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DSLR versus Film SLR

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mwilk51874 says:

My first EOS Rebel was the T6i, one of the new DSLR models from last year. I've been using it as my pro camera and have gotten very good results with it and the 50mm lenses I bought for it, but I have projects I'd like to do in black and white and as such will require the use of a film camera. The reason for this has to do with the level of contrast and true blacks only film can provide, so I looked around and found a good used T2 on eBay for $49 with the lens. I also have the Sigma Art Lens and my nifty-fifty, and I hope I can fit those lenses onto my T2, ha ha! But this has gotten me thinking about the reasons many photographers prefer to stick with film for some or even all of their photography and cinematography. I know why I love film, but I'm curious as to why you've chosen to continue using it to whatever degree you do.
12:58PM, 6 June 2016 PST (permalink)

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