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Limits in food choices curb a farm's destructiveness and limits in gender-orientation curb population growth!

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Adding anger to my pain: My older relatives I knew never warned me about unjust carnivorous food consumption! For over four decades I remained EXALTED and UNCERTAIN, so I could not gain happiness from eating tofu-burgers and hempseed-protein-hotdogs! --- I FAILED!! --- Luckily, I watched this: via +++MUST WATCH!!+++

So, for discussion in too:

9 Rules

Eternal Law never changes. But, ways how its rules get received change together with the environment. Many were received by Noah after the deluge with the earliest Holy Covenant for the earth. Now, they are put in order in reference to the Ten Holy Words of the exclusive Holy Covenant for Israel. Found in free books of highly valuable content (of initially) from the Bible, revision 5677-1917, based on the Masoretic Text. An earlier draft of exemplary rules remains in the group Asteromed among comments.

Those who join agree to this outline [§# Rules; GENESIS-Chapter#:Verse# (abbrev.: G = Genesis, E = Exodus, D = Deuteronomy)]:

§1 No polytheism (G4:26 & G35:2)!

§2 Have dominion (G1:28) over animals and other subjects above or below mountains; No idolizing statues of them (G31:32)!

§3 Do not take the name of our Eternal Almighty Absolutely Holy Lord Creator God in vain (G9:26 & G14:22)!

§4 Appreciate people who honor the Holy 7th Day of Creation (G2:3 & G8:4)!

§5 Honor dad and mom (G2:24) with agriculture preferably for vegan food (G1;29, G3:17-19 & G3:23)!

§6 Let diminished species of blessed beings (G1:22) repopulate first (G8:17); Neither eliminate them nor commit murder (G4:8 & G4:11)!

§7 He who left his parents shall never divorce his wife (G2:24); She must desire him who shall rule over her (G3:16)!

§8 No theft (G6:13 & 30:33)!

§9 Rule over sin when it went close to you (G4:6) and give correct testimony about your neighbor (G4:9-10)!

All aforementioned conditions with any further paragraph added can only be overseen as commandments for the Holy People of Israel! Outside observers might always remain envious about them! Adapted to the Ten Holy Words in E20:1–17, referred to in E34:28, for observing individuals to hear them together with all statutes and ordinances while gaining gratefulness towards the Eternal Almighty Absolutely Holy Lord Creator God in Highest Glory who most kindly commanded them with rules that made the Elect greatly admired, as prophesied in D4:6. To enlighten other gentiles, list outlined 9Aug20.

HIGHEST GLORY to the forever truly HOLY LORD GOD of Enoch (taken), Lamech (curse remembrance), Noah (family rescued), Abraham (followed laws), and King Solomon (sharing wisdom)! Also a heartily toda raba (Hebrew for "thank you very much") towards the HIGHEST GLORY for really splendid mercy of allowing lowly gentiles like me some religious dreaming. From 2019 on, while being grateful for waking up early and remembering more than three frightful nightmares warning against unlawfulness, this list got improved (since 17Aug20). Dreams made it more viable, but not complete! For e.g., it looks like as if another reference in §8 (next to G6:13) makes that list more equalized, but harder for gentiles to cope with.


Those of my older relatives I knew were incapacitated of teaching me those rules from the Bible that were splendidly brought by the Highly Glorious Forever Holy Almighty Lord God in Heavens! Nevertheless, my father was experienced in social work; He warned me about misconduct in gender-orientation - without knowing it from the Bible! But, after five decades I learned: G2:24 tells about a trend towards procreation, but sets limits against overpopulation too. The first limit: Don't have sex in your parent's home! The second limit sets in when a person leaves his father and his mother; That person gets defined as a man (gender orientation)! This allows gender-suppressed individuals to transition into the opposite gender or put a limit into it --in both cases by castration-- BEFORE leaving their parents' home!
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