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grandiose word [deleted] says:

A certain young boy from flickr shared a topic regarding selling relics in Ebay... my reply is this:

But one of the greatest sin also aside from Simony is the Forging of signatures of Priest and misusing the seal of a parish. I have heard also in some people that others who are really "addict" with relics are using letterheads of a parish and changing the return address... putting his/her own residential address... I pity those people. I have just arrived from a retreat and one with our audience with the Apostolic Vicar of Baguio and a Canon Lawyer, those who are guilty of these "Abuses" in Relics are bound for Excommunication and Confiscating the relics that he/she requested using the said abuses. Also, using money of other people to make request of relics is not good... That's why guys, pray... pray... pray. Pray especially for the Confraternity of Catholic Saints on its preparation on demanding these kind of people in the Ecclesiastical Tribunal. With the ICHRUSA and other Relic apostolate, we will see to it that just punishments will be render to those who abuse the goodness of Mother Church to her Children... AD MAIOREM DEI GLORIAM!
5:06AM, 11 November 2006 PDT (permalink)

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