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Pictures of social and travel reportage, street photo, photojournalism, No picture postcards, this is a reportage group!
Add title and textinfo
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Only geotagged pictures are allowed (don't hide your EXIF info)
Pictures without proper info will be removed.
Comments are welcome
PLease, when commenting, use the CORRECT code


  • STICKY  Geotagging correctly

    Easiest is to do it via the organizer. There have been a lot of problems late...

    Linda DV3 months ago0 replies

  • STICKY  Invite and award codes

    The invite/award codes have been posted on the frontpage. This is a copy. ...

    Linda DV15 months ago5 replies

  • This is a reportage group!

    Please remember that this is a reportage group. Not a place to dump your family ...

    bokage2 days ago0 replies

  • TRAILR application

    What does it mean? Trailr is a comment add-on for firefox and google chrome. ...

    Linda DV3 months ago2 replies

  • Steady growth - now 2000+ members

    Our group is growing steadyly. We are now 2 000+ members and have a wealth of mo...

    bokage3 months ago0 replies

  • Moderators needed

    Our group, “Travel and Social reportage” is growing fast, from just over 700...

    bokage3 months ago16 replies

  • Definition of "Travel and Social Reportage"

    This is an attempt at definition of “Travel and social reportage”: * A ph...

    bokage9 months ago13 replies

  • Geotag

    I've joined ..... But having no geotag device, but perfectly happy to identify t...

    JohnMawer9 months ago5 replies

  • Pictures/members removed

    A few group members post pictures with no or very scanty info. As this is a repo...

    bokage13 months ago4 replies

  • Photo reportage - a few remarks

    Daily pictures are removed from this group because they are not reportage photos...

    bokage14 months ago0 replies

  • Reduced number of postings

    As there is a lack of active (but a surplus of passive) admins and no moderators...

    bokage15 months ago1 replies

  • Hurray! 1 000 group members,

    Hurray, we are now 1 000 members. And soon there will be 20 000 pictures in our ...

    bokage23 months ago7 replies

  • How to invite your friends and contacts the EASY WAY

    INVITE YOUR TRAVELER CONTACTS, THE EASY WAY Hi Friends and Members, If yo...

    Linda DV26 months ago0 replies

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