Lola K. 3:26am, 29 April 2012
I forgot to note which type of film I loaded into my camera and am fairly certain that i loaded redscale film but found it odd that color film had a black (instead of white) back. Can anyone confirm that lomography makes redscale film with a black paper cover? THANKS
Wilfbiffherb 6 years ago
backing colour of the paper doesnt matter. all my lomo films have had black backing but kodak and ilford seem the prefer white, and on a less tearable paper too. lomo paper seems cheap and easy ripped.
Lola K. 6 years ago
Blia100 PRO 6 years ago
Lomo doesn't make film
woosang 6 years ago
Very true. All lomo film is rebadged something else. Can't think off the top of my head who makes 120 for lomo.. :-/
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