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May 9th: Rectangle Will Speak Peace Unto Rectangle!


  • No videos

    FFS people! I'm sorry it's had to come to this but here we are. I had hithert...

    Simon Scott61 months ago0 replies

  • Jokes!

    So Marlon Brando is up in Heaven and, for his sins, is running a convenience sto...

    Simon Scott92 months ago0 replies

  • Most Rectangular solid?

    My money's on the icosahedron. You can make one by causing three rectangles to i...

    Simon Scott94 months ago5 replies

  • What's Your Favourite Professional Rectangle?


    Simon Scott99 months ago1 replies

  • Rectangular Bank Notes


    Simon Scott100 months ago1 replies

  • December 24th is Rectangle Awareness Day!!!

    What shall we do to celebrate?

    Simon Scott101 months ago21 replies

  • Just a quick question...

    Can one of the admin revisit the rectangle once again? Sorry, is it three or FO...

    HaggisVitae102 months ago8 replies

  • Please allow me to introduce myself:

    I'm Daniel, one of the Golden Rectangles that run this forum. I guess I've been ...

    daniel_bristowbailey102 months ago3 replies

  • This could be important!!!

    I was just going through some rectangular photos on Sunday that I'd mistakenly f...

    Simon Scott102 months ago4 replies

  • A note to our American members...

    Please don't waste any further time on this nonsense until you've gone out and v...

    daniel_bristowbailey102 months ago15 replies

  • Rate my rectangle

    Hey RFPers! As well as posting your RFPs to the group, why not post them here, t...

    Simon Scott102 months ago14 replies

  • What part of "RECTANGULAR" do you people not understand?

    Honestly, I don't want to sound snippy, but I and the other admins have tried to...

    daniel_bristowbailey102 months ago11 replies

  • FAQ

    Why did you guys start this group? We have noticed for some time that there are ...

    daniel_bristowbailey103 months ago9 replies

  • Tests of Rectangularity

    We have established elsewhere in this group what a rectangle is, namely a shape ...

    Simon Scott103 months ago12 replies

  • Eek!

    Sorry, Daniel, but I posted a rectangular format photograph to the group before ...

    Simon Scott103 months ago10 replies

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