awesome boundary [deleted] 12:12pm, 14 January 2009
Dear Members ng The Reliquary,

We'd like everyone to see our "really small group" , "Sanctissimi Reliquiae Sanctorum, of currently 6-something na tao. This is a new group which relic custodians, to-be-relic custodians and this is INVITATION ONLY. (that means the Curia is really choosy on it's members) kaya lang ang twist nito ay,

1. Members are named after Church Ranks, from the Roman Curia to the Lay People.
2. Anybody can post their pictures on relics without the consent of the Curia.
3. WE WILL ALLOW NON-PROFESSIONAL-STYLE TALK, pero bawal ang mga bastos.

There are some members of this Group I invited and became members na rin. (Some I think are part of the Curia).

Hope to see you around there,
kia_poks_pika (isang member ng Curia, it's 4 sure)
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