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Group Description

put simply: we are here to draw upon the freedom of the commons, the talent of our community, and the depth of our imaginations.

and that is all very fun.

we are here to encourage and increase the use of creative commons licenses on flickr by dedicating a space to actively, publicly, proudly, and specifically engaging in the creative, ingenious, derivative acts made possible by these wonderful things.

now, none of this overlaps with existing groups, because the focus is not on improving shots (as in ore to gold) or to explain or instruct (as in technique), though those activities are always free and welcome here.

the three word point here will always be:

freedom / community / imagination

some guidelines:all works posted to the pool must take as their source a photo posted on flickr under a creative commons license.any terms of those licenses must be obeyed (no remixing photos that don't allow for derivative works, adherence to any ShareAlike clauses, etc).the description of any photo in the pool must include a link to the source image.point of etiquette:
it is suggested that, when posting a remixed photo to the pool, you also post a comment to the source with a link to your derivative work.

the purpose of this practice is twofold; 1: people appreciate knowing their work has inspired others and are interested in seeing the results, and 2: the theory goes: the more people who see the kind of shared artistic expression these licenses foster, the more works will be posted under these licenses.
note on licenses:
you own the copyright to your work, whether it is original or derivative of a properly-licensed prior work.

so, if and only if the source's license allows for derivative works, you can assign any license you wish to your work, unless the source license is ShareAlike, in which case you must use an identical license.

when in doubt, make your license identical to that of your source.
valid licenses for source images:AttributionAttribution-NonCommercialAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlikeAttribution-ShareAlike

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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