GenesisGuerrero 1:41pm, 21 April 2008
I have extra ex indumentis relic of S.D. MOTHER CATHERINE AURELIE, Foundress of the Congragation of the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood. (From the Postulation in Canada)

For those who are interested to received, I am only entertaining FIRST TEN people. Just send me your mailing address and I will just send it to you. (email:

God Bless!

Let us support the Postulation of S.D. Mother Catherine Aurelie!
awesome boundary [deleted] 10 years ago
where's the address in Canada?
Efren17 7 years ago
ako po gusto ko po magkaroon ng relic ni S.D. MOTHER CATHERINE AURELIE PM me tnx...
Mondz 95 6 years ago
Ako din po....Thank you so much... :]
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