when I picked her up and is 4.5 years old now. She bosses the big boy greyhounds (Chevy is 100#, Toby is 90#). She is 15# of Rat Terrier determination. No one can take her ball!
Allayna's Favorite Girl [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Allayna's Favorite Girl (member) 11 years ago
Ally, Jesse, and Tori are my wonderful dogs. I have had Ally since June 1, 2005 Jesse I adopted sometime in November later that year, and I got Tori in Febuary of 2002. They are great friends and they keep each other company when I am at work. Now they have the whole house to roam in when I am away, no crates anymore!
Ally was born a stray on the streets of South Carolina. From there she was transported to 3 animal shelters in Georgia. In the last Georgia animal shelter they had to make room for a large amount of dogs so they shipped her and 19 other dogs in a van in crates all the way up to Monroe, Ct. That was where I met her. She was afraid of everything and had to be handled wisely, on top of that she had a severe phobia of dog crates. Once she was in one of those metal bar crates and worked at it all day when I was at work untill she managed to escaped! It has been a while and she has gotten a lot better with people and my other dogs. Although, she is still deathly afraid of going into a dog crate! Jesse is a little Chihuahua mix that came from Hartford, Ct. She was a bait dog in dog fighting area. She was scared and had some minor burns on her chest area when she first came. She was aggressive to other dogs and humanes but she's gotten a lot better. She is still a little grouchy and naughty but I think she is getting better. She is a really sweet dog when she wants to be. Tori is an awesome dog. She is a 7 years old and has bad hips. Her owner was mistreating her and she was starved. She had tons and tons of fleas and could barely stand up. When I got her she was in pretty bad shape still, but she was better at walking and could even do a funny little slow run. She still had some fleas and her hair wasn't in the best of shape but I loved her all the same. She has been a great pall to me and I love her so much!
Ally 3
Jesse Jane 1
luvmykatz PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by luvmykatz (member) 11 years ago
My baby, Jetson

This is Jetson, our 11 year old Black Labrador. We found him by the Church dumpster when he was 8 weeks old. He had no collar, it was cold, and although the street nearby was posted 35mph, people often went by there at 50mph. It was going to be 22 degreesF that night, so of course I took him home. I already had an Australian Shepherd pup and knew this was going to be a big and powerful dog. I had had one shoulder operated on and was going to have the other done in a few weeks. My husband was out of the country in Scotland and urged me to take him to the shelter but I just couldn't. My husband was so worried about my health and a big dog hurting me. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and he didn't think I could handle a big dog. We kept Jetson (our son was 12 at the time and fell in love with him) and he has been the best and most loyal, loving dog. He is gentle with me and I know he could pull on the leash and get away if he wanted but he stays with me because he chooses to. He is old now and in ill health but hanging in there and continuing to love us and bring us joy. He is a gentle giant. I think he has always realized we rescued him and is never far from our sides. He won't even retrieve because he doesn't like to leave my side! He is such a sweetie.

This is my son with Jetson now. When we got Jetson it was right before Halloween and when my son got home from trick-or-treating, he lay down on the floor by the puppy Jetson and they fell asleep nose to nose. My son was gone for 2 years serving a Church mission and Jetson fell ill and lame a month before he came home. The vet didn't think Jetson was going to make it to be here when our son got home. He pulled through, though, and this is a shot of our son with his big Jetson, just as they were 11 years ago.

Best Friends
Pete McConvill Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Pete McConvill (member) 11 years ago
We rescued Roxie from the RSPCA in Canberra at 18 months old in 1995. Roxie was with us for another wonderful 10 years, she passed away in her sleep in early 2005.

Roxie was a Shepherd/Rottweiller mix and brought the best of both breeds. She had the attentiveness and alertness of the shepherd with the docility and affection of the Rotti. All in all Roxie was a wonderful family pet and is still missed.

Pete McConvill 11 years ago

When Roxie died, Cedar (our younger Dobe) was lost.

So we adopted Belle through the NSW Doberman Club rescue site in mid 2005. Belle hadnt been abused, just neglected, although to a dobe this amounts to abuse as they are real attention and affection seekers.

When we got her, Belle was withdrawn and timid. We let our dogs inside with us whenever we are inside but at first Belle simply couldnt. We found out that she had never actually been through a door, she had never felt carpet, had almost never been patted by humans. Belle was about 8 years old when she came to us.

But you cant keep a good girl down and within three months the real dobe inside Belle came out. She put on weight, her coat came back and she slowly came to trust Cedar and us. Within 6 months Belle had become a puppy again, playful, affectionate, and trusting. It was as if all her past years had fallen away.

Unfortunately my posting to Seattle (from Sydney Australia) in Dec 2006 meant we had to find a new family for Belle(and Cedar ). Luckily we found a great home for both the dogs, we have kept in contact with the new parents and the dogs have settled in beautifully.
malenga PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by malenga (member) 11 years ago

Hey, everyone. New to the group!

This past Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I (ok, mostly me) decided that our black and rust min pin, Apollo, was lonely and needed a playmate. I checked the IMPS (Internet Min Pin Service) breed rescue site, and found a lady who was fostering 10-15 sweet babies.

I drove down that weekend, and Rusty chose me. As soon as he came in the room, the little red boy hopped up in my lap and lay down. I called my husband and told him I was bringing a new "son" home.

Rusty was a stray in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. He's about a year old. That's about all we know. When we got him, he was skinny, had a scar on his snout and the tips of his ears had been fly-bitten. He's a sweet boy, still learning his manners on the leash. He's gained some weight (after we killed the nasty tapeworm), and his coat is improving. He and his brother get along wonderfully. He's a happy baby in his forever home.

Oh, and yes, that's a diaper in the pic. LOL When we first got him, he wasn't neutered yet, and that prevented him from marking in the house.
Allayna's Favorite Girl [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Allayna's Favorite Girl (member) 11 years ago
I thought I would add a little on my horses and I have a feeling this is going to be a loonnggg post. There is 4 of them and their names are Gina, Monty, Oreo, and Liza.

Gina was a brood mare back when she was younger and has 2 foals out there somewhere. She was then a dressage horse and was pretty good at it from what I heard. After years of going to all thoughs shows she got an injury while out in the pasture and she had to spend a long time cooped up in a stall, untill one day her vet told them the bad news. Gina could not be ridden anymore. They had her brought to a horse rescue shelter in Vermont where I met her. It has been a really long time, like 10 years since I first met her and after a while I just got to love her, so I adopted her. She was my first horse. Just recently I have noticed her seeming more energetic and happy and just last year I have started riding her. Her injuries have not stopped her all these years and now she can do some light riding, it's a miricle!

Monty was a lesson horse for a number of years untill one day he got incredibly bored with the idea of being ridden. The riding center sent him to Vermont where I had to master the little horse. I have been thrown of the stubborn little 3 foot tall horse and he just doesn't like being ridden. So we got him a new career! Someone suggested to me that I should get him to try cart driving and I decided I had nothing to lose. He loves it! It is really a good thing for him to be doing and it gives him something more in life. As you might have guest no one really wanted a horse that couldn't be ridden so I cleared out another stall in my barn and made room for him.

Oreo was a good riding horse and a wealthy lady bought him as a lawn ornament. She kept him in her pasture for 5 years and threw hay in there once a week. It was awful! She gave him up when she decided that a bay thoroughbred looks better then a pinto pony... At first he was a very bad mannered horse, biting and nipping and not even letting me pick his hooves out, but somehow after months of work with him I got through the message that being ridden is some what fun and that he can enjoy himself more if he behaves. I decided he was a good horse and might get taken by a riding center before I could realize that I myself wanted him. So one more stall got cleared out for a rescued horse.

Liza is my most recent horse because I adopted her just 7months ago. Her owners weren't ridding her and kind of left her in the woods. She managed to get herself caught in my horse shelters fence and I found her there later that morning. After I got her out she suffered a sevear case of colic and I had to spend a whole night in her stall. After that it was like she worshipped me. I couldn't let her go to anyone else with everything she does. She sometimes spends afternoons in my basement when I am on the computer, she just lays on the cement floor right next to my dogs!




gr8pups+BJ [deleted] 11 years ago
Great stories, thanks for sharing.
[andreea] 11 years ago
nov 2005
I found Pitsi when she was just a tiny kitten, no bigger than my palm. She must have been about 3-4 weeks old. She had fallen in a sewage hole and was desperate to get out. After one day of efforts and a dozen phone calls I managed to have her rescued by the firefighters (I had no idea that firefighters did this kind of job in Japan…) When I got her, she was in a miserable state, half eaten by ants and fleas, with the right front leg injured. That was about two years ago… She has had some rough moments, but we have overcome them. She still has her front leg paralyzed from wrist down, but she doesn’t seem to mind it. She likes to bring me a fresh mouse every now and then, and of course I have to graciously accept the gift :-D, rescue it from behind the furniture, and let it go. Apparently sparrows are harder to catch, she has brought me only one so far :-)
So, this is her story, in short. But I’m sure that her photos will tell you more. So, my kitty invites you all to take a look at her pics, here: www.flickr.com/photos/andreeainjapan/sets/72157594442313392/
Allayna's Favorite Girl [deleted] 11 years ago
I am very sad to say that my 5 year companion Tori has developed terminal lung cancer and died last night. She was 7 years old and still seemed like a puppy. Ally, Jesse, and I will miss Tori tremendousely although I know she had a great life with us all.
Dog Crazy Woman [deleted] 11 years ago
Gina's i feel extremely sorry about your dog, i know that it is extremely sad when a pet dies.
Madirakshi PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Madirakshi (member) 11 years ago
I'm a huge fan of adopting animals through rescue organizations. If you scroll up, you'll see that I adopted Gelert (aka, Big Dog) back in November, but that he died in his sleep in April. After a period of mourning, my daughter and I finally reached the stage of being able to open our hearts and our home to another dog.

This one was kind of fated, because over my almost 2 years in Flickr, I've earned the nickname, "Madi"...and at the shelter the other day, I met our new furry friend Madi.

Ride Home

She's quite obviously been mistreated because she is the most skittish dogling I've ever been around; but in spite of that, she's the sweetest girl.

though if anyone has any tips on how to house train her, i'd greatly appreciate them. for some reason, she's scared to "go" outside (although she looooves walks) and will only do her business in my kitchen...

Allayna's Favorite Girl [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Allayna's Favorite Girl (member) 11 years ago
This weekend an amazing thing happened, a yearling arrived tide to one of the post outside my apartment with a sign on it saying "Please give new home unable to take care of." I was extremely supprised when I looked at the back where it said Michelle's Rescue (my shelters name) on the back of it and my name on the top. On the bottum of the sheet it said his name is Andy. As I explain this you must look up a couple post at my resent anouncement of when my loving dog passed away. Tori's name had formerly been Anderson and everyone called her "Andy" I find my new little Andy a wonderful gift + a miracle. I don't know a lot about the young horse but he has put a lot of joy back in my heart, ever since Sunday morning when I looked out my window at 5:45 A.M. and saw a dun horse standing in the slight drizzle. He seems to take the resemblence of a Morgan or Akhal-Teke which is odd for my area. Anyway I deeply thank whoever brought him to my house.
I will post pictures whenever I take some(i'll most likely go out to the my barn write now).
Allayna's Favorite Girl [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Allayna's Favorite Girl (member) 11 years ago
Ok, it took me 10min to get to the barn, 10min to take pictures, 10 minutes to get back here and 15 minutes to salvage the photos since they were taken so late at night. Her are the best ones:

Andy in... BLACK AND WHITE!!!!! LOL

Andy 2 (photo shop)

It was really dark and when I got here only 2/10 pictures were salvagable. So I played with them a little and now I have 8 maybe more or less.
Here is more photos of my yearling boy
Allayna's Favorite Girl [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Allayna's Favorite Girl (member) 11 years ago
don't know if that link will work,
try this if not

kenpauley PRO 11 years ago
We are big fans of rescuing animals and it's great to read all of these stories. Over the years we have rescued many, the one with the most amazing story to date for us has been our dog Karma. The shelter that rescued her named her Angel, her story was published in the paper many times and we were very lucky to get her as part of our animal family (www.crossfyrefarms.com).

To tell her story best, I guess I'll leave it to the papers, I hope it's not too long but it's easiest, the article comes from the Tri-Valley Herald in California's Central Valley where she was rescued. The article is below. Needless to say Karma is a very special part of our family and has adapted to the farm lifestyle very well. From day one (the first two pictures are from the day she arrived) she has been very happy now that she has a new home, so have we! She still has many scars, including the missing legs, but she doesn't act like the horrible things that happened in her past changed her in any way. Still can't imagine how someone cold have done this to a puppy.




Article from the Tri-Valley Herald:
Badly abused dog back on three feet
By Scott Smith
January 20, 2003

LATHROP -- Angel is a spry 9-month-old Labrador mix and very curious about her new home at the Lathrop animal shelter, Pets & Pals.
But volunteers tending to her recovery say she's still a little leery of people who make sudden moves.
And rightly so.
Not long ago, a woman riding a horse along Clarke Road in a rural part of San Joaquin County east of Stockton discovered the blond puppy somebody had left for dead.
The dog had been bound with twine and wrapped in a black plastic bag. The skin on one side of her body showed signs the dog had been burned, a veterinary report says.
Maggots starting to collect on the open lacerations and severe dehydration were signs to veterinarians the dog, whom they named Angel for her amazing recovery, had been abandoned three days earlier.
That was Dec. 1, 2002. Five days later, a hind leg was amputated to spare her from threats of gangrene. Today, Angel's coat is growing back, and, moving on three legs, she chases a ball with no difficulty.
"We have had cases of abused animals like this in the past," said Sue Molen, executive director of Pets & Pals in Lathrop. "It is rare to see cases so severe like this."
Pets & Pals has set up a $2,000 reward for anybody who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who abused Angel.
Pets & Pals will place Angel in a loving home once she is ready, Molen said.
Unfortunately, says Officer Steve Thomas of the San Joaquin County Animal Control, Angel's case is not unique. San Joaquin County is known widely as the "capital of dumped animals" for the high number of abandoned animals, Thomas said.
"I've seen others like that, maybe not so drastic, but they're out there," Thomas said.
Last year, San Joaquin County Animal Control arrested only one person from among the numerous reports of abuse it investigated, Thomas said.
The penalty for animal abuse varies from case to case, he said, depending on the severity of the abuse and the offender's age. Animal abuse can be a felony, bringing a fine and a jail sentence of up to two years.
In days following the discovery of Angel, animal control officers carpeted the area and followed up on tips from citizens. But they were not able to make an arrest, he said.
"Hopefully, somebody comes forward," Thomas said.
The courts don't take animal cruelty seriously enough, according to Irene Porsch, a volunteer at Pets & Pals.
"When people do this to animals, they go on to do it to people," said Porsch, who also works part-time at the Associated Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Stockton, where Angel was treated.
To report the person suspected in this or any other crime, contact South County Crime Stoppers at (209) 823-4636. Callers may remain anonymous.
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Andy went home today. He was adopted by a family that will continue with his training. I guess I knew I was going to give him to someone but i never really tought anyone would by him...

Anyway my future husband and me are planning on adopting another dog, maybe an older one. We were thinking an female rotti, get back to everyone on how that goes.
nina camplin 11 years ago
Buddy is a rescue dog we are currently fostering. He is slightly traumatised, he flinches at loud noises and does not like raised voices or moving cars. He loves children and other dogs.
He is looking for a caring home preferably somewhere near to us in the south of England.
BB's I Be Marlin 11 years ago
Jacob's Story:
My Mother and I rescued him when he was 4 weeks old. We both worked for the local animal group called "Pals of Paws" His mother was found on the side of the road tied to a tree with only about a foot of rope to move around with. Jake's mother looked exactly like him but she was a little lighter tan. His brothers and sisters looked a lot like him also, except for a few that were pure white. All of her puppies were buried up to their necks in mud. My Mum brought Jake home to foster him. I gave him a bath and fell in love and we ended up keeping him. Jacob is part German Shepard and part Malamute (possibly some Rottweiler but we don't really see it. ) Keeping him was the greatest decision because he is such a loving, amazing companion. :)
My Old Man
Soo Handsome
Well, our family has expanded (times four)! On September 26th we rescued a momma Labrador and her three pups. We were trying to adopt a puppy for my son, Andrew. The lady that runs the rescue facility contacted me with a strange request and asked if I'd be willing to save the lives of the momma and her three pups. She did not have anymore room at her facility (she already has 102 dogs) and all her foster homes are full. These dogs were being starved to death and there used to be six puppies. One had been hit by a car and the other two had disappeared. We still don't know what happened to them. My husband, Eddie said that it was okay with him, so I went right over and picked up the dogs. So meet our new family members:

Sedona is the Momma:

This is a female pup. Her name is Wrain:

Meet Whisper (She has a broken leg that has been broken for a while. She will always limp as it will not heal properly, but it doesn't bother her now.):

Meet Cowboy:

This is Sedona, Wrain and Whisper playing in the backyard:
Our Family Has  E X P A N D E D !

They are all very sweet! Sedona is very loving and follows us around. She doesn’t try to leave and knows we are going to take good care of her. The pups are very shy, but are warming up to us. They do let us pet them and pick them up and are starting to come up to us on their own. They are weaned off of Sedona and weigh about 25 pounds each. They are about 5 months old. I immediately took all the dogs to the vet when I picked them up and got them treated for the fleas and any internal parasites and worms. Momma tested negative for heartworms which was such a big relief! I will take them back next week for all their shots. (Thank goodness they ride in the truck very quietly and calmly.) ;o)

Well, Andrew got his puppy X 4! ;o) Hee hee! (He’s not spoiled.)
kat pdft 11 years ago
China found us when we went to the Humane Society to look for a cat. (A cat.) She was small, hairless from the shoulders down.... covered with healing sores from a flea allergy. She was sitting on her haunches... but her little chin was on the floor! We went home....

The next morning I called my husband from work.... "We need to go get that little dog." He said, "Get the cage from home.... and go get her." I said, "It's already in the car!"

That was in January, 1994. She was 1-4 years old then. So, we are guessing she is around 16. She looked so fragile when we first got her that she looked like she might break (like a piece of china). That's how she got her name. We call her "China", "Chi Chi", or "The Chi." She's shown us that she's not fragile at all. She puts the largest of dogs in their place.... but never in a mean way, of course!

The Chi at Sweet Sixteen
Oh my gosh! Look at that adorable face. She's precious.
Beautiful Fairy 11 years ago
WOW... what an awesome discussion! What wonderful stories you all have - some even brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to post a story or two. Five of the seven animals I have are rescues. They are such a huge part of my life I can't imagine why anyone or how anyone could have abandoned them.
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I had a dog for 17 years and he died (sadly) of skin cancer on his ear. Like "Odie's" story way up at the top, I was suggested by his vet to go to petfinder.com - this is where I found a dog named "Goldie"
Adoption day
I contacted the rescue shelter where they told me she was still in Ohio and if I wanted her I would have to have her shipped to them. They were being forced to close as she was sick with crohn's disease. I drove across the border from Hamilton to New York as soon as I could. I don't know what happened to her but she still sometimes falls on her back lifting her back leg in submission and hides under the bed or coffee table but is coming along. She also goes to the hospital to visit patients and loves doing this. I renamed her "KEONA" - Hawai'ian for Gift. This is her not so long ago. I was told the reason why she was given up to be euthanized was because a woman was breeding tri-colour collies and along came a retriever.... she didn't want her because she wasn't a pure bred so ditched her - literally.
I guess I am the lucky one....
BobbisPhotography 10 years ago
my grandmother saw, emotionally, what a hard time i was having with my poodle who was dieing, so she gave me the ok to get an "outside" dog. which blew my mind, because she is not one for dogs.
so i began to look at petfinder.org to see what types of dogs there were to be adopted in my county and a few others around me. i saw a really cute dog named Sally, who was 6 months old, and was a mix between a terrior and a beagle.
i told my grandmother about it, and she gave me some money to go get her. and as soon as i saw her, i fell in love with her, and she came right to me.
when we got home, i began to play with her, teach her tricks, and show her around our 1300 acre farm.
she was 6 months old when i get her in august of 06, and she is a pretty big dog now. she knows some tricks, and she is now my farm dog who goes every where with me.
the only thing is she lives in our warm barn with my grandfathers lab. im allergic to both of them so we had to keep them outside, plus they would tear up the house. lol.

Sally Babe
GoVandals 10 years ago
My wife is the director of the Humane Society of the Palouse, in Moscow ID. There is definitely a job hazard that comes with the position. We have rescued MULTIPLE animals in the 10+ years of her working there. All of our "kids" bring enjoyment and levity to our lives on a daily (and sometime hourly) basis.
Ninja Profile
Ninja is my dog, he was originally adopted from the shelter as a puppy, but the owners didn't work out and brought him back, we brought him home and he immediately became attached to me. He is my buddy.
Izzie was born at the shelter, we immediately fell in love with her and brought her home once she was ready. She is lazy, fun-loving and is a complete ham. Her favorite thing to do is welcome anyone to the door with a full body wag, and a toy in her mouth. Believe it or not, she is the littermate of Ninja.
Aggie is the only cat that we haven't rescued from the shelter. For a period of time my wife was going to be a high school Agriculture teacher. This guy was rescued from the shop where she student taught.
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Awwww, all these stories are amazing! Here's mine:

"You Are Getting Sleepy..."

Maeby (part whippet, part dobie?) is a former street dog from Mexico. I found her at an adoption fair in San Diego and adopted her in January 2007. Upon taking her to the vet for a checkup 2 days later, I found out Maeby was most likely hit by a car in Mexico. Her pelvic area and hips had extreme abnormal healing, and her leg also had a torn ACL. The vet recommended a knee surgery that would cost over $3,000, and would require a 16 week recovery process of no running, jumping, or playing! There was no way I was going to return Maeby to those rescuers, so I fundraised, received grant money, and got Maeby her surgery in March 2007. Today, she's the happiest, fastest dog alive! I look at her everyday and wonder how somebody could have given such an amazing dog up to the streets.

Shy Zoey

I first saw Zoey's little face on petfinder.com. Zoey (part lab, part formosan?) is a former street dog from Taiwan. Her mom gave birth to Zoey and her 4 siblings in front of a restaurant, when the owner came out and washed them all into the gutter. He was about to have them all taken away by animal control when a young student intervened. She took them all home, where they were then rescued by ART. Through the efforts of many amazing volunteers, I picked Zoey up from LAX in August 2007 when she was 4 months old. She's overcome her rough start and is loving life with her big sis Maeby.
Thisby PRO 10 years ago
Thanks to all of our recent posters. I continue to enjoy learning about your rescued pets and their new lives. Happy Holidays to everyone and keep the stories coming!
E1isa 10 years ago
I Thought I Told You to Stay Clean! - 004/365

My Riley (who I also call Boo-Boo) was given an 11th hour reprieve when I found him at the pound. They hold animals for 10 days and then deem them adoptable for 1-2 before they euthanize them. We just happened to stop by and find him on the day that he was set to be put under.

He was so pathetic - hunched in the back of his cage. He didn't even move when I talked to him. I actually came back to look at him, and this time, he was sitting close enough that I was able to scratch his leg. He chippered right up with that and after a brief visit, he was mine. Yay!

When I first brought him home, he had to learn how to act like a dog - at least around food. If another dog was there, he wouldn't even look at it, and if he decided to take it he would slowly inch forward to take it. When I'd feel his teeth, I would let go, it would drop to the ground, and then he would pick it up and eat it. It boggles my mind why anyone would not be kind to my boy. I suspect he was beaten - he acts guilty when there's an accident in the house even if it's another dog that's done it (I caught another dog going and immediately Riley acted like he was the guilty party). And if he toots, he bolts from where he was.

He is such a terrific dog - great with people, dogs, cats, kids. He puts up no fuss when it's time for a bath or to get his nails trimmed. And he loves to travel - perfectly silent on an airplane and he likes to sit in my back dash when we drive. The picture below is Riley and my grandpa - the grandpa who doesn't like dogs but who dreams about my dog at night...

Grandpa Feeds Ralph Ice Cream
codiie 10 years ago
Well here is my story, I have always wanted a saint bernard, and so I put wanted adds up on the local "craigs list" soon I was notified by a lady who asked several questions about why I wanted a saint. She was in the process of rescuing 10 puppies and young adult saints. I of course was very interested and she went and took pics of all the pups. they were in small areas about 2 by 3 feet and living in their own feces.. they were a mess. I picked out a female and was excitedly waiting to get her, at this time she was about 6 weeks old.. The lady also sent pics of all the other pups to me also, and I fell in love with a little male. So we ended up with 2 saint pups.. When we got them home, the males left eye would not open, and he seemed to have trouble seeing, so I took them to the vet for their check up, and vet said that he had had some kind of serious trauma to his head.. (he was only 8 weeks at this time) So he has no left eye, plus he had a huge umbilical hernia.. Now the pups are 4 and 1/2 months old and are doing great.. the male pup still has some issues with his head being touched, but he is doing great, follows his sister around and is very happy.. They are the loves of my life, and are in there forever home...

This is the pups the day we got them home, still tinted with yellow on their fur, from their living conditions:
willow and bear

Here is Bear.. my big boy..

This is Willow.. isnt she pretty:

Here are both of them, right before Christmas.. they are never without eachother:
bear and willow
Thisby PRO 10 years ago
Okay, I love all of the rescued pets in our group and at my shelter, but Willow and Bear have to be two of the most adorable animals I have ever seen. I know that they appreciate finding such a great home and I hope that you will all have many happy years together! Happy New Year!
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