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  • Lens or pin-hole ?

    Hi I'm just about to buy a Recesky kit via Amazon UK. The one I'm looking at is...

    davidmurray19173 months ago6 replies

  • Recesky 3d stereo pinhole camera

    Anyone have any suggestions where I can get a Recesky 3d stereo pinhole camera? ...

    Delay Tactics6 months ago5 replies

  • Screen hood

    Hi there, After only one roll of film through my newly built Recesky, I mana...

    Tom Dawnay7 months ago2 replies

  • exakta waist level finder on my recesky

    i modified the top of my recesky to except a WLF. after removing the folding fla...

    TimVo8 months ago1 replies

  • Dismantling Recesky

    Hi! After assmbling my Recesky I discovered that I fitted one of the springs for...

    tonysimon359 months ago1 replies

  • First Roll = Bust.

    I just got back pictures from my first roll of film shot through my recesky and ...

    jonashollon11 months ago4 replies

  • Light Leaks

    I taped up the door before shooting my second roll but I'm still getting light l...

    Delay Tactics11 months ago3 replies

  • Not trusting the counter

    Finally got my camera assembled and am peering into its inside from the opened b...

    kaypot200312 months ago5 replies

  • Faulty viewfinder?

    Hi everybody! recently, I bought one of these. But the problem is that the focus...

    Rodland12 months ago22 replies

  • Missing pieces...

    Hi, I was given a Recesky camera as a gift and I notced that I am missing a smal...

    lainey8614 months ago3 replies

  • operation of the shutter

    Hi all I am putting the first film through my Recesky and I guess I will find...

    adamarnot16 months ago13 replies

  • problem with advancing film!

    I've started having a problem with the film advance on my gakkenflex. after ...

    jojonas~22 months ago3 replies

  • plastic tlr with prism finder

    is this cool or WHAT?? haha :D [

    jojonas~22 months ago5 replies

  • Recesky & Gakkenflex

    Why not one pool for both ? I hope there are a few differences between the tw...

    Kaometet22 months ago4 replies

  • help with spring problem (not the incorrect labels in the manual)

    I have trouble with one of my springs in the shutter. I have the correct spri...

    alrodgers23 months ago4 replies

  • Digitally adjusted color negative vs. scanned print

    Hey guys, I got my first roll of film shot on my Recesky back today! I didn'...

    BethBennet23 months ago5 replies

  • Crossing with Recesky

    Hi everyone! I'm thinking about putting a slide film into my Recesky an cross...

    Dialektik des Alltags24 months ago6 replies

  • Lens flair

    Plastic lenses have a lot of flair. Sometimes this is a cool effect [https://w...

    bloewy25 months ago6 replies

  • ISO 100

    Hey guys, I assembled my new Recesky last week - I got an ISO 100 color film ...

    BethBennet25 months ago5 replies

  • Pool images

    Could someone tell Joe Turner to stop posting his non-Recesky images in the pool...

    jeffk4225 months ago1 replies

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